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Sometimes the books you need to oppose and expose lies and bigotry are hard to find. You may want to start your search here, where I have begun compiling a list. On most sales through this site, New Chivalry Press will receive a small referral fee. For "hard to find" titles, we receive no referral fees, but I'll list them anyway because it's important. For titles or authors not listed here, please use the form to the left. Good reading - rod

Asa Baber

Men columnist for Playboy magazine, Asa Baber has long championed fairness in family court and respect for both sexes.

Ayn Rand

I'm neither an Objectivist nor an atheist, but I've always found her books inspiring and, with notable exceptions, her logic compelling.

Christina Hoff Sommers

Pop feminists accuse Christina Hoff Sommers of being a conservative lackey. She says she's a liberal. Guess pop feminists equate telling the truth with conservatism. Regardless, her book exposed so many lies you have to wonder how folks like Naomi Wolf, Gloria Steinem, Catharine MacKinnon and others can show their faces in public.

Claire M. Renzetti

Renzetti got herself in trouble deep with the PC crowd when she exposed that homosexual relationships are frequently more violent and prone to abuse than heterosexual relationships. Get them while they're still available.

Erin Pizzey

Erin Pizzey, who founded the battered women's shelter movement in Chiswick, England, discovered that many "battered" women either create the conflict that turns into violence, or they are batterers themselves. Pop feminists have done their best to suppress her books and articles about this side of domestic violence. Erin describes "Kisses" from Harper Collins as "the most political and anti feminist of all my books."

George Gilder

Before Roy Schenk, before Warren Farrell, even before Herb Goldberg, Asa Baber and Daniel Amneus, there was George Gilder. Best known for Wealth & Poverty, Microcosm and other works about the Internet, Gilder began his career writing about the importance of gender roles. Filled with poetry and facts, his books command a special place in my library.

Kenneth Clatterbaugh

Ken teaches at the University of Washington in the Women's Studies program. Don't be tempted to envy his position, actually getting paid to preach reason. In April, 1997, I addressed his class and found those (female) students who were actually interested in the material to be self-entitled, hateful, enternally victimized bigots, and teaching them must be like walking through a mine field. I'm surprised he still has tenure. If your library is pretty complete and you've got some spare cash, this would make an appropriate next purchase.

Mic Hunter

Years before anyone else was ready to admit boys could be victims of sex abuse, or that women could be their abusers, Mic spoke out on their behalf.

The Opposition

Since about 1994, pop feminists have grown reluctant to attack the men's and fathers' rights movements head on. We're too well-informed, too well-organized, and they've publically embarassed themselves so many times that just about the only way they're willing to attack us is when they can control the agenda, as in newspaper articles, taped radio interviews and books. "Know thine enemy."

Promise Keepers

The pop feminists really hate these guys. What's to hate? It would probably be a fair bet that more women back the Promise Keepers than the National Organization for Women.

Warren Farrell

Recently, Warren confirmed that the men at Simon & Schuster who supported publication of The Myth of Male Power have either retired or moved on, and the pop feminist in charge has scrapped plans to publish his next book. Every man (and the women who love men) need to read and refer to his books.

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