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In this column I pose questions and raise issues. I don't always agree with the conclusion, implied or stated. The purpose is to put a slightly different spin on each item and to promote discussion.


July 2015, It is time to classify feminism as a terrorist group.

June 2015, If your IQ suddenly rose to 1,000, how would your priorities change?

April 2015, Will Social Justice Warriors use the FCC takeover of the Internet to censor the web?

March 2015, The decline of men is the fruit of a feminist agenda that began 50 years ago.

February 2015, In our "patriarchy" women who make outrageous lies are praised while men are pilloried and their responses ignored.

January 2015, How many of the feminists who screech about online harassment are guilty of it themselves?


December 2014, Bad parenting does not guarantee failure, but it seldom produces success.

November 2014, The dictionary definition of feminism has more in common with libertarians than with feminists.

October 2014, The backlash against feminism is not a backlash against women, but against a hate movement.

September 2014, Rape culture views the male anatomy as destiny, biology as blasphemy, gender as a political construct and sex as a weapon.

August 2014, No man need feel shame for being a man, nor should we.

July 2014, Ladies bring out the gentlemen; feminists bring out the Elliot Rodgers.

June 2014, Is it time for trigger warnings on feminist hate propaganda?

May 2014, Feminists confuse complexity with critical thinking.

April 2014, Pro-feminist is not pro-women but supports a totalitarian agenda that limits women's freedom to make their own choices.

March 2014, In our "rape culture" it's safer to date conservative and libertarian women than progressive women, but feminism is not a political issue?

February 2014, Being a feminist is ideological, being a man is biological.

January 2014, The welfare state advanced feminism far more than the pill.


December 2013, Some feminists say it's time for "Lady GaGa feminism." As opposed to what? Lady WahWah feminism?

November 2013, When they realize that the college degrees most women earn are worthless, will feminists blame men?

October 2013, Modern feminism is dedicated not to advancing women's rights but to increasing men's wrongs.

September 2013, On the Internet nobody knows if you're a feminist troll pretending to be a violent man.

August 2013, Problem: America is not the greatest country in the world anymore. Cause: America is not the freest country in the world anymore.

July 2013, Feminism is libertarian in theory, but authoritarian in action and totalitarian in outcome.

June 2013, How do we know it's men and not women who, in growing numbers, are saying "no" to marriage? Because the number of single, NEVER married men is much higher than the number of single, NEVER married women.

May 2013, Angry men pose a threat to tyranny, but feminists have made it a crime for men to be angry.

April 2013, Just because I'm not looking at your face doesn't mean I'm staring at your breasts.

March 2013, Fish need water like feminists need men to blame.

February 2013, All feminist politics are expressed in progressive programs.


March 2010, Every American who is "part-Indian" should check "American Indian or Alaska Native" and note the tribe from which they are descended on question 9 of the 2010 Census.


April 2009, By definition, members of the U.S. Armed Services are "government workers."


November 2008, Harvard Professor, Community Organizer, Senator, Celebrity, President; what's next, entrepreneur?

October 2008, All Americans have certain freedom of speech rights but forcing the rest of us to listen is not one of them.


September 2006, Progressive liberals recycle intellectual waste.


June 2005, Better hard words and right acts, than pretty words and wrong acts.

April 2005, If life doesn't kill you, everything else will.

February 2005, The Democrat mantra for 2005: "There is no spoon."

January 2005, There's a fine line between cowardice and common sense.


December 2004, There are no "blue states," only blue counties in otherwise red states.

November 2004, Republicans are the party of empowerment, Democrats, the party of entitlement.

October 2004, Cultural liberals are blind to their own intolerance of opposing views.

August 2004, Feminists tore down marriage, and now homosexuals are trying to re‑engineer it.

July 2004, Isn't it interesting how much the terrorists sound like feminists?

June 2004, If President Bush represents big money, then why do so many very rich people support John Kerry?

May 2004, Call the Center for Liberal Idiots to take part in a study of an experimental dose of reality.

April 2004, The vermin of Fallujah should be imprisoned where they must witness but never enjoy the transformation of Iraq.

March 2004, American taxpayers subsidize the profits of Wal-Mart, whose employees rely on welfare for their medical care.

February 2004, Liberalism and corporate industrialism stem from the same root: Utilitarianism.

January 2004, The fact George W. Bush did not win the popular vote is reflected in the humility with which he has comported himself while in office.


December 2003, The backlash against feminism will peak by 2020, when millions of young, affluent Chinese men will begin looking abroad for wives.

November 2003, A Washington state Lotto commercial features a woman who commits domestic violence against her boyfriend - "Kim slugs Dave" - and then wins the Lotto.

October 2003, The war on terrorism is intrinsically preemptive. Anybody who has a problem with that is inherently pro-terrorist.

September 2003, Feminists persuaded the world that "all men are rapists." The result? Millions of young women now idolize rapists.

August 2003, The instant a private choice costs taxpayers money, it becomes a public issue.

July 2003, There are no ambiguities in nature, only relationships not fully understood.

June 2003, If Slick Willy could be popular, then why not Spurious George?

May 2003, If western men had even been in the same galaxy of badness as modern feminists claim, there would never have been a feminist movement.

April 2003, Asserting that the inherited rights of American Indians are unconstitutional is an attack on the right of every American to pass on an inheritance to their heirs.

March 2003, Men are "afraid to commit," while women are "waiting for the perfect man."

February 2003, "I'm so tired of (American) Indians," a white gal snapped at me, recently.

January 2003, Patriarchy put women on a pedestal, feminism put men in the gutter.


December 2002, "Coyote ugly": a sexist term sometimes used to describe women who use alcohol to, by feminist definition, rape men.

November 2002, In a band of chimpanzees, a feral child would be the weakest link.

October 2002, Could the rising incidence of depression and anxiety in our society result from the plethora of penalties for expressing our feelings?

September 2002, Chapter 11 of NAFTA subjects every citizen to the rule of foreign and multinational corporations.

August 2002, Bad as the accounting scandals are, the devaluation of the American worker is an even bigger scandal.

July 2002, Dobody doves a ban wid a bad code.

June 2002, Corporations prosper because they offer what people want. But then, so do drug dealers.

May 2002, If most women loved equalitarian men, most men would be equalitarian.

April 2002, Making excuses for the Microsoft monopoly is like excusing an abusive or sexually abusive parent because they are a good provider.

March 2002, When adjusted for inflation, wages in America are about half what they were 20 years ago.

February 2002, In the U.S., Democrats and Republicans think running for office is and ought to be about politics. They're half right - it is about politics, but it ought to be about America.

January 2002, The engineers of today are the technicians of tomorrow.


December 2001, Welfare subsidizes American corporations by allowing them to pay less than a living wage.

November 2001, Smoking in the workplace is like farting in a car: everybody gets a whiff.

October 2001, There's nothing communist, as some would have us believe, in asking for an honest day's pay for an honest day's work.

September 2001, The government is working on new Indian identification cards that will be based on blood quantum. What's next? "Degree of color" cards for blacks? Yellow stars for Jews?

August 2001, As liposuctioned fat is a rich source of stem cells, will high priced plastic surgeons be replaced by free fat harvesting clinics that perform liposuction for free and make their money from selling stem cells?

July 2001, The world changed less when we sent astronauts to the moon than it did when we stopped trying.

June 2001, If fatherhood is so important, why do men have to pay to be fathers, and why do they have to fight for the right to parent their children?

May 2001, Elvis Presley might be alive today if he had simply eaten applesauce, yogurt and a teaspoon of lecithin for breakfast every morning. Ironic how many people die because they ignore the little things.

April 2001, Many have difficulty accepting Indians with white skin but no trouble at all accepting Blacks and Chicanos with white skin.

March 2001, Are you a woman considering marrying a divorced father? Remember, once you're married his ex can file a "material change of circumstance" stipulating that a portion of your assets and income be included in calculating his child support payments to her. In other words, marry a divorced father, help pay to support his ex-wife.

February 2001, Pundits claim the fact there is no male pill is proof of women's oppression; but a pill that would give men control over their own fertility would reduce women's power over men. So is the lack of a male pill evidence of men oppressing women, or something else?

January 2001, In constant 1970 dollars, the median average (half above, half below) annual income of Americans dropped from $9500 in 1970 to $8960 in 1997.


December 2000, Extremists believe nobody has the right to not support their cause.

November 2000, In the modern environment of "world class" business service, corporate executives have discovered that the key to fewer customer complaints is to lower customers' expectations.

October 2000, Republicans sell out our jobs to other nations, Democrats sell out our defense to other nations, either way, they sell us out. Maybe it's time for everybody to vote for a third party candidate - any third party candidate.

September 2000, Enabling is a fine thing when it enables you to create a family, build a home, create a community and build a business.

August 2000, Women used to invest in men who built the future; now, they buy boys who consume the past.

July 2000, Men will take no for an answer when men who take no for an answer get laid.

June 2000, Women who make men pursue them and overcome "challenges" are virtually assured they will get a man who doesn't take "no" for an answer.

May 2000, If Clinton wants to salvage his place in history, instead of rehashing foreign policy issues pioneered by his predecessors, he could take the first steps toward normalizing relations with Cuba.

April 2000, In the beginning was the word, then came the argument, and now it is time for the conversation.

March 2000, People addicted to instant gratification are easily manipulated.

February 2000, Employers who do not deal fair and straight with their employees will attract the kind of employees who not deal fair and straight.

January 2000, As the calendar clicks from 1999 to 2000, those expecting apocalyptic events should remember Christ was born more than 2,000 years ago. At the very latest, 1997 marked the 2,000th year since Jesus was born.


December 1999, When it comes to social awareness of environmental issues, sometimes it takes a spillage.

November 1999, October 27, 1999, I stopped by the University of Washington bookstore to pick up the latest issue of Ms. magazine. Not finding it on the magazine rack, I asked the cashier if they carried it. She gave me a blank look, so I asked again. "What!" snapped the other cashier. I repeated my question. "We don't carry those kind of magazines," he replied with a sneer.

October 1999, In modern America, fame is fleeting but infamy is forever. We obsess over those whom we should forget thus making loathsome acts a more certain path to virtual immortality than heroism.

September 1999, The fact the face of female power wears a male mask means nothing to the boys and men subject to laws and policies enacted at the behest of antimale bigots.

August 1999, As an American Indian I am neither more nor less offended by the Confederate flag than the Stars and Stripes. To the contrary, they are separated by a minute degree of difference in symbolizing for me more tolerance, greater enlightenment, and higher ideals than those found throughout most of Europe, Asia and Africa.

July 1999, As Adolf Hitler did not eat meat, does that mean he was a Vegetable Aryan?

June 1999, Every woman who is physically capable can get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say, "today I will have sex," and unless she is held prisoner somewhere, by the end of the day she will have sex. The only men who can make the same claim are called rapists.

May 1999, War makes good theater but bad public policy.

April 1999, A shameless man is one who, after a life time of being abused and accused still remains hopeful love will find a way.

March 1999, You don't foster fairness by playing favorites.

February 1999, As Jesus was born in or before the year 4 B.C., that means 1997 at the latest was the 2000th anniversary of his birth.

January 1999, Culture is a process, not an ideology.


November 1998, Sound bites suck.

August 1998, The national Income Tax in America subsidizes low tariffs, exportation of manufacturing jobs, and global free trade.

June 1998, Who decides whose experiences are not meaningful?

March 1998, Unabomber Ted Kaczinski chose a very bad way to make a very good point.

February 1998, Oppression never justifies more oppression.

January 1998, Too many corporations, politicians and pundits prove crime does pay. Is that what we really want?


December 1997, As programmers, engineers and scientists push the evolution of technology further and faster, two things, and only two things, will be left to tower above all else: the heart and the mind. The love we feel for one another, and our ability to perceive a problem and conceive a solution.

November 1997, Better the stink of honest sweat than the stench of designer name industrial waste.

September 1997, Politicians are not, by definition, corrupt. By definition, however, corrupt politicians are our elected representatives.

August 1997, One of the greatest fallacies is that trends invariablly persist.

July 1997, It is men's way to get ahead by being (or appearing to be) a source of solutions. Is it women's to be (or appear to be) a source of problems?

January 1997, If women commit almost 2/3 of the child abuse, then why are most shows about child abuse (like "Bastard out of Carolina," starring Jennifer Jason Leigh) always about men abusing children?


November 1996, The battles for the minds and souls of the world are always fought on the fringe.

October 1996, If women expect men to share male power, then women must share female power.

August 1996, How can women expect men to support choice for women, when most women oppose choice for men?

July 1996, How many so-called "deadbeat dads" are not paying child support because they have been incarcerated for non-payment of support amounts based upon "imputed income"?

May 1996, Men will stop looking at women's bottoms, when women stop looking at men's bottom lines.

April 1996, New Rage women comment at length on how men experience being male. How would they know?

March 1996, What men miss about the fifties is not the "supremacy" of men, but that women were not so much looking for men who had "made it," but men who were doing what it took to make it.

February 1996, Giving child-custody priority to women because they are usually the primary care-givers is like giving job-priority to men because they are usually the primary breadwinners.

January 1996, Women tend to be very sensitive to status.


May 1995, If men should treat women like ladies, then shouldn't women act like ladies?

April 1995, Freedom comes in two flavors -- "freedom to," and "freedom from."

March 1995, Women did not give women the vote.

February 1995, Bigotry is all mouth and no ears.

January 1995, Should responsible men have to pay when irresponsible women play?


December 1994, Men who point out female hypocrisy don't get love; women who point out male hypocrisy don't get respect. Which is worse?

November 1994, When men are equal in the bedroom, women will be equal in the boardroom.


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