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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Turd Flinging Monkey: Gender Equality Failed
TFM: Gender Equality Failed

July 17, 2017

Ryan Ashville: Feminist Slaves

John Merline: Gender Death Gap?

Joni Edelman: Complication Of Circumcision

Josh Hanrahan: Clementine Ford Hatemonger?

Ashe Schow: Allegheny College Settles

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
July 17, 2017

Hannah Wallen: What is feminism?

Miss CJ: If You Ask A Transgender Person If They’ve Had Surgery, That’s A Microaggression Now

Wayne Star: The Boy Scouts Is No Longer A Place For Young Males

Lux Gaetano: Pushing Women Into Leadership Roles Is Ushering The West To Its Doom

Roosh Valizadeh: Why The Female “Anti-Feminist” Is A Feminist In Disguise

André du Pôle: 6 Lessons About Women And Relationships From The Law Code Of Manu

Ryan Ashville: 6 Examples Of How Disney Is Brainwashing Young Girls To Be Feminist Slaves

BBC: Oregon woman sentenced for flight groping

AFP: McEnroe ranks Serena 700th on men's tour

Bryan Keating: Man Sent Home From Work For His Shorts… Returns In A Dress! BAM!

Malaika Aman: Brutally Honest Post Explains How Girls Are Abusing Their Boyfriends, Check If You’re Not Doing It Too

John Merline: Gender Pay Gap? What About The Workplace Death Gap?

Joni Edelman: The Lesser Known Complication Of Circumcision

Pink News: Women’s Equality Party got fewer votes than Monster Raving Loony Party

Emily Becker: The Internet Steps Up After Image Perfectly Captures The 'Selfless' Love Of This Father

Jonathan Hetterly: Failure to Launch and Young Men: The Educational Dilemma

Amber Ferguson: A man helped a lost toddler find her parents, police say. He was smeared online as a predator and fled town.

Josh Hanrahan: 'Have you killed any men today...if not, why not?' Feminist author Clementine Ford's sick note to a fan inside a copy of her latest book

Helen Smith: Newsflash Wonder Woman: Women Already Use the Majority of Healthcare

Christopher J. Post: Boys learn differently than girls, and that's OK

Robert Franklin, Esq: Washington Post Edges Close to Defamation

Robert Franklin, Esq: The Washington Post Channels the ‘Protective Mother’ Movement

Ming-Te Wang, Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Sarah Kenny: Not Lack of Ability but More Choice

Samara McPhedran & Li Eriksson: Men are killed at a greater rate than women in Australia – what can we do to reduce their risk?

Ian Miles Cheong: Benetton Apologizes for ‘Sexist and Disappointing’ Ad That Says ‘No Girls Allowed’

Jillian Kay Melchior: Feminist Author to Fan: ‘Have You Killed Any Men Today? If Not, Why Not?’

Tom Ciccotta: Many Women Refuse to Date Men Who Earn Less Than They Do

Tom Teodorczuk: Hasbro CEO: ‘We Eliminated Gender’ for Our Toys

hequal: BBC caught covering up false rape allegations once again

Patrice Lee Onwuka: Dispelling the White House pay gap myth

Judgy Bitch: Why More Women Should Consider Careers in Criminal Justice

Judgy Bitch: Transgender post-op vagina

Judgy Bitch: Domestic violence – it’s not the same when it comes to gender

MascMan: DOE reverses dear colleague

Christian Jarrett: Sexual offending by women is surprisingly common, claims US study

Andy Wells: Wife says 'never go to bed angry' after waking from row to find husband dead on sofa

Scienmag: Study finds ‘sexism’ in sexual assault research, but this time men are the target

Ashe Schow: Allegheny College Settles With Student Peer Says Was Accused In Revenge For Not Dating Girl He Slept With

Kelly Mclaughlin: Woman who shot dead her husband's ex-girlfriend before she could testify against him in court admits to Piers Morgan that SHE suggested the murder plot 14 YEARS after blaming it all on her abusive spouse

Beth Timmins: Sexual assault studies found to hold long-standing bias against men, say researchers

Robert Stacy McCain: The Third Law of SJW: VidCon 2017 and Anita Sarkeesian’s Paranoid Projection

Troy Francis: Women Don’t Want Relationships With Men Who Want Relationships

Rob Reed: How Abortion Creates A Society Of Entitled Women And Desperate Men

Joe Goerbert: Blue Pill Losers Are Invading The Digital Nomad Community And Turning It Into A Safe Space

Louis Stuart: Men Must Be Educated In The Classics If They Wish To Regain Masculine Fortitude

Donovan Sharpe: 3 Signs A Rape Accusation Is False

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
February 19, 2017

Gillett & Baer: Science says parents of successful kids have these 13 things in common

Reilly: Adventureless Kids Aren’t Kids

Miller: Combating Heart Disease: Statins, Supplements, Stem Cells, Hyperbaric Oxygen?

London: The surprising foods that get rid of your stomach fat

Snyder: America You Need To Lose Weight: At Least 1 Out Of Every 5 People Are Obese In All 50 States

Johnson: CDC scientist confirms Donald Trump is right about vaccines and autism

Barendse: Aspartame – A Hidden Schedule II Narcotic

Goodrich: 15 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

Christine: 5 Warning Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

Bundrant: Clean your Body’s Drains: How to Detoxify your Lymphatic System

DmitriKara: It’s Renewable, It’s Eco-friendly – It’s Hemp

Jordon: Avocado Seeds- Superfoods For Your Health

Jeery Park: This is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt

ANH-USA: Want Holes in Your Stomach? Eat More GMOs

ANH-USA: Is Lead Causing Criminal Behavior?

ANH-USA: Trump MAY Be Shaking Things Up at the FDA

Ronald Hoffman, MD: Histamine intolerance: A new way of looking at allergies (Ronald Hoffman, MD)

Jonathan V. Wright, MD: Natural Strategies for Keeping Your Vision: Cataracts

Ronald Hoffman, MD: Is gluten intolerance bullsh*t?

Dr. David Brownstein: Why Would Anyone Get the Flu Vaccine?

Dr. David Brownstein: Mercury Fillings: Toxic Material That Should Be Banned

Dr. David Brownstein: Weed Killer Found in More Vaccines!

Dr. David Brownstein: Zika, Schmika: How To Waste $2,000,000,000

Bob Livingston: How the Rockefellers coopted modern medicine and used polio to create vaccine mythology for profit

More News in Archives!


Clif High: Populous, Vid theft, Cryptos
Clif High: Populous, Vid theft, Cryptos

July 17, 2017

Bob Moriarty: Novo Wits West?

Gary Savage: Bull Breakout

Charles Hugh Smith: Cryptocurrency Boom

Nick Cunningham: $120 Oil?

Michael Noonan: No Gold Rally?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 17, 2017

Cold Fusion: Isotopic and Elemental Composition of Substance in Nickel-Hydrogen Heat Generators

Cold Fusion: Binuclear Atoms: a model to explain Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Cold Fusion: Large Excess Heat (COP of 3) in Plasma Electrolysis System

Cold Fusion: Settlement Good News For E-Cat Development

Cold Fusion: What’s Next for the E-Cat? (Final Name: “E-Cat QX”, Presentation ‘Within October’)

Dave Gonigam: Bitcoin Without Tears

David Stockman: The Coming Carmageddon

James Rickards: Why Quantitative Tightening Will Fail

Greg Guenthner: This is How You Spot a Terrible IPO

Ray Blanco: THE Cryptocurrency Play for Big Money

Greg Guenthner: The No.1 Reason Why You’ll Beat the Market in July

E.B. Tucker: How College Can Ruin Your Life

Justin Spittler: Trump Couldn’t Kill This Bull Market If He Tried

Jeff Clark: Mastering the Most Rewarding (and Misunderstood) Game on Wall Street

Solution Conference 90 Minute DVD with Martin Armstrong is a condensed version of Martin Armstrong's Solution conference, also available for $100. I paid full price to watch the conference live, and it was worth every penny. He explains how we can eliminate all federal taxes, convert the federal debt to equity, save Social Security and more. | Read More
Charles Hugh Smith: Understanding the Cryptocurrency Boom (and its Volatility)

Porter Stansberry: Would You Lend $1 Trillion to a Bunch of 18-Year-Olds?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Welcome to the Next Chapter of the 'Melt Up'

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: This Is NOT What a 'Melt Up' Top Looks Like

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: A Dramatic Shift in My 'Melt Up' Thesis

David Stockman: Peak Bull: Fake Markets, Fake Money

Greg Guenthner: How to Dominate a Summer Stock Correction

Ray Blanco: Breaking Vegas With Pot Profits

Alan Knuckman: The Trading Revolution Can Make You Rich

Hannah Wallen: What is feminism?

Miss CJ: If You Ask A Transgender Person If They’ve Had Surgery, That’s A Microaggression Now

Nick Cunningham: The Major Wildcard That Could Send Oil To $120

Bob Moriarty: Who, What and Here’s Why

Gary Savage: When Will Stocks Hit Bottom?

Gary Savage: Gold Trend Line Broken

Bob Moriarty: Xtra-Gold Financed, Major Drill Program Planned

Bob Moriarty: Prize Adds Another Prize

Bob Moriarty: Avrupa Regains Alvalade Property and Traction

Bob Moriarty: US Gold has US Assets, US Listing, US Management

Michael Noonan: Why No Gold Rally?

Gary Savage: Oil Break Out?

Robert Rapier: The World Is Millions Of Barrels Away From Peak Oil

Nick Cunningham: Oil Industry To Waste Trillions As Peak Demand Looms

Gary Savage: Real time trading challenge – rules

Bob Moriarty: Commodities Cheapest in 50 Years, Resource Stocks Set For Big Move

Charles Hugh Smith: Our Financial Buffers Are Thinning

Bob Moriarty: Has Novo Discovered the Wits West?

Gary Savage: Bull Breakout

Wolf Richter: Is California Bailing Out Tesla through the Backdoor?

Jared Dillian: Mall REIT Dumpster-Diving Time?

Patrick Watson: Trade and National Defense Are Now the Same Thing

Peter Epstein: Is this Gold-Silver Royalty Company Poised to Rally?

Zero Hedge: Wal-Mart Threatens To Fine Suppliers For Delivering Goods Early

Zero Hedge: Global Stocks Hit New All Time High After Dovish Yellen, Strong Chinese Trade Data

Zero Hedge: Derivatives Trading Legend: "As Little As A 4% Decline In One Day Could Start A Critical Crash"

Zero Hedge: WTI Pops After Huge Crude Inventory Drawdown

Zero Hedge: Golden Years... Or Tears: More US Seniors Are Still Working Than At Any Time Since The '60s

Health - Continued
February 19, 2017

Wylie: New Studies Validate Age-Delaying Effects of Carnosine

Fiona: Taurine for Powerful Brain Protection

Greenfield: The National Magnesium Crisis

Massey: Activate Three Key Longevity Pathways

Johnston: Curcumin Reverses the Cellular Damage of Chronic Stress

Mueller: Prevent Telomere Shortening

Faloon: Lower Blood Pressure Empowers Longer Life

Dicurie: How Pomegranate May Protect Against Cancer

Cortez: Achieving Restorative Sleep

Rogers: Combining CoQ10 and Selenium Reduces Cardiovascular Mortality

Faloon: Project to Cure Aging

Oppenheimer: Natural Compounds that Remove Aging Cells

Downey: Natural Approach to Guard Against Deep Vein Thrombosis

Whitman: Major Advance in Intestinal Health

Haven: How Vegetable Extracts Protect Against Cancer

Lewis: Selenium’s Impact on Cancer Reduction

Downey: Quercetin Protects Against Pesticides’ Damaging Effects

Sisson: Squash and Kale Salad with Tigernuts

Sisson: How Long Does It Take for Fitness Benefits to Show?

Sisson: Buffalo Chicken Salad

Sisson: Primal Transition 101: Insider Kitchen Tips

Sisson: Pad Thai Salad

Mercola: Immune-Boosting Roasted Pepper Soup Recipe

Mercola: What Are the Benefits of Vitamin K2?

Mercola: Rare Gene Mutation Allows Some People to Thrive on Minimal Sleep

Mercola: Should You Exercise if You Have Adrenal Fatigue?

Mercola: Nutritious Golden Cauliflower Flatbread Recipe

Mercola: Koji — the Biggest Food Trend of 2017?

Mercola: Drugged Up Fish Supply

Mercola: Are Saunas Good for Your Brain?

Mercola: Avocado Sauerkraut Recipe

Mercola: Can 7 Minutes of Exercise Really Help Keep You Fit?

Mercola: Heart-Healthy Kale Tortilla Recipe

Mercola: How Sun Exposure Improves Your Immune Function

Mercola: A Little Zinc Goes a Long Way

More News in Archives!


Dr. Don Easterbrook: Global Warming HOAX & Facts
Dr. Don Easterbrook: Global Warming Hoax

July 17, 2017

Damian Michael: Using Leftist Tactics

Relampago Furioso: Liberal Reign Of Terror

James Delingpole: Cold in Greenland

Heat Street: Paris ‘No Go Zones’

Michael Krieger: How Google Rigs Search

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
July 17, 2017

Damian Michael: The Argument For Adopting Leftist Tactics To Defeat The Left

Relampago Furioso: The Liberal Reign Of Terror Is Coming To An End

James Delingpole: Record-Breaking Cold in Greenland; Alarmists ‘Look. An Arctic Squirrel!’

Tom Teodorczuk: New Christopher Nolan WWII Movie ‘Dunkirk’ Portrays White People as White, Runs Afoul of Diversity Police

Kevin Massengill: Four Hurdles to Trump and Putin Cooperation

Bill Bonner: America’s First Failed State

Catherine Austin Fitts: Enforce the Constitution with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

Charles Hugh Smith: The Real Cause of the Opioid Epidemic: Scarcity of Jobs and Positive Social Roles

Charles Hugh Smith: What Problems Are We Solving by Increasing Complexity?

Charles Hugh Smith: If We Don't Change the Way Money Is Created, Rising Inequality and Social Disorder Are Inevitable

Heat Street: Paris ‘No Go Zones’ Where Migrants Terrorize Women Threaten its 2024 Olympics Bid

Katherine Timpf: Evergreen State Asks Profs to Take Protesters’ Feelings into Account When Grading Them

Dan Jackson: Gen Z nothing like millennials, prof warns liberals

Michael Krieger: New Study Suggests War Lust May Have Cost Hillary Clinton the Election

Michael Krieger: How Google Rigs Search and Hurts Consumers

Mac Slavo: Death Of The Middle Class: The Suburbs Have Absorbed Half Of America’s Poverty Growth

Patrick J. Buchanan: Alone Perhaps, But Is Trump Right?

John W. Whitehead: Tear Gas, Guns and Riot Squads: The Police State’s Answer to Free Speech Is Brute Force

Nisha Whitehead: First Amendment Victory: Third Circuit Rules That Citizens and Journalists Have Right to Film/Record Police in Public

Martin Armstrong: There is Now Enough Evidence to Indict Comey or Snowden Should be Pardoned

David DuByne: Lawrence Pierce Author of A New Little Ice Age Has Started Interview with ADAPT 2030

WashingtonsBlog: How Trump Can Avoid Impeachment: Order NSA to Declassify All Intel On Democratic Email Leaks

Walter E. Williams: Minimum Wage Cruelty

Ron Paul: Janet Yellen the False Prophet of Prosperity

Margi Murphy: Sun on brink of plunging into ‘deep solar minimum’ which could cause part of the Earth’s atmosphere to Collapse

Istvan Marko, J. Scott Armstrong, William M. Briggs, Kesten Green, Hermann Harde, David R. Legates, Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, and Willie Soon: Real climate science shows Trump was right to Exit Paris

Environment Times: Author says 'global warming alarmists' leave us unprepared for ice age

Damian Michael: The Rules Of Engagement For Battling The Left

John Carver: 12 Ways Leftism Embraces Weakness, Disease, Victimhood, And General Mediocrity

David G. Brown: Patreon Employee Aaron Ringgenberg Publicly Supports Antifa Domestic Terrorist Organization

Beau Albrecht: 6 Tentacles Of The Leftist Power Structure That Control Western Society

Beau Albrecht: The USA Needs A Trade Policy Benefiting Americans And Not Globalist Billionaires

Ed Morrissey: BART withholding video of attacks over concern about “stereotypes”

Alex Gorka: Russia-US Relations: Dim Light Does Not Get Brighter

Brandon Smith: The New World Order Will Begin With Germany And China

Alexander Paul: Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge could soon face an FEC “Inquisition” Over Russian ‘Collusion’

Darius Shahtahmasebi: The Media Says the US Just Liberated Mosul: Here’s What Really Happened

Zero Hedge: Alan Dershowitz Slams New York Times For Trump Jr. "Treason" Claims

Zero Hedge: CNN Cracks the Case, Publishes Video of Trump Dining with Goldstone and Agalarov's

Zero Hedge: Russia Set To Expel 30 US Diplomats, Seize US Assets

Health - Continued
February 19, 2017

Mercola: Is Histamine to Blame for Your Headache, Hives and Heartburn?

Mercola: The Many Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Mercola: Urine Test Can Determine Your Level of Health

Adams: Hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) was just found in 75% of drinking water... the mass chemical suicide of America is under way

Pearson & Shaw: How To Take Niacin the Right Way

Dr. David Brownstein: $19.8 Million for Unneeded Zika Vaccine

Dr. David Brownstein: Common Vaccines Contaminated with Glyphosate!

Pearson & Shaw: If You Take Selenium to Help Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Will Block: Making Love Last

Block: Resveratrol Improves Brain Power

Downey: Stop Heartburn Fast!

Downey: Winterize Your Immune Defenses

Garfield: Hidden Dangers of Heartburn Drugs

Cortez: Protect Eyes from Computer Blue Light

Downey: Combat the Silent Dangers of High Uric Acid

Faloon: Hidden Factor Behind Kidney Disease Epidemic

Stenton: Berries Reduce Disease Risk

Wells: Top 10 food and medicine myths you probably fell for at some point

Isabelle Z.: Antidepressants linked to higher rates of suicide and self-harm

Landsman: Thermography – Uncovering health issues safely

Yobra: 8 Reasons You Should NEVER Throw Away Pickle Juice

Yobra: 10 Alkaline Foods That Repair and Renew Cells

Yobra: Fight 9 Types Of Cancer Using Cannabis

Kristoffer: This Is What Will Happen to Your Body If You Eat Stalk of Celery A Day

Yobra: How to Remove Mucus, Bacteria, and Toxins From Your Lungs Using Himalayan Pink Salt

Yobra: Top 10 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known to Mankind

Batts : Surgical removal of ovaries for BRCA1 “breast cancer gene” women found to be medically useless, new study finds

Mercola: Why Pharma Should Pay for Your Water Treatment

Mercola: Tips and Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Mercola: Juniper Berry Oil Will Make You Jump for Joy

Mercola: Insulin, Not Cholesterol, Is the True Culprit in Heart Disease

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