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In this column I pose questions and raise issues. I don't always agree with the conclusion, implied or stated. The purpose is to put a slightly different spin on each item and to promote discussion. I'm sorry that I don't yet have a comments section, that will come when I have the resources to grow this site into a real blog.

  • The GOP stole the Republican nomination from the American people, not Ron Paul. Their purpose, to preserve the status quo and support the interests of the global elite.
  • Now that Rand Paul is in the running for 2016 the Establishment is mobilizing against him.
  • Was Rand Paul's son set up?
  • Marriage Equality (gay marriage) is not about freedom and liberty but about government control. Marriage is a contract and government should not be involved in it at all.
  • Feminists are funny, cast aspersions at them.
  • Fiscal conservatives say Obama's health reform will subject us to bureaucratic denials of life saving procedures, yet the FDA already does that by reclassifying nutritional supplements as prescription drugs.
  • Progressives neither celebrate nor tolerate diversity of thought.
  • Fish need water like feminists need men to blame.
  • The highest rates of domestic violence are reported in lesbian relationships.
  • Children don't care about statistics, the hate-male campaign or feminists; they just want to be loved and to feel safe.
  • Feminists conflate rights for men with wrongs for women, and see it as an either/or proposition when it should be and is this/and; that is, rights for men and women.
  • Manufacturing new threats to women gives male feminists new chances to be seen as heros by defending women from those threats.
  • Gender egalitarianism does blur the distinctions of sex but respects every person to choose for themselves without regard for their sex.
  • Feminists justify discrimination against the bottom 98 percent of men on the basis of the top 2 percent.
  • What do you call a community where everybody is armed: Polite.
  • We can criticize the American war machine without dishonoring the brave men and women who serve in it.
  • The "rich" from whom Robin Hood stole were members of the corrupt ruling class.
  • Progressives on the Left are making political hay of the Sandy Hook murders to attack the Second Amendment. Now progressives on the Right are making political hay of Ron Paul quoting Jesus regarding the murder of Chris Kyle to attack the Liberty Movement. When did quoting Jesus turn into a grave offense?
  • Evil often wears a warm smile and the face of a friend.
  • One of the first acts of an oppressor is to disarm their victims.
  • The guilty attack the humor of innocents.
  • Feminists take the life of every man out of context to make their cases for hating men.
  • Minimum wage laws pressure poor people to enlist in the armed forces to gain experience and marketable skills.
  • Feminists demand that men sanitize the world for them so they can strut around and pretend to be fearless and strong instead of dependent and weak.
  • Slave owners secretly fear and hate their slaves, much as feminists fear and hate men.
  • Feminists confuse whining with strength, optimism with submission, and high expectations with sexism.
  • The Men's Rights Movement embraced the principle of freedom of choice that feminists abandoned.
  • Conservative principles primarily serve the majority while Liberal principles primarily serve the statistical outliers. (There's a lot of overlap, hence the term, "primarily.") Pluralistic societies hold the two in dynamic tension, conservatism holding things together, liberalism propelling growth and exploration.
  • A sub-culture of the Men's Rights Movement is called MGTOW, which stands for "men going their own way." Fifty years ago, we called them bachelors.
  • Progressivism always and invariably leads to totalitarianism, and is the enemy of both liberalism and conservatism.
  • All the "good parts" of feminism are, in another context, called by a different name: "libertarian."
  • To fight against stereotyping women, feminists stereotyped men.
  • The same hate mongers who created the "rape culture" myth also argued that female violence should be excused and blamed on men. Not because they care for the welfare of women or really believe men are to blame. Except for the bigots, who are motivated by hate, they have destroyed millions of families simply for profit and power.
  • If it is racist to dismiss the prevalence of violence against blacks because most of it is inflicted by other blacks, then it is sexist to dismiss the prevalence of violence against men because most of it is inflicted by other men. Most victims of violence are male.
  • Con artists succeed because their victims think they're getting more than they deserve. Pick-up artists succeed for the same reason.
  • Men will stop being pick up artists, when pick up artists stop getting laid.
  • Violence against women is considered a hate crime but violence against men is considered a punch line.
  • Those most severely harmed by the feminists and their misandry are the millions of ordinary women and men just trying to get on with their lives. Few benefit. Among them, the wealthy elite (the so-called 1%) and the hatemongers.
  • Those who claim the main focus of DV should be on male behavior need to stop ignoring what Shere Hite wrote in Women & Love: "When you can't get through, after a long period of time, out of frustration, either you take it out on yourself and become suicidal, self-destructive, or you challenge the society -- and one way is to become 'terroristic.'" Hite wrote that to excuse female violence and to further justify the "battered woman syndrome" defense. But only a sexist would claim it cannot apply to men, too.
  • Misandrists harp on the obvious fact that male violence is generally more destructive than female violence. They make it an excuse to ignore female violence. But often, explosive violence is a response to many acts of petty violence. This is true for both sexes. Enlightened DV programs treat women as equals. Sexist programs just blame men.
  • In the 1950s our "patriarchal" society raised boys to protect women. Between that day and now, pop-feminists first scolded men for protecting women, and then proceeded to portray all men as monsters. And now we have boys, who know nothing of the history of their gleeful heroines, self-righteously wagging their fingers as they scold men for not protecting women. Today's "rape culture," such as it is, was created by and is sustained by the professional operatives of the feminists' decades old hate-male campaign. The only cure is to end the campaign of hate.
  • The business of teaching men how to become pick-up artists could not thrive if most women truly valued honesty and sincerity.
  • Most people today are ignorant of the racist roots of the claims that we live in a "rape culture." The feminists who embraced the stereotype were sexist. But the white women who created the first campaigns were racists.
  • Women are the new masters. Any man who stands up to an abusive, bullying woman is automatically condemned. The woman's behavior is irrelevant.
  • If women need to assume every man is a potential rapist, then men need to assume every woman is a potential false accusation. In a society that celebrates victimhood, everybody becomes a victim.


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