The Backlash! - Things that make you go, "hmmm" - July 2015
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Things that make you go, "Hmmm"
By Rod Van Mechelen, July 1, 2015 - Olympia, WA
In this column I pose questions and raise issues. The purpose is to put a slightly different spin on each item, provoke thinking or give you ideas for how to respond to things. Think of them as "sound bite arguments."

  • You want to find out who is a leftist, question feminism and anthropogenic global warming.
  • You never see environmentalists opposing logging on Indian reservations,
  • Seventy percent of people shot by police in America are white.
  • Cultural Marxists assert that only they can criticize others without being called bullies.
  • It is time to classify feminism as a terrorist group.
  • If something is too stupid to be stupid, then it probably is.
  • Socialists hate freedom because they can't force free people to support them.
  • Cultural Marxism feeds on unrelenting controversy, which is why feminists keep coming up with stupid stuff to stir up hatred and misandry.
  • Women and girls tell other women and girls that if they have sex too young and too often then they are sluts, and for this feminists blame men.
  • Feminists are trying to turn men into a caste of slaves.
  • It's easy for the timid to anonymously sling mud at those who have the guts to make a public stand.
  • During the sixties all of society in the US was harangued and scolded that everybody not-black was guilty of oppressing blacks. This spawned an epidemic of public awkwardness that many blacks interpret as racism.
  • It has been my long experience that white women, especially upper-middle class white women, will routinely block doors, hallways and sidewalks, where men rarely do.
  • The only people who can win a race war are the ones who instigate it, stand on the sidelines watching it, and then go in and pick up the pieces after it's over.
  • Politically correct free speech: you are free to express agreement with the Left but not the Right.
  • Feminists are like Sunday Christians: they claim to believe in the dictionary definition of feminism, but only when it suits them.


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