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The warning signs were there
by James Roger Brown, Director of The Sociology Center
Copyright © 1999 by James Roger Brown


Among the most brazen outrages associated with the tragedy at Columbine High School, and previous similar incidents, are the mental health vultures and quacks who descend on the aftermath disguised as grief counselors and "experts" who bemoan the failure of parents and authorities to predict these acts in the face of "clear warning signs." Particularly galling are the attacks on parents for their "failure" to control their children. Such attacks are another example of blaming the victim. Parental authority and control have been systematically assaulted and destroyed by members of the mental health and social work professions.

This generation of children is not the product of parental upbringing. This generation, and its destructive behavior, is the direct product of psychology and social work intervention. It is time for these professions to answer questions about their roles in these atrocities.

In point of fact, human behavior cannot be predicted from past behavior. Parents cannot predict the future acts of their children with anymore certainty than psychologists or social workers. According to news reports, the children who allegedly committed the shootings at Columbine High School had previously been through the criminal justice system and counseling. Up to the time of the school shooting they were allegedly still receiving positive psychological evaluations. Why did these counseling geniuses fail to predict the future acts of these children if the "warning signs were there"?

To illustrate the shameless games these charlatans are playing with public fear and guilt, the President's situation can serve to demonstrate what they are doing. A Federal Judge has ruled that William Jefferson Clinton committed perjury. In psychology speak, President Clinton can be described as a charismatic, self-absorbed, irresponsible sociopath, with a possible sex addiction, who has been involved in the criminal justice system. The public is aware of his behavior and he has allegedly reformed.

Now, who among the public, including members of the psychology and social work professions, can predict if he will commit a specific act as a continuance of any of these problems? If, when, where and with whom will President Clinton engage in "inappropriate conduct"? What will be President Clinton's next, if any, specific irresponsible act and under what circumstances will it occur?


According to the Associated Press (Nuclear Launch Codes Left Behind, AP-NY-04-24-99 18:21 EDT), President Clinton, without notice, departed early from the NATO summit at the International Trade Center April 24, 1999. In his haste to depart, he left behind his military aide carrying the U.S. nuclear launch codes. Describing this as an irresponsible act would be an egregious understatement. If his military aide had left the launch codes behind, he would be under arrest and on his way to prison.

After the fact, one may look back and conclude that this irresponsible act is consistent with the President's past irresponsible acts, but this specific act could not be predicted in advance. Until President Clinton chose the act of leaving early, there were numerous other choices he could potentially have made, some a reasonable person would have anticipated to be more likely and others less likely. As with the acts of the children at Columbine High School, this specific act of irresponsibility by President Clinton could not have been predicted in advance from his past behavior.

An unscrupulous individual, like the mental health vultures exploiting the human misery in Littleton, Colorado, could make statements postdating all the warning signs were there that William Jefferson Clinton would place the entire world at risk by the irresponsible act of leaving the nuclear launch codes vulnerable to theft by terrorists or foreign governments. This "expert" could lambaste the Joint Chiefs or Staff, the White House staff and the Secret Service for failing to properly supervise the President and protect the Nation's interest. The "expert" could castigate Congress for their failure to foresee this act by the President and their failure to remove him from office when they had the chance, since the warning signs of irresponsibility were there throughout the hearings.

Hindsight or hubris?

This is the sick after-the-fact game being played with public emotions by these twisted mental health "experts" who are blaming school violence on parents, authorities, the availability of guns, video games everything but the children's own free will choices, their own fraudulent claims to be a "science" and their shameless, self-aggrandizing, exploitative interventions that have virtually destroyed parental authority to do anything with their children. Parents of the two children who allegedly killed their fellow students and themselves, should be suing every mental health professional and social worker who ever breathed the same air as their children, the University Departments who spawned them, and the horses on which they rode into town.

The most anyone, "expert" or not, can accurately say about another human being, based upon their past behavior, is that they are a dangerous risk in some area. The most anyone can prudently do about such individuals is to watch them closely or physically restrain them from acting in that area. Nothing short of death can prevent an individual from committing an act they decide to commit.

We have drawn the wrong conclusions and made the same mistakes before by addressing the consequences of criminal acts rather than their human causes. To prevent vehicle theft we increased security measures to the point the easiest way for a thief to steal one was to shoot the driver while the keys were in the ignition. These measures decreased personal security. South Africans, who now have flame throwers mounted on their vehicles to counter car-jackings, demonstrate what lies down the road of technological security escalation. At the logical end of this road is a world of solitary human beings who shoot on sight any other human being they encounter.

We may be making the same mistake regarding school safety by listening to psychology and social work "experts" who are quacks. Increasing the barriers around schools will potentially end in an arms race at a place we definitely do not want one. Columbine High School had security in place that was overcome or bypassed. Anyone set upon attacking a school, must devise a means of committing violence sufficient to overcome security measures. Every problem has a solution and the two students who allegedly committed the violence demonstrate that even children can find them. The best means of preventing the hatred that motivates these acts is by detecting and ending the intolerance between student factions.

It seems reasonable to assert that hate is a learned behavior and children who are victims of hate or indifference are themselves more likely to hate. This idea will probably not be popular with exploitation and quack therapists because student factions will not conveniently fit into their offices and "therapy" for student factions is probably not covered by insurance or government funding.


The following was originally an introduction for an e-mail sent to members of the Arkansas Legislature:

Why are school shootings only occurring at public schools? There are children in home schooling, private schools and public schools who watch the same television shows. There are children in home schooling, private schools and public schools who go to the same movies. There are children in home schooling, private schools and public schools who play the same violent video games. There are children in home schooling, private schools and public schools who have access to guns. If watching violent television shows and movies, playing violent video games, and access to guns cause school violence why does it only occur at public schools?

Is there something unique about public schools? Yes, there is and it is something you, as Legislators, have done nothing to control. The difference is systematic and systemic psychology and social work intervention that occurs behind a veil of legislated secrecy. Metal detectors have been installed to keep out weapons. Background checks are conducted on school personnel to screen-out applicants with criminal or other undesirable backgrounds. Students who even mention violence are now arrested and questioned.

In contrast, anyone with a psychology or social work license can walk into their school office, close their door with the knowledge that anything they do is protected by "confidentiality" and do any or all of the following, and more:

  1. engage in "feminist" therapy which assumes that all males will become violent rapists and child molesters;

  2. undermine parental authority by telling children that if parents do anything the child does not like the psychologist or social worker can get them out of the house by filing child abuse complaints;

  3. tell children they can get their way by calling the child abuse hotline;

  4. steer children into drug treatment which have as a side effect increasing violent behavior;

  5. use or steer students into experimental treatment without following the ethical requirement of obtaining informed consent;

  6. administer pseudoscientific psychological testing rigged to produce false positives;

  7. pursue Female Supremacist or Lesbian Separatist agendas with female students by, among other things, recruiting female students into extremist ideology;

  8. threaten parents with criminal prosecution or removal of children if they "abuse" their children by refusing to follow the psychologist's or social worker's recommendations; and

  9. create false memories of child abuse by using quack "therapy" techniques.

I hope the point has been made that these people operate without accountability. Someone needs to explain why school shootings are only occurring at public schools. It is time that Legislators start investigating what role the mental health and social work profession play in the phenomena of school shootings only occurring at public schools, where "counselors" and "therapists" uniquely operate with impunity and can do virtually any outrageous thing they want as long as they call it therapy.

To demonstrate out how ridiculous some "therapies" have become, it must be pointed out that, for most legal purposes, psychologist and social workers are given the same considerations as medical practitioners. How many of you would take your children to dentist who listed one of their qualifications as "feminist"? How many of you would allow a neurosurgeon to operate on your brain who claimed to have special abilities because they were a "feminist"? Feminism is a political ideology and has no relevance to medical skills or training. Adopting a political philosophy improves neither medical skills nor psychology and social work skill. Psychology and social work practitioners, who claim special professional abilities because they "feminists", should be treated with great suspicion and required to prove their claims.

Biographical profile of James Roger Brown

  • Succeeded in getting Arkansas legislation enacted increasing the criminal penalty for making false child abuse allegations.

  • One year six months international troop movements and crisis management as Personnel Specialist, Headquarters, United States Army Europe, Heidelberg Germany.

  • Two years Research Staff, Federally funded study of the effectiveness of family therapy.

  • Four years Assistant Program Evaluator, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Five years Teaching College.

  • Seventeen years Board Certified RPE (Health Officer).

  • Twenty years research on the social consequences of intelligence operations after cross-national study of intelligence operations for Masters Thesis.


ABD (All But Dissertation) Social Policy Analysis, Virginia - Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, 1981-1988.

M.A. Sociology, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, 1978.

B.A. Sociology, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, 1975.

B.S. Psychology, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, 1970.

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