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In this column I pose questions and raise issues. The purpose is to put a slightly different spin on each item, provoke thinking or give you ideas for how to respond to things. I'm sorry that I don't yet have a comments section, that will come when I have the resources to grow this site into a real blog.

  • The next time a feminist gets in your face, tell them, "Check your privilege."
  • Most autism research focuses on single causes, like vaccines. Wrong approach. Autism starts with systemic inflammation. Vaccines aren't the only things that cause and compound systemic inflammation. Grains, unfermented soy products, chemicals in clothing, lotions, laundry detergeant, fabric softeners, perfumes, among many others, all contribute.
  • Old racist joke: "I don't hate (N-word), I think everybody should own one." New feminist joke: "I don't hate men, I think most of them should be castrated, be subject to a testosterone tax, be labeled rapists, lose custody of their children, and be publicly ridiculed, shamed and penalized any time they express masculine sexuality."
  • Feminists are for free speech as long as it doesn't include speech they disagree with, which they classify as "hate speech."
  • By characterizing the male-female relationship as men preying on women, feminists have suppressed healthy expressions of male-interest in women, with the result that, just as I predicted 20 years ago, women and girls are now flaunting their sexuality in often unhealthy ways to attract male attention.
  • "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." John F. Kennedy, 1962
  • Feminists represent the HATEriarchy.
  • If there were an actual gender war, it would have already ended because men would have won almost before it began.
  • Men are trained to not rape, and HATEriarchists need to be taught to stop stereotyping all men as rapists.
  • In the west, even though feminists generally claim that it's men who call women sluts and whores, we all know that women are far more likely than men to cast such aspersions. Why? Because women are generally very competitive, and shaming the most sexually aggressive women is one of the means by which they attack their competition.
  • The fact so many people who believe in equality of the sexes do not believe in feminism demonstrates that most people now understand that feminism no longer has anything to do with equality of the sexes.
  • We cannot have true equality of the sexes so long as we have gender roles, but gender roles are written into our DNA. The closest we can come to real equality is a society predicated upon liberty in which all are free to choose their own way. But both traditionalists and feminists are fundamentally progressive and oppose policies that do not prescribe behavior.
  • With criminals now in charge of our financial institutions, do you really want to trust them with your money? Exit the system and buy physical silver and gold.
  • I had a 2+2=4 moment while listening to Gregory Mannarino's Very Dangerous Market Distortions video. The population bubble that has accompanied the market bubbles was made possible by government Aid for Families with Dependent Children programs paid for by our tax dollars and government debt that allow families in general, and single mothers in particular, to have far more children than they could otherwise afford.
  • Some feminists are waking up to the oppression they have created; but because this oppression serves the progressive elite, will it be too little, too late?
  • Gold is insurance, silver both insurance and an investment, but the current short term trend is down, so continue to cost average, or accumulate cash and be prepared to pile in.
  • Many market analysts advise that gold and silver stocks could drop even more, so investors should get out while they can. That's good advice for traders.
  • Everything is, and always has been, "a sign of the times."
  • Feminists, writers, pundits and politicians routinely claim, "women have always had it hard," the implied context being: relative to men. Men, who die years younger, sustain far higher rates of injuries, work in far greater numbers in the dirtiest, most dangerous jobs, get blamed for oppressing women despite that only the elite enjoy the supposed perks of patriarchy, and on top of all of that are still expected to risk charges of sexual harassment and rape to initiate relationships. If "women have always had it hard," then so have men.
  • Life is tough, feminism is for sissies.
  • In the 1990s I got so many death threats from feminists and their white knights that I stopped paying them any attention. Talk from blow hards is cheap and meaningless. Today feminists routinely claim they are the targets of death threats, yet when we do see violence involving feminists, it's the feminists who are doing it.
  • The feminists' rape culture has been exposed as a rape fantasy culture, but fear not, the feminists excel at making monsters out of men and are hard at work manufacturing new reasons to be afraid.
  • Sexist stereotypes: when a woman's voice shakes it's because she's afraid; when a man's voice shakes it's because he's angry.
  • It has always been one goal of feminism to put men on the defensive.
  • Old Truth: "Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15." Ronald Reagan. New Truth: Liberty Democrats & Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, Progressive Democrats & Republicans believe every day is April 15.
  • Angry men pose a threat to tyranny, but feminists have made it a crime for men to be angry.
  • For one-in-four to one-in-three women to be victims of rape and sexual assault, almost as many men need to be guilty of rape and sexual assault, and yet, amazingly, most men are not. So either a lot of women are diving into the relatively small pool of rapists, or feminists are lying.
  • Just because a man is angry does not mean he's a Men's Rights Activist.
  • To admit that men can be victims, too, would require acknowledging men's humanity, something the feminist HATEriarchs are loath to do.
  • Because they destroy the lives of men whose only "crime" is to be born male, and call it a lesson men need to learn, feminism is terrorism.
  • Most women retain their attractiveness to men into their late twenties while men retain their attractiveness to women into their late forties, but the men of Life Extention can remain youthful, vigorous and fit into their sixties and beyond.
  • The only people who think feminism has anything to do with bra-burning hairy legged women are in their eighties, and the only people who think this misconception is common are feminists and the mainstream media.
  • Most feminists claim they do not hate men, but hate is not just an emotion. Most slave owners claimed they did not hate blacks, yet their racism was hateful and repugnant to us.


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