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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Megyn Kelly Grills Donna Brazile on Democrats Inciting Violence at Trump Rally Podesta Emails
Megyn Kelly: Grilling Donna Brazile

October 11, 2016

Martin Armstrong: Hillary's War On Men

GirlsAskGuys: Female Privilege

Ashe Schow: Mentally Ill Women

Robert Franklin, Esq: Texas CPS Gets Worse

Michael Sebastian: Trump Is A Heterosexual Man

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
October 11, 2016

Joel B. Pollak: Lawsuit Claims Yahoo’s Marissa Meyer Led ‘Purge’ of Male Employees

Martin Armstrong: Hillary Wages Gender War in Addition to Class and Race Wars

Miranda Devine: Manhood is caught in a gender agenda

Robby Soave: Bristol University Theater Group Accused of Cultural Appropriation, Forced to Cancel Play

Sarah Jeong: Elon Musk Follows Zero Women on Twitter

Mark J. Perry: The remarkable academic superiority of high school girls vs. high school boys

Emily Retter: Joanna Lumley defends wolf whistling and insists people are offended by 'everything'

In Man Going His Own Way, popular YouTube vlogger Bernard Chapin argues with wit and humor that being a free, proud man is an end in itself, and asks, why be a dilapidated drone when you can soar as a man? | Read More
Ashe Schow: Girls outperforming boys in high school

Mike Cernovich: The Red Pill Documentary – Review

Ben Taub: Men Commit More Violent Crimes When They Are Surrounded By Women, Claims Study

Valerie Siebert: Lies About MGTOW, Falsely Accuses Us Of Hating Women

GirlsAskGuys: The Reality of Female Privilege

Glen Poole: Peter Hook has shown bravery for revealing Caroline Aherne's abuse – more men should

Jillian Kay Melchior: Duke offers men a 'safe space' to contemplate their 'toxic masculinity'

Nate Parker on College Rape Trial: ‘I’m Not Going to Apologize’ for Being ‘Proven Innocent’

Rajshree Agarwal: Afraid to speak up: In the era of trigger warnings, a tenured professor stays silent

Brendan O'Neill: Students are fighting back against the PC creed

Aleister: Judge refuses to cave to SJW pressure campaign, reinstates male student at Brown U.

Martha Cliff: Good looking' man slams overweight Scottish women

Karan Khanna: Horrific Woman Brutally Assaults And Tried To Kill Very Little Male Child

Fred Barbash: Judge reinstates Brown Univ. student accused of sexual misconduct, blasts ‘organized’ pressure to get him not to

Andy Coghlan: Men are more violent when there are more women around

Nicola Harley: BBC axe award-winning comedian of 18 years for being 'white and male'

Gynocentrism: Gynosympathy

Andrew Hazzard: Investigators say all sex offenders treated the same, but some studies find female criminals face lighter sentences

Ashe Schow: Young women experiencing higher rates of mental illness

TBP: Women Are Oppression Thieves

Robert Franklin, Esq: Despite ‘Reform’ Texas CPS Only Gets Worse

Robert Franklin, Esq: Bob Emery Still Opposes Shared Parenting, Still Searching for a Reason Why

COTWA: Brown University--where hostility to the rights of accused men is routine

Naomi Firsht: Let’s put the campus sex panic to bed

Mark Sherman Ph.D.: Will We Ever Notice Boys' Struggles?

Hans Bader: College sex bureaucracies expand and get more intrusive

Michael Sebastian: Political And Media Establishment Furiously Attack Trump For Being A Heterosexual Male

Harlan Blackwood: Why Is There A Prolific Jewish Presence In The American Feminist Movement?

Jon Anthony: Why Masculinity Is Dying Off In America

Max Roscoe: Why College Is A Warzone For Young Men

André du Pôle: Is It Ever Permissible To Accept Victimhood As A Man?

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
June 29, 2016

Gutierrez: The great cholesterol con finally unravels: Researchers find lowering cholesterol has NO EFFECT on risk of heart disease or death

Tara Paras: Avoid these 10 cancer-causing foods!

Sardi: To Tell The Truth: Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs

Walia: Want Stronger Bones? Why Calcium Supplements & Milk Are Not The Answer

Rappoport: A World Waking Up: Damage After Vaccination; It’s No Longer An “Anecdote”

ANH: Glyphosate in Breakfast Foods

Brownstein: Family Practice Exam: Drugs, Drugs, and More Drugs

Brownstein: Daily Statins For All? More Media Nonsense

Brownstein: Take a Statin for Six Years and You Will Live How Much Longer?

Brownstein: The U.S. FDA Needs To Go Away

Block: Hesperidin Combats Aluminum Brain Disorders

Block: Arginine Holds Your Heart Together

Block: The Wealth of Berberine

Block: Office of Nutrition Labeling and Dietary Supplements

The Economist: The theory that bacteria are involved in some cases of autism gets a boost

Caroline Winter: These Bro Scientists Want to Sell You Mind-Hacking Pills

ANH: Are Antibiotics Finished, With Millions of Casualties Coming?

ANH: Protecting Higher-Dose Supplements

ANH: Ignoring Consumer Protests, FDA Throttles Medical Foods

ANH: Another Anti-Supplement Sneak Attack from Blumenthal?

ANH: Acid Blockers Cause Brain Damage, Kidney Disease?

ANH: Gluten in Your Thyroid Drug?

Group: Body Cleanse: 6 Ways to Do a Body Detox

Faloon: How to Reverse Markers of Prostate Cancer

Ramirez: Oral Sunscreen Reduces Skin Cancer Risk

Rivington: Unique Magnesium Compound Reverses Brain Aging

Tewson: Solutions for Common Prostate Problems

Goldfaden: Topical Vitamin C for Skin Rejuvenation

Mueller: The Insulin/Cancer Connection

Mixon: Omega-3 for ADHD

More News in Archives!


Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies
Rigging the Election - Video I

October 18, 2016

Jared Dillian: The Next Recession

Charles Hugh Smith: The Global Supply Chain

Jeffrey P. Snider: It Was Never Recession

Bob Moriarty: Gold Standard Monster Hole

Gary Savage: Gold Technicals

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
October 18, 2016

Cold Fusion: New LENR Experiment Report from Tom Conover

Mary-Ann Russon: Roger Shawyer confirms governments interested in EmDrive space propulsion

James Stafford: Tesla, Apple and Uber Push Lithium Prices Even Higher

Gordon T. Long: Financial Repression Is Now "In Play"

Jared Dillian: The Next Recession Will Mark the End of Capitalism As We Know It

Charles Hugh Smith: QE/ZIRP Is Crushing The Global Supply Chain, Product Quality, & Profits

Lance Roberts: New Secular Bull Or A Repeat Of The 70s

Jeffrey P. Snider: Recession Fatigue Fatigue Strongly Suggests It Was Never Recession

Charles Hugh-Smith: Where Will The Money Go When All Three Market Bubbles Pop?

Doug Casey: “Quitaly” and the Collapse of the EU

Bob Moriarty: Gold Standard Drills another Monster Hole, Market Yawns

Sprott's Thoughts: October Gold Update

Gary Savage: Gold Technicals

Dave Gonigam: Bracing for “Extreme Moves”

Solution Conference 90 Minute DVD with Martin Armstrong is a condensed version of Martin Armstrong's Solution conference, also available for $100. I paid full price to watch the conference live, and it was worth every penny. He explains how we can eliminate all federal taxes, convert the federal debt to equity, save Social Security and more. | Read More
Greg Guenthner: It's Do-Or-Die for Gold

Gerald Celente: Will VR Fantasy Beat Reality?

Craig Wilson: 5 Financial Charts On the Move

Brian Maher: Where the Smart Money Goes When the Bubble Bursts

Greg Guenthner: How to Spot a Major Market Correction

Jeff Brown: Meet the Product That Will Replace Your Smartphone

Justin Spittler: Forget The Fed…Watch the Libor Rate

Teeka Tiwari: Blockchain Technology Changing Trade

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: A Picture-Perfect Setup... How to Take Advantage of It Now

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Gold Isn't a Buy Yet... But It's Close

Michael Snyder: 35 Percent Of All Americans Have Debt That Is At Least 180 Days Past Due

Ben Morris: One More Reason to Be Invested Today

Marin Katusa: How Hillary Clinton Will Help Create a Historic Boom in Clean Energy Part 1

Marin Katusa: How Hillary Clinton Will Help Create a Historic Boom in Clean Energy Part 2

Rob McLeod: IDM Mining's game plan: build a small mine to fund expansion

Nick Cunningham: Oil Demand To Peak Within 15 Years

Zero Hedge: Industrial Production Contracts For 13th Straight Month - Longest Non-Recessionary Streak In US History

Zero Hedge: IBM Sinks After 18th Consecutive Revenue Drop; Margins Miss; EPS "Beats" On Tax Rate Fudge

Zero Hedge: Investors Panic-Buy Stock Crash Protection As Clinton Lead Grows

Zero Hedge: US Import Prices Drop For 26th Straight Month As UK Exports Most Delfation

Zero Hedge: WTI Plunges Below $50 On Biggest Inventory Build In 6 Months

Zero Hedge: Subprime Auto Securitizations Show Signs Of Cracking As Delinquencies Rise

Health - Continued
June 29, 2016

Sisson: Are Cell Phones and EMFs Really Harming Your Health?

Sisson: Crepinettes

Sisson: Top 8 Changes Coming to Nutrition Labels

Sisson: Bodyweight Calisthenics for Primal Strength

Sisson: Chicken Parmesan

Sisson: Why the Kind of Body Fat You Carry Matters

Sisson: Primal Korean Bibimbap

Mercola: Supplements Proven Beneficial for Your Mental Health

Mercola: Frankincense Oil: The 'King' of Oils

Mercola: Exercise Can Lower Your Risk of a Dozen Cancers by 20 Percent

Mercola: Great Britain’s Most Outspoken Cardiologist Sets the Record Straight on Saturated Fats

Mercola: A Must-Try Delicious Parmesan Broccoli Dip

Mercola: Research Demonstrates Superiority of Krill Oil Compared to Fish Oil

Mercola: What’s so Remarkable About Rosemary?

Mercola: What Massive Land Rehabilitation Project Teaches Us About Ecological Health, Poverty and Our Prospects for the Future

Mercola: Experts Admit Zika Threat Fraud

Mercola: How Your Couch Hurts Your Thyroid

Mercola: American Obesity Rate Continues to Climb — Is Surgery the Answer?

Mercola: Sunscreens: The Ugly Truth

Mercola: Low Salt Is Bad for Heart Health

Mercola: Alzheimer's Disease May Result From Past Brain Infections

Mercola: Citronella Oil: More Than Just a Bug Repellent

Mercola: High-Quality Whey Protein (in the Right Amounts) May Be Helpful for Weight Loss

Mercola: How Nutrition Influences Cancer

Mercola: Hydrogen Peroxide or Soap and Water to Clean Your Wound?

Mercola: Why Checking Your Iron Level Is so Crucial for Optimal Health

Mercola: Low-Carb Vegetables to Live By

Mercola: What Is Arrowroot Good For?

Mercola: Worst Fears Coming True as Drug Resistance Gene Confirmed in the U.S.

Mercola: Bees Are Full of Pesticides and so Are We

Mercola: What's Behind Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Mercola: The Three Pillars of Heavy Metal Detoxification

Mercola: Get Your Fix of Health Benefits With Ginger Oil

Rothfeld: Popular antacids linked to stomach bleeds

Rothfeld: Just 15 minutes of exercise could help you live longer

Rothfeld: Treating that rumble in your tummy could stop your heart

Rothfeld: Here’s a simple plan for healing pinched nerves

Rothfeld: Lyrica linked to birth defects

Rothfeld: Treating that rumble in your tummy could stop your heart

Rothfeld: Here’s a simple plan for healing pinched nerves

More News in Archives!


Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud
Rigging the Election - Video II

October 18, 2016

IRD: Crony Communism

Brandon Smith: The Coming Financial Crash

Linda Schrock Taylor: Locker Room Talk

Paul Joseph Watson: Racist Hillary Tape

Martin Armstrong: World War III?

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
October 18, 2016

IRD: Crony Communism: Hillary Clinton’s Game Plan For America

Michael Snyder: After This October Surprise, Donald Trump Only Has One Option Left: Expose The Clinton Crimes

Dan DiMicco & Andy Puzder: Here’s why 100 business leaders support Trump for president

Michael Snyder: Major Election Fraud Alert – Is This How They Are Going To Steal The Election From Donald Trump?

Brandon Smith: “Trump Will Be ALLOWED To Win,” Only to Be Blamed For The Coming Financial Crash

Mac Slavo: Our Threat Comes From Within: “The Establishment Is Doing Everything It Can To Make Us Look Crazy”

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! Donald Trump isn't a politician -- he's a one-man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment. We're about to see the deluxe version of the left's favorite theme: Vote for us or we'll call you stupid. It's the working class against the smirking class. Now Ann Coulter, with her unique insight, candor, and sense of humor, makes the definitive case for why we should all join his revolution. | Read More
Patrick J. Buchanan: The Donald Lives!

Linda Schrock Taylor: Locker Room Talk Does Not Bother Me

Bionic Mosquito: How the NY Times Commits Its Crimes

Kit Daniels: Clinton Campaign Admits: Hillary Lacks Empathy With Everyday Americans

Paul Joseph Watson: Hacker Claims ‘Racist Hillary’ Tape Set to be Released

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Can the Media Reveal Stolen Truths?

Norm Singleton: Obamacare Bailouts?

WikiLeaks: Qatar Gave Clinton Foundation A Million Dollar Check For Bill’s Birth

The Daily Sheeple: Does This Email Prove the Clinton Camp Knew Justice Scalia Would Be Murdered?

Ava Kofman: How a Facial Recognition Mismatch Can Ruin Your Life

Simon Black: While media obsesses over Pussygate, US debt soars to $19.7 trillion

Lance Roberts: Employment – Obama’s Victory Lap Premature

Martin Armstrong: Are we Being Prepared for World War III?

Glenn Greenwald: In the Democratic Echo Chamber, Inconvenient Truths Are Recast as Putin Plots

Mark Hensch: Dem elector floats rejecting Clinton

John W. Whitehead: The Imperial President's Toolbox Of Terror: A Dictatorship Waiting To Happen

Michael Snyder: 10 Signs That An All-Out Attempt Is Being Made To Sabotage The Trump Campaign

Jack O'Sullivan: So You Say You Want a Revolution

Jon Hall: We’re In An Information War — It’s Time To Wake Up

Jack O'Sullivan: Tensions Between United States and Russia Continue to Escalate Quickly

Tamara Keith: WikiLeaks Claims To Release Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs Transcripts

Martin Armstrong: Hillary’s Speech at Goldman Sachs Praised Her as “courageous” for Defending Them

Sarah Knapton: Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 - they were wrong

James Delingpole: US Department of Justice considering whether people should be prosecuted for the offense of climate change denial

Tim Hains: 20 Media Executives Are Launching A "Coup D'Etat" Against Millions Of Trump Voters

Patrick J. Buchanan: Anti-Catholics & Elitist Bigots

Francis Marion: Rise of the Alpha Return of the Tribe

Daisy Luther: What Exactly Is Agenda 21?

Zero Hedge: More Dead Voters Discovered In Colorado

Zero Hedge: Royal Air Force Pilots Ordered To Shoot Down "Hostile" Russian Jets Over Syria

Zero Hedge: Wikileaks Releases Another 2,000 Podesta Emails In Part 6 Of Data Dump

Zero Hedge: Trump Campaign Warns Bill Clinton: "We're Going To Turn You Into Bill Cosby"

Zero Hedge: Democratic Minnesota Gov. Blasts Obamacare: "Affordable Care Act Is No Longer Affordable"

Health - Continued
June 29, 2016

Rothfeld: Testosterone will protect your heart – not harm it

Rothfeld: Belly fat linked to aggressive prostate cancer risk

Rothfeld: Edible flowers pack power in their petals

Rothfeld: Migraines may increase risk of heart disease and stroke

Rothfeld: Starve tumors to death — and live longer — with Paleo

Rothfeld: Red wine and coffee are a good mix for your gut bacteria

Rothfeld: Daily beer habit cuts heart disease risk

Rothfeld: Potatoes could send your BP through the roof

Rothfeld: Get angina relief with testosterone

Rothfeld: Where’s the beef in your meat?

Rothfeld: New study supports the principles of Paleo, the “Caveman Diet”

Elkarmoudi: 8 Natural Herbs To Treat Mental Disorders: Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Andrew: 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Rhubarb Herb

Nicholas: Poison Covered Chocolates for Children

Amanda: Four Best Superfoods to Eat This Summer

Heyes: FDA crushes patient access to nutritious medical foods that help prevent and reverse disease

Wells: BEWARE of the top 10 toxins in food and medicine that cause the majority of U.S. allergies, diseases and disorders

Adams: While you were distracted by BREXIT, Monsanto's puppets in the U.S. Senate announced a 'compromise' to outlaw GMO labeling laws nationwide

Devon: India's spice trade at risk, as pesticides and pathogens contaminate popular seasonings including turmeric, chili and pepper

Gutierrez: Scientists hoped to increase vaccine rates by publicizing side effects; instead people chose NOT to vaccinate

Benson: Honeybee protections sabotaged as chemical industry infiltrates Capitol Hill

Wells: Mad human disease and SSRIs - what they're not telling the public that's so alarming

Barker: Avoid eating these 11 types of fish to reduce your exposure to mercury

Wells: USA Today publishes hit piece on natural medicine by quoting discredited vaccine charlatan Paul Offit

Heyes: Organic blueberries improve brain function and sharpen memory, while lowering risk of dementia

Benson: World's longest living rats have 'extraordinary' resistance to cancer

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