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Words are not like chewing gum, to be molded, masticated, squished and spit out. Imprecision -- loose definitions -- leads not to understanding, but to imprecise and loose thinking.

ANDROPHOBIA - A term Robert Anton Wilson defines as a "transmutation" of negative stereotypes "from racism to sexism" that is characterized by malebashing and "psychological gendercide."

ECHO FEMINIST - According to Earl Silverman, a male-feminist who echoes pop-feminist propaganda; an anti-male man.

EGALITARIAN - A person who demands political enforcement of equal results for unequal efforts and abilities. (December 1998 - Thought I better add this one for those who have been misinformed by the abbreviated definition in most modern dictionaries to believe egalitarian and equalitarian are synonymous.)

EQUALITARIAN - A person who supports equal rights and responsibilities.

EQUITY FEMINISM - According to Christina Hoff Sommers, the "First Wave" feminism that asked for "fair treatment , without discrimination."

FEMIGOGUE - According to Bob Karls, a feminist leader who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions and prejudices of the people.

FEMINATIC - One who sees all social dynamics in terms of male power and female powerlessness.

FEMINIST - A person who advocates or supports equal rights and responsibilities for women.

GENDER FEMINISM - Short for "Sex/Gender Feminism," according to Christina Hoff Sommers, it is the doctrine that women are "in thrall to 'a system of male dominance' variously referred to as 'heteropatriarchy' or the sex/gender system." That is, a "complex process whereby bi-sexual infants are transformed into male and female gender personalities, the one destined to command, the other to obey."

MEN - According to P.C. Seldom, another word for "unprotected sex."

MISANDRY - Hatred of men.

MISOGYNY - Hatred of women.

NEW RAGE WOMEN - Female antimale bigots who use or advocate the use of angry public demonstrations and/or violence against men.

PATRIARCHY - In modern times, the social arrangement that provides women and men with equivalent rights and responsibilities.

POD FEMINIST -- According to Susan Faludi's recent article in Ms Magazine, apparently anyone who claims to be a feminist but supports equal responsibilities as well as equal rights, does not believe upper and upper-middle class American women are oppressed, does not believe 33 percent of women are rape victims, and advocates a policy that treats both women and men like human beings. Not to be confused with a "real" feminist, who is not to be confused with those women who "just play one on TV."

POP-FEMINIST - A person who demands rights and privileges for women and responsibilities and restrictions for men. Anyone who subscribes to Faludi's idiotic pod feminist definition above.


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