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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Bernard Chapin: Forney's MGTOW Article
Bernard Chapin: Forney's MGTOW Article

June 24, 2015

Cathy Young: Losing Free Speech

Will Outenphraghen: The Age Of Unreason

Roosh Valizadeh: Damaged Men

Bernard Chapin: Feminist Trolls

Nick Hallett: Feminist Lynch Mob

Sex: Pro-Equality, Anti-Feminist
June 24, 2015

Cathy Young: Free speech losing its 'safe space' on campus

Thomas Hobbes: Feminist Writer Posts Naked Photo: Demands Absolute State Monopoly On Violence

Will Outenphraghen: Our Decaying Society Has Created The Age Of Unreason

Roosh Valizadeh: Women In Their Prime Prefer Sex With Damaged Men

David Garrett: “Serial Litigant” And Race Fantasist Rachel Dolezal Has A History Of Opportunistic Rape Accusations

Bernard Chapin: Female Privilege Molon Labe PODCAST 9

Bernard Chapin: Feminists Complaining and Trolling

The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty: For Black Men Who Demand Better Aaron Clarey addresses the sociological, economic, and political forces that hold black men down and shows the path out of poverty. It lays out the road map toward a better life. Also applies to women and men of all other races. | Read More
UMD Feminist Professor Ashwini Tambe Calls For “Men Control”, Defends Rolling Stone Editors over UVA Controversy

Women DO NOT Earn Only 77 Cents On The Dollar For The Same Work – For The Love of God STOP Saying This

Charles E. Corry, Erin Pizzey and Martin S. Fiebert: Controlling Domestic Violence Against Men

Sophie Doughty: Fathers' rights campaigner Simon Anderton scales Newcastle's Tyne Bridge in protest

New Fathers4Justice highlight campaign for the rights of fathers to see their children

Gabriella Morrongiello: Expelled male student sues college for faulty rape trial

Keith Kendrick: Teenager diagnosed with testicular cancer after taking pregnancy test

Nick Hallett: Nobel Scientists Condemn Feminist ‘Lynch Mob’ That Ousted Professor

Mick Hume: How free speech became a thought crime: A chilling warning after feminists hound a Nobel winner from his job for 'sexism'

Sid Camus: What I saw at Vancouver's SlutWalk

Ashe Schow: Finally, someone in the national media is standing up for due process in college sex cases

Brendan O’Neill: Feminism and the turn against Enlightenment

Hannah Wallen: The feminist derailing fallacy

Hannah Wallen: Toxic feminism

COTWA: The reason we have false rape claims

COTWA: We don't know how many rape claims are false, and anyone who says they do is wrong

COTWA: The Washington Post rape survey is not reliable--but it points up some very disturbing views held by college women

COTWA: Study shows rape rates sharply reduced by teaching women to say "no"--which suggests that it really wasn't rape to begin with

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
COTWA: The majority of rape claims fall into a grey area

COTWA: The wrestling coach who blogged about his son's ordeal in a college sex kangaroo court has been fired

Eivind Berge: Jury abolition in Norway is the latest escalation in the war on male sexuality

Gabriella Morrongiello: Expelled male student sues college for faulty rape trial

Blake Neff: NY Mandates Yes Means Yes For College Rape Investigations

Janet Bloomfield: Celebrity kids, paparazzi and women’s sense of ownership

Janet Bloomfield: Baking bread, boxing, sewing and feminism

Janet Bloomfield: Did feminism cause the Greek debt crisis?

KC Johnson: Washington Post Joins the Rape Culture Crusade

Milo Yiannopoulos: To Stop Mass Killers, We Have To Stop Drugging Our Young Boys

Milo Yiannopoulos: Gay Hate Crime Is a Thing of the Past; Why Does the Gay Lobby Wish It Wasn’t?

Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
June 14, 2015

NaturalOn: 16 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day

Wellness Café: Medicinal Use and Health Benefit of Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum)

Tenpenny: Legislators could Care Less About Vaccine Costs and Risks

Noonan: Borax – The Inexpensive Detox, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Mycoplasma Cure

Sarich: Forget Crest and Colgate – Use Coconut Oil Toothpaste!

Block: Galantamine Benefits Heart as Well as Mind

Block: Arginine Heals Bedsores

Block: Creatine Prevents Attention Decline

Block: How to Increase Your Lifespan By Increasing Your Healthspan

Morgentaler: Male Menopause

Phillips: Stop The Fat Cycle

Fogle: The Value of Testing Beyond Cholesterol and LDL For The Prevention of Heart Disease

Goldfaden: Protect Your Skin From Age-Related Glycation

Downey: Block The Deadly Effects Of Acid Reflux

Faloon: Surprising Factor Behind Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Brink: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Caruso: Surviving Environmental Toxins

Brownstein: Statin Debate

Brownstein: Health of Mothers and Children in the U.S. Rank Last in the Western World

Brownstein: Genocide Against Our Children Continues: Media Says Nothing, CDC Lies, Part II

Brownstein: Americans Take Too Many Drugs

ANH: Government Data on Vaccine Injuries

Snyder: Hospitals Are Blatantly Ripping Us Off

Sisson: The Power of Your Food Dollars

Sisson: Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

More News in Archives!


Martin Armstrong: Major Financial Collapse in US & World Coming Soon!
Martin Armstrong: Financial Collapse Soon!

June 29, 2015

Gregory Mannarino: Bounce May Be Coming

Gary Savage: Profit from Euro Decline

Bill Bonner: France Is Dead

Ray Blanco: Moore’s Law (Not) Dead

Frank Holmes: Win For Copper

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 29, 2015

Gregory Mannarino: DOW Down 500 Points Since I Called This Market Top, But A Bounce May Be Coming

Gary Savage: Profit from Euro Decline

Gary Savage: Interest rates; precious metals; and, the conventional markets

Marin Katusa: The Future of Uranium

Dave Gonigam: Whiskey and Silver

Gary North: Keynes, the Great Depression, and the Coming Great Default

Daniel Drew: Collapsing CDS Market Will Lead To Global Bond Market Margin Call

Robert Wenzel: Euro Down at the Start of Trading in Asia

Keith Fitz-Gerald: What You Really Need to Know to Play Rising Rates (and Win)

Bill Bonner: France Is Dead

Stephen Petranek: Next – Your Jeans Are Your Computer

Peter Coyne: The Way Out of Depression

Mark O'Byrne: Marc Faber on Precious Metal and Asset Allocation

Ray Blanco: Moore’s Law Is (Not) Dead

Steve Forbes: The Real Reason the Global Economy is Such a Mess – and How to Fix It

Aftershock, Fourth Edition: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown Aftershock provides a definitive look at the economic climate still ahead in 2015—and beyond—and details the steps you can take now to secure your financial future.| Read More
Addison Wiggin: To Die and Let Live

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Turn in Bons Is Upon Us

Charles Hugh Smith: The Chinese Stock Bubble Bursts: Any Questions?

Dr Frank Shostak: Money supply and velocity

Porter Stansberry: Avoid the "Herd" Like the Plague

David Stockman: Message To Merkel: Shut-Up!

IRD: An Inadvertent Warning From BlackRock——Get Out Of Mutual Funds ASAP

Nathan Lewis: How Greek Banks Can Write-Off Their Losses, Protect Small Depositors, Restructure And Reopen Without Any Help From The Troika

John Rubino: On Monday, It’s China Versus Greece

Michael Snyder: Greek Banks Get Shut Down For A Week And A ‘Grexit’ Is Now Probable

Justin Brill: How to Be Cautious and Profit at the Same Time

Frank Holmes: $8 trillion alternative energy boom is a win for copper

Henry Hewitt: Why Buffett bet a billion on solar

Gaurav Agnihotri: Nature Provides Novel Solution To Energy Storage Problem

Ron Patterson: Are We Headed For Global Warming Collapse?

Robert Hunziker: Fukushima Not Even Close To Being Under Control

Zero Hedge: The Test Of Central Bank Omnipotence May Be Upon Us

Zero Hedge: Ahead Of The Open: Deer In Headlight "Traders" Pray For The Plunge Protection Team To Arrive

Zero Hedge: Dow Futures Open Down 300 Points, 10Y Yield Tumbles 20bps As EURUSD Plunges Over 200 Pips

Zero Hedge: Why We're Headed Toward A "Cashless Society"

Zero Hedge: Pension Funds Are "Compromising Their Solvency" OECD Warns

Health - Continued
June 14, 2015

Sisson: 7 Old Wives’ Tales That Aren’t Utter Nonsense

Sisson: Primal Mocktails

Sisson: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

Sisson: How Does Ancient Wisdom Intersect with a Primal Perspective?

Sisson: Portobella Chorizo Burgers

Adams: African-American community rages against SB277 and the Tuskegee-like crimes of mandatory vaccines that destroy black babies' lives

ANH: Yet Another Anti-Supplement Sneak Attack from Blumenthal and Durbin

ANH: Feds to Reinvent School Lunches—with Flavored Skim Milk Full of Toxic Additives!

ANH: FDA Fires Direct Shot at Small, Local, Artisanal Food Producers

Mercola: The Best Fish for Your Health and the Earth

Mercola: A Challenge to Monsanto—Will the Biotech Giant Respond?

Mercola: Statin Use Inhibits Vitamin K2

Mercola: Bacteria May Be Remaking Drugs in Sewage

Mercola: Don't Let Them Frighten You into Giving Up This Medical Choice

Mercola: Documentary Reveals How Prolific Chemicals Are in Our Daily Lives

Mercola: Watercress and Broccoli Salad Recipe

Mercola: New Campaign Aims to Resolve Vitamin D Deficiency Among Pregnant Women and Children

Mercola: More Evidence That a High-Fiber Diet Can Curb Type 2 Diabetes

Mercola: Neurosurgeon Reflects on the Awe and Mystery of the Brain

Mercola: Anxiety Is 800% More Prevalent Than All Cancers Combined

Mercola: What’s the Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life?

Mercola: Plyometrics: Build Lean Muscle, No Weights Required

Mercola: Turmeric— The Spice of Life

Mercola: Chamomile Tea Tied to Lower Thyroid Cancer Risk

Mercola: HPV Vaccine Can Make You Susceptible to More Serious Strains of HPV

Mercola: Modern Life Depletes Your Gut Microbes in a Number of Different Ways

Mercola: The Real RDA for Vitamin D Is 10 Times Higher Than Currently Recommended

Wright: Doctors performing unnecessary double mastectomies

More News in Archives!


Oops, I Did it Again! (TSA Version - With Remy)
TSA: Oops, I Did it Again!

June 29, 2015

Mark Whittington: Put Ayn Rand on $10

Martin Armstrong: Treason of Chief Justice Roberts

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Preserving Freedom

Cathy Young: Shed Blinders on Race

Thomas DiLorenzo: Anti-Confederate Flag Hysteria

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
June 29, 2015

Bonnie McFarlane: Global warming is totally a lie liberals tell to distract us from their commie agendas

Paul Rogers: Global warming may be helping redwoods and sequoias grow, new study shows

Julie Borg: NOAA scientists claim to plug hole in global warming theory

Mark Whittington: Let's put Ayn Rand on the $10 bill

Jason Stevenson: Welcome to the Second Cold War

Martin Armstrong: John Boehner Most Evil Dictator of Congress in History

Martin Armstrong: Britain Headed Back to a Mini Ice Age

In Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America Senator Rand Paul, leading national politician and 2016 Presidential candidate, presents his vision for America. | Read More
Mikael Thalen: Pentagon Paying ISIS-Linked ‘Rebels’ $400 per Month to ‘Eventually’ Fight Assad

Kit Daniels: Will Obama Resign Because His Family Owned Slaves?

Brandon Smith: The U.S. And EU Will Collapse Regardless Of Economic ‘Contagion’

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Protecting Hatred Preserves Freedom

Rachel Blevins: Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Confederate Flag as a Symbol of Slavery and Murder

Joel B. Pollak: Worse than Obamacare: Housing Case Lets Feds Target ‘Unconscious’ Racism

Ben Shapiro: Roberts Court Tortures Law to Save Obamacare…Again!

John Hayward: Farewell to the Rule of Law: Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare Subsidies

Martin Armstrong: The Treason of Chief Justice Roberts

Martin Armstrong: Boehner Mr Government – Anti We The People

Cathy Young: Americans on all sides must shed blinders on race

David McCabe: Net neutrality starts with a whimper

Cora Currier: How the NSA Started Investigating the New York Times’ Warrantless Wiretapping Story

Jenna McLaughlin: French Justice Minister Says Snowden and Assange Could Be Offered Asylum

Thomas DiLorenzo: The Real Reason for the Anti-Confederate Flag Hysteria

Bionic Mosquito: All Warfare is Based on Deception

John Odermatt: 2nd Amendment Watch: NY Residents Are Not Complying With “Assault” Weapon Registration

Hal Snarr: Baltimore’s Unemployed and the True Cost of Minimum Wages

Michael Snyder: Obamacare Travesty: The Supreme Court Continues To Make Stuff Up Out Of Thin Air

Patrick J. Buchanan: Love and Hate in Dixie

Peter Suderman: In Upholding Obamacare’s Subsidies, Justice Roberts Rewrites the Law—Again

Shikha Dalmia: Scotus Fuctus on Obamacare

Zero Hedge: Senator Slams Obamatrade: "They Won The Vote, But Lost The Trust Of The American People"

Zero Hedge: FBI's McCarthy-esque Files Expose Obama Advisor Jarrett's Communist Roots

Zero Hedge: America - Land Of The Free (And Entirely Unaccountable)

Zero Hedge: Corporations Win Again: Senate Passes Obamatrade Fast-Track Bill

Zero Hedge: Obama's "Single-Payer" Monopoly Looms As Healthcare Merger-Mania Heats Up

Zero Hedge: Bernanke Blasts Lew's $10 Bill Woman-ification

Health - Continued
June 14, 2015

Wright: Food industry breaks promise to end marketing of junk food to children

Wright: People kept in the dark about dangerous recalled drugs

Wright: Kids becoming collateral damage in our war on household pests

Wright: Study shows Tylenol-use during pregnancy lowers boys’ fertility

Wright: Western diet deadly for prostate cancer patients

Wright: Women’s groups bully FDA into another hearing on female Viagra

Wright: Mediterranean diet cuts uterine cancer risk in half

Heyes: Merck mumps vaccines are a total fraud: Company can only provide the courts with efficacy data from 50 years ago

Huff: Learn the unsavory truth about this commercial almond milk

Godiyal: Cucumber heals - The superb health benefits of cucumber

Huff: FDA pushing new regulations to shut down small-scale, artisanal food producers

West: Lymphatic vessels acknowledged in the brain; could be the key to better understanding disease

Landsman: Protect the central nervous system by avoiding environmental toxins

May: Systemic Candida - how to conquer and heal

Huff: Scientists now attempting to 'rewild' crops through genetic engineering in order to pass them off as organic

Du Toit: The benefits of growing your own garlic

Benson: Vaccine fanatics try to keep vaccine 'court' secret as more parents seek compensation for damages

Benson: Study shows cholesterol drugs cause memory loss; MSM reports the exact opposite

Huff: Whooping cough outbreak occurred among student population that was 99.5 percent vaccinated

Henry: Orville tricks popcorn lovers with non-GMO claims

Johnson: Speed up the process of healing with comfrey salve

Heyes: CDC caught lying about Big Pharma bribery and collusion

Edwards: Supplements to detox the body from vaccinations

Huff: The human body is capable of producing vitamin C when exposed to 'germs' - breakthrough research

Benson: UK newspaper reveals the injuries and deaths from specific vaccines

Antonia: Five reasons to eat an avocado every day!

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