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Is it time to boycott female college students?
By Rod Van Mechelen
Does the new DOJ-DOE "blueprint for colleges and universities" make it a near certainty that every college man will be found guilty of sexual harassment, or worse? Is it time for men to "just say no!" and make women do the work for a change?
The most important thing in life?
2013 Olympia, WA - "Sex!" The two women walking with the lovely young redhead across the University of Washington campus were shocked to hear her say that to me. Had you seen her, you would have been astonished, too. Athletic, freckles, red hair and blue eyes, and exceptionally intelligent; me a tall, lanky and shy American Indian.

We were both in a class taught by one of the more popular professors on campus. Earlier that day he had challenged us to decide what was the most important thing in life. Her answer: "Sex!"

When her friends gasped, she explained that she didn't mean the "going out and getting laid" kind of sex, but sex in the abstract, survival of the species sense of the word.

You get those kinds of conversations between students, conversations that are hardly the stuff of sexual harassment, though in the case above it made her friends uncomfortable, and the expressions on their faces and the tone of their voices made it very clear my presence was unwelcome. But there was nothing these upper middle class White women could do about it, no retaliation they could take against an intense young working class Indian.

But under a new "blueprint for colleges and universities throughout the country" issued in a joint letter by U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Education on May 9, 2013, that has changed:

Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature and can include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature, such as sexual assault or acts of sexual violence. - DOJ Case No. DJ 169-44-9, OCR Case No. 10126001
It's censorship, pure and simple:
The stated goal of this policy is stemming discrimination, but the inevitable result will be advancing it, in the form of content based prohibitions on speech. When people demand censorship of "unwelcome" speech, they're usually demanding censorship of the speech that they find unwelcome. They usually seek to silence their political or ideological opponents, not their friends—all in the name of some greater good. -- No Sex Talk Allowed, Wendy Kaminer, The Atlantic, May 15, 2013
Any man who dares to defy this or is too dim to notice will suffer for it:
Administration officials have also embraced popular feminist biases that require us to "believe the victims," reflexively. ... Accused students may even be punished before any finding of guilt. -- No Sex Talk Allowed, Wendy Kaminer, The Atlantic, May 15, 2013
Now obviously sexual assault and acts of sexual violence should be and are against the law. They are criminal acts. The kind that get you thrown into jail, if the local law enforcers be fair and just. But most men know they have to risk enduring many nos to get just one yes. What we should take away this new "blueprint," however, is that college campuses have now become a "No Whining Men" Zone.

Stop Begging and Start Choosing
No Whining Men Zone It's time for men to stop begging and start choosing. Make women do the work for a change. The feminist policy makers want to castrate men, socially if not physically, so give women what the misandrists want, and leave them alone. Don't socialize with them, don't ask them out, don't make any moves on them. Let them do all the work for a change. Pick Up Artists (PUAs) and alpha males will snicker at this, and think of all the desperate college women they'll have to prey upon, but that is likely to happen only to a relatively few women, and most of the predatory PUAs will get more trouble than tail.

Go To Jail Obviously, a lot of guys will laugh and ignore this, and a lot of them will have their lives ruined by the feminist permavictims who troll for men to blame, shame, silence and control. Those who don't believe that they need to make women do the heavy lifting will learn the hard way. Those who do believe it may not have as much fun in college as they hoped, but most men and women shouldn't be in college, anyway. Few degrees actually teach anything of value, and first year jobs in the Bakken oil fields pay more than most college graduates make, anyway.

Is College Worth the Expense?
In Men and Marriage author George Gilder noted that a married man who went to work right out of high school earned as much after four years as a single man who graduated after four years in college. The difference? The college graduate is laden with thousands of dollars of debt.

A good marriage is more predictive of career success than a college degree. The feminazis know this, which is one reason why they have worked for the better part of two generations to destroy the institution. And to create a generation of permavictims who are slaves to the debt-and-death paradigm, they are making college an increasingly hostile environment for men, and the road to a lifetime of debt for women.

Most feminists are clueless. Either because they are psychotic, narcissistic, simply hate men, or are so stupid that they actually believe the feminist propaganda, they do exactly what the global elite want of them: to destroy the middle class, and to impoverish the middle and working classes.

It was beginning to look as if the global depression would go much farther than that, collapsing so much of the system that it would bring down many of the global elite, too. The welfare programs of the progressive left, and the warfare programs of the progressive right, would be unsustainable as inflation evaporated the value of currencies around the world, including the Petrodollar.

Is the Petrodollar Doomed?
Petrodollar China is buying and accumulating an enormous amount of gold. Other sovereign nations, like India, are, too. Both they and others are using that gold to buy oil from Iran, thereby bypassing both the petrodollar and the prohibition against using petrodollars to buy oil from Iran. China is widely expected to demand that either gold or the Chinese Yuan be included in the basket of currencies upon which the SDR is based at the 2015 meeting of the IMF to evaluate and possibly modify it. And China is expected to demand that this new SDR replace the petrodollar. That could bring an end to the American Empire. But what if we no longer needed so much oil? What if the global economies, starting with the United States, recovered? It's actually quite possible, according to Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente:

I also believe a big game changer will be in alternative energy. Something far greater than wind, solar, geothermal, bio-fuel. And once it is brought to market, it will have a more profound effect on society than even the dot-com digital revolution. Not only will the alternative energy trend be a game changer, it will be a game saver. It's the next big thing and it will change Middle East policy. ... Once the world is no longer dependent upon Middle East oil, military intervention into their internal affairs will cease abruptly. Also, a new, clean, infinite energy will boost economic growth worldwide. -- Gerald Celente on the New Renaissance and Big Non-State Trends Changing the World, Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell, May 12, 2013
You won't believe what he's talking about: Cold Fusion. As I write this the first commercial cold fusion reactor is being shipped to the United States, where it will be manufactured. Will this lead to a new rennaisance? Or will it allow the global elite to further entrench their interests while continuing to bury the rest of us in mountains of debt?

The cold fusion reactors, called E-Cat, are said to be simpler than an air conditioner to build, and 106 of them combine to make a 1 MW power generator that runs for several months on a few pounds of nickel. Within a few years the E-Cat could provide as much as 20 percent of the global energy consumed, and at a fraction of the current cost. Economies will come to life, tax revenues will pick up, and the Empire Elite will continue their war on the middle class, marriage, the family and men.

What can we do to prepare?


Rod Van Mechelen

Rod Van Mechelen is the author of What Everyone Should Know about Feminist Issues: The Male-Positive Perspective (the page now includes several articles by other authors), and the publisher of The Backlash! @ and Cowlitz Country News. He is a member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and served for 9-1/2 years on the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Council.


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