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Abuse Excuse - Dean Tong
Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence
Abuse Hurts Men Too
Abused Men - The Hidden Side of Domesitc Violence - Phillip Cook
National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information
Stop Abuse For Everyone - Jade Rubick
National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization
Stop Abuse for Everyone
Stop Prisoner Rape
Victims Of Child Abuse Laws - VOCAL email

American Indians

Blackfeet Nation
Caddo Nation
Chehalis Indian Tribe
Cherokee Bear Band
Cherokee East Band of North Carolina
Southern Cherokee Nation
Tallige Cherokee Nation
Western Cherokee Nation
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma
Chickasaw Nation
Chippewa Bad River Band
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Cowlitz Tribe
Deleware (Lenape) Tribe of Indians
First Nations/First Peoples Issues
Hopi Tribe
Ho-Chunk Nation
Iroquois Constitution
Lumbee Tribe
Makah Nation
College of Menominee Nation
Canadian Metis Council
Navajo Nation
Oneida Indian Nation
Powhatan Renape Nation
Pueblo Cultural Center
Sceneca Nation of Indians
Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
S'Klallam Tribe
Rosebud Sioux
Standing Rock Sioux
Suquamish Tribe - Chief Seattle
Tulalup Tribe
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Wounded Knee

Amnesty International

Amnesty International
Anti-Defamation League - email


Castle Books - email
Warren Farrell - New
Guerilla "Divorce" Warfare - Pearle Harbour
Roy Schenk's bookstore - Roan Kaufman, Roy Schenk or Del M.
Sex and Matriarchy - Victor Woodhull
Steel Balls Press - Don Steele

Conspiracy & Chaos

Robert Anton Wilson at Prime8

Divorce & Custody

12 steps to end fatherlessness - - Andy Duncan
A-Team Page - Ken Pangborn
Albert E. Whale's homepage - - email
Andrew Carlan, Fathers' Rights Attorney - email
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
American Fathers Coalition - -
American Coalition for Fathers and Children
British Columbia Fathers
Child Support Action Group
CoParenting Canada
Dads Against Discrimination - Victor Smith
Dads Against Discrimination Tennessee - Lee Collins
Dads Against the Divorce Industry
Dads Against Mothers Abusing the System
Dads Divorce
Dads Are Displaced
Dads & Divorce
Dads Going the Distance
Dads in Tennessee
Dads Now
Dads Rights
David J. Kelly's homepage - email
Decision in Marc Perkel's Divorce
Divorce and Custody forms -- Washington state
Divorced Father
Don't get married
Equitable Child Maintainance and Access Society
Families Need Fathers
Fatherhood Coalition
Fathers Battling Injustice
Fathers for Equal Rights - Kenneth ward
Fathers for Equal Rights - Thomas Hoerner
Fathers' Resource Center - FRC
Fathers' Rights Association - FRA email
Fathers' Rights to Custody - FRTC email
Fathers' Rights Newsline - Donald J. Middleman
Fathers' Rights Network - Art Lemasters
Kids Need Both Parents
Fathers Rights & Equality Exchange
Fathers Rights Resources and Links - Jeff Tritten
Halifax Divorced Parents Resources
Iowa Attorney General's Office of Maligning Men
Iowa Department of Objectifying Men as Walking Wallets Unit
Justice First
Men's Divorce Help Center
National Brotherhood of Fathers' Rights
National Congress for Fathers and Children
National Congress for Fathers and Children - New Hampshire
National Congress for Fathers and Children of Louisiana - NCFC
National Shared Parenting Association
Non-Custodial Parent's Resource Center - NCPRC
Oregonians for Custodial Equality
Parents & Children for Justice in Vermont Family Court - Kenneth Mahren
Parents' Place Newsletter - Jackie Needleman
Pro se in a Massachusetts divorce - Joe Leggett
Purple Hearts Campaign - Christopher Robin, Sr.
R-KIDS of Minnesota
Shared Parenting Advocacy
Shared Parenting Information Group (UK)
Society for the Preservation of Family Relationships
Stepfamily Association of America, Inc.
Taking Action Against Bias in the System - New
Twelve Steps of Divorced Fathers
United Fathers of America - Washington state - David MacDonald
Victims of Department of Family & Children Services - Jeff Tautges
Women for Fatherhood

Domestic Violence

Center for Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence - email
Domestic Violence Against Men
Domestic Violence, Family Violence, Child Abuse
The Easton Alliance for the Prevention of Family Violence - Steven A. Easton, President

Employment sources

Best Jobs USA - publisher of Employment Review magazine

False Accusations

Equal Rights Movement - 1998
Falsely Accused Citizens In Todays Society - Al White
False Allegations of Abuse and Neglect - Dana Phillips
The New Inquisition

Family Issues

Canada Family Action Coalition
Child Justice
Children's Justice
Children's Rights Advocacy - - Terry L. Fesler
Children have Rites Too
Family Forever Project
Family Forum - John Barson
Family Rights Organizations National Taskforce - Dean Tong
Kid's Rights
Society for Preservation of Family Relationships
Women for Fatherhood

Fathers' Issues

Fathers - Issacs
Fathers Are Capable Too
Fathering Magazine site - Robin
National Fathers' Network - James May, director
Promise Keepers
Responsible Fathers - List server

Feminist Issues

CARAL - Abortion & Reproductive Rights Internet Resources
About Islam and Women
All Men Must Die - power feminism at its best?
AAUW - American Association of University Women
Boys Are Icky Brigade
b.r.i.l.l.o. extra abrasive wetware - email
Camille Paglia Homepage - Marit Synnevag
Child Support Intervention
Christina Hoff Sommers
Researching the "Rape Culture" of America
Reply to 15 author attack
The war against boys
Contributions from Cathy Young
Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
Feminism and Women's Resources
Canadian Women's Foundation
Feminists Against Censorship
Feminists for Free Expression
Feminist Majority Foundation
Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995
Gender Equity In Sports
Gender Issues Research Center
Girl Power!
Independent Women's Forum - Email
InforM Women's Studies Database
Institute for Women's Policy Research
League Of Women Voters Of The United States
Lies & Deceptions of Gender Feminists - Vera Klinkowsky
Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement 1848 - 1998
Men Must Die
Million Woman March
Modern Goddess Video
Mothers Against Fathers in Arrears
National Organization for Women
National Organization for Women (NOW) Home Page
NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund
1966 Charter of the National Organization for Women
Washington State NOW Home Page
New Moon Publishing
Phyllis Schlafly
Political Woman Hotline
Razberry.Com - the home of journalist Donna Laframboise
SCUM Manifesto - Valerie Solanas'
Second Wives Crusade
Sequential Tart
Sexual Assault Information Page Index
Dr. Sara Feldman-Schorrig's Sexual Harassment Page
Sisters Online
Sojourner: The Women's Forum
Spousal Abuse Survey
The Thinking Woman
University of Maryland at College Park inforM system
Women's Action Coalition - WAC is Watching
Women, Law and Development International
Women's Freedom Network - Rita J. Simon, President
Women's International Net
The Women's Network - a site whose author calls The Backlash! "a misognistic fathers'/men's rights Internet magazine."
Women's Opposed to Male Bashing
Women's Way of Knowing
Women's Web magazine
Women's Web
Women's Work
Yahoo - Society and Culture:Gender Issues:Rape
Uppity Women Magazine

Gay Issues

Gay Seattle

Government - Federal

Canadian Human Rights Commission
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U.S.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fedworld - U.S. Department of Commerce
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission of Australia
IRS - The IRS's home on the Web
The Library of Congress
U.S. Postal Service
U.S. Postal Service Online
US Census Burea
United States House of Representatives
White House

Government - State

National Conference of State Legislators
Council of State Governments
Alaska Legislature
Arizona state - Arizona Legislative Information System
California Legislature - Official California Legislative Information
Colorado - Colorado General Assembly
Delaware - Delaware General Assembly
Florida - Official Guide to the State of Florida Legislature
Georgia - Georgia General Assembly
Hawaii Legislature
Idaho Legislature
Illinois Legislature - Land of Lincoln
Indiana General Assembly
Iowa - Iowa General Assembly
Kansas - Kansas' official home page
Louisiana Senate
Louisiana House of Representatives
Maine Legislature
Michigan House
Michigan Senate
Minnesota Legislature
Mississippi Legislature
Missouri General Assembly
Montana Legislature
New Jersey Legislature
New Mexico
New York Senate
New York State Assembly
North Carolina Legislature
North Dakota Legislature
Oklahoma Legislature
Oregon Legislature
Pennsylvania Senate
Rhode Island General Assembly
South Carolina General Assembly
South Dakota Legislature
Tennessee Legislature
Texas State Legislature
Utah Legislature
Vermont Legislature
Virginia Legislature
Washington Legislature
Wisconsin Legislature
Wyoming Legislature

Legal Resources

Class Action Issues & Information
Judges Human Rights Crime Information Center

Health & Longevity

Anti-aging site
Life Extension Foundation


American Spectator
National Review
Reason Magazine

Media Email Addresses

Baltimore Sun
Beaver County Times, Beaver, PA
Boston Globe
NBC Dateline
Drudge Report
Eagle Forum
Glamour Magazine
GQ Magazine
Newsweek Magazine
Phoenix Gazette
Playboy Magazine
Rolling Stone Magazine
Sacramento Bee
San Francisco Examiner
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle Times
San Mateo Times
Star Tribune
TIME Magazine
NBC Today
Union Tribune
Utne Reader Magazine
The Washington Times
Working Woman Magazine

Men's Issues

Achilles Heel Magazine - Dave JW Day
Arthur's Home Page
Art Lemasters' homepage - Art Lemasters
Balance magazine - Ferrel Christensen, editor
Circumcision Information and Resource pages -- Geoffrey T. Falk
Critiques Of Feminism
The Crisis in Radical Thought
David Throop's library and webzine
Domain of the Patriarchy on the Internet - Robert Sheaffer
Domestic Rights Coalition - George Gilliland
Everyman - A Men's Journal
Expose the Abuse Monster - - Todd Lehr
eye of the mind
Family of Men Support Society - email
James P. Sterba - Feminist Justice & Sexual Harassment
Florida Men's Resource Center
Gerry Harbison - Email
Good Will Toward Men - Jack Kammer
I Hate Feminism - email
The Magic of Differences -- Judith Shervan and James E. Sniechowski's home page
League of Men Voters
Male Cookery
Margmidlun, a men's organization in Iceland
Menz Action Alliance
Men's Action Oldenburg and other People - Germany
Men's Activism News Network - Scott Garman
Men's Defense Association, The Liberator - R.F. Doyle
Men's Equalization Inc. - Canada
Men's Forum
Men's Health Network - email
Men's Rights
Men's Rights, Inc. - Fredric Hayward
The Men's Rights Agency, Brisbane, Australia
Men, Sex and Money - Rich Zubaty's Web Site
MenStuff - The National Men's Resource
MenWeb/Seattle MEN - Bert Hoff
Misogyny Unlimited
National Center for Men - NCM
National Coalition of Free Men - Tom Williamson, President
National Organization for Men - David Mills
New Wave Human Alliance - Advocacy of Men's Issues
National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers
National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males
NOW Watch
The Official Man-iacal Masculist Revolutionary Committee
Oregon Men's Association - Layne Barlow
Per's MANifesto - a monthly newsletter on anti-male attitudes
The Place - A Resource Center For Men
Robert Ross' Home Page
Sexual Harassment
Single and Custodial Fathers Network
Ted Weverka's Home Page
The Thinking Man's Minefield - Kevin Solway, AUSTRALIA
United Kingdom Men's Movement
The UTOPIA Foundation - The Advocate
UTOPIA Foundation - Feminist Hall of Shame
The Way of the Superior Man
Wisconsin Men - James Luscher

Millennium Bug

Tick Tick Tick - Is the year after 1999 ... 1900?
Y2K - Year 2000 software problem
Year2000 - The leader in addressing the Y2K problem


KIN International Peace Page - Joanne M. Stephenson
Powernet Home Page
Spirit Of Truth Page

Major Metropolitan and International Newspapers

Archived Newspaper articles - very good source for about $2.00 per download
Aftenposten, Norway
The Afternoon Despatch & Courier, India
Aftonbladet, Sweden
Albuquerque Journal, NM
Anchorage Daily News, AK
Arizona Daily Star, AZ
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, AR
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, GA
Baltimore Sun, MD
Birmingham Post-Herald, AL
Bismarck Tribune, ND
Boston Globe, MA
Campus Newspapers on the Internet Web & Gopher
Charlotte Observer, NC
Chicago Tribune, IL
Colombian Post, Colombia
La Crónica de Hoy, Mexico
Daily News, Sri Lanka
Dallas Morning News, TX
Detroit News, MI
Denver Post, CO
Desert Voice, Kuwait
Egyptian Gazette, Egypt
Examiner, Ireland
Gazeta Mercantil, Brazil
Gazet van Antwerpen, Belgium
Globe and Mail, Toronto
Guardian, UK
Houston Chronicle, TX
Indianapolis Newspapers, IN
Internetavisen Jyllands-Posten, DK
International Herald Tribune, FR
Japan Times
Jerusalem Post, Israel
Jerusalem Times, Israel
Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates
Korea Herald
La Epoca, CL
LateLine Headline News, China
Keene Sentinel, NH
La Nación, Argentina
Las Vegas Review-Journal, NV
Memphis Flyer, TN
Miami Herald, FL
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI
New York Post, NY
New York Times, NY
The News, Portugal
Nice-Matin, French Riviera
North Platte Telegraph, NE
Oregonian, OR
The Nation, Pakistan
Nguoi Viet Daily News, Vietnam
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA
Philippine Star
Piccolo, Italy
Portland Press Herald Maine Sunday Telegram, ME
Post Dispatch, MO
Roanoke Times, VA
Sacramento Bee, CA
Salt Lake Tribune, UT
St. Petersburg Times, Russia
San Francisco Examiner, CA
Shanghai Star, China
Star Tribune, MN
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, WA
Seattle Times, WA
South China Morning Post, HK
Der Standard, Austria
The Star, Malaysia
Sun Herald, MS
Sun Newspapers, OH
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland
Die Tageszeitung, Germany
Times of India
Times-Picayune, LA
Union Tribune, CA
USA Today
Vancouver Sun, BC
Warsaw Voice, Poland
Washington Post, DC
Washington Times, DC
Weatherford Daily News, OK
Winchester Sun, KY

News sites

Drudge Report
Minor Sage

Political sites

Arizona state
The Big Brother Awards
Citizen's Reform Forum - Bruce Simon
Constitutional Guardians of America
CNN's AllPolitics site
Corporate Watch
Deficits and Deceptions
Discovery Institute--Seattle, WA USA -- George Gilder
Executive Branch
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Free Market - a libertarian site
The French connection
How Laws Are Made
Heritage Foundation
Legal Ethics and Reform
The Libertarian Party
Liberty and Justice for All?
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. - email
People's Capitalism: The Economics of the Robot Revolution
Richard Huttenbrauck's home page on men's and conservative issues
Ronald Reagan
Thomas Jefferson
Town Hall Metro Map
Town Hall Calendar of Events
Town Hall Calendar of Events
Traditionalist Conservatism
United States House of Representatives
Washington state
What You Should Know About Congress
White House

Romantic liasons

Match.Com - Online matchmaking
One and Only


Amateur Science
Science Magazine

Science fiction

Babylon 5
SciFi Channel


Affordable Spaceflight
Mars Global Surveyor
National Space Society
Space & Flight


Linux Resources
Microsoft Corporation World-Wide-Web Server
OS/2 Warp
WarpX - The future with OS/2 Warp
Web-Counter Home Page


ABC News
Lauren Hutton
NBC FAQ - How to contact the producers
Yahoo's comprehensive listing

Website Evalutations

Point Communications

Worth Reading

Center for the Study of Popular Culture - Chris Rapp
Free Speech forum

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