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The Future of Feminist Programs
By Rod Van Mechelen
The feminist hate-male agenda would have evaporated decades ago without government support. A global economic collapse would spell the end. But what if the economy recovers?
The political is personal
2013 Olympia, WA - Feminism feeds on politics. Without political support, there would be few feminist organizations, few laws based on the presumption of female victimization and lack of female agency, and no vast government bureaucracies dedicated to permanently placing women on pedastals supported by men made slaves to the state. And there would be no degrees in women's studies.

Despite this, many Men's Rights Activists/Advocates (MRA), most of whom are agents of MERGE: Movement for the Establishment of Real Gender Equality believe there is nothing political about the Men's Rights Movement (MRM). But virtually every effort throughout recent history to protest against prejudice and demand equal rights and equal justice has understood itself to be political. Both Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian nationalism movement in British-ruled India, and Martin Luther King, Jr., leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, understood their movements to be inherently political. All such movements are. But not the MRM? Only to those who do not understand politics.

In 2012 I finished an almost 10-year-stint as a politician. When I was first elected to office I did not consider myself a politician. I was there to serve the best interests of the people, not to indulge in anything so dirty as politics. But I was naive. Everything about the enactment of laws and creation of government programs is political. Feminists understood this principle and enshrined it in the slogan, "The personal is political."

Everything about feminism is political. As the MRM is a reaction to the extremism of feminists who rewrite history to make all women into victims of men, and men into second class citizens, that makes the MRM political, too. And as those who oppose the MRM, or MERGE, are all progressives, that makes the MRM anti-progressive, as well.

Most of us understand about leftist progressives: they want big government welfare programs and massive government regulation of economic activity. Most feminists fall into this camp. But there are rightist progressives, too: they want big government warfare programs and massive government regulation of personal activity. Some liberals are progressive, but it is simply wrong to claim that most of them are. Similarly, some conservatives are opposed to big government, but it has long been wrong to claim that most of them are. In 2004 then Washington State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance told me that Republicans used to be the party of small government, but that was no longer true. It was the last night of the 2004 Republican National Convention and we were both very tired.

Progressives rule the agenda of the US, Canada, China, the European Union, and much of the rest of the world, and they have brought most economies of the globe to the brink of collapse. When the global economy does collapse, the many programs that support the feminist agenda will collapse, too. Not all at once, but over the course of several years as the buying power of government funds is eaten first by inflation and then by lack of revenue, they will be shut down. From the ruin either a new world order ruled by oligarchs or a new age of liberty will rise. Which, will be determined by political action.

Cold Fusion to the rescue?
But what if there is no collapse? What if the global economy is pulled back from the brink at the last minute? It could happen. Italian scientist and entrepreneur Andrea Rossi claims he will deliver the first commercial "E-Cat" cold fusion reactor next week, by April 30, 2013.

Rossi E-Cat

The E-Cat is not really a "cold fusion" reactor, or maybe it is. Nobody really understands what's going on, yet, though there are theories. Nonetheless, it appears to work, the reactors are evidently no more complicated than an air conditioner, and Rossi claims that they will start with the capacity to manufacture 500,000 units per year, but that can be expanded very quickly.

In any case, the robotized line we already have designed is able to make half million modules per year, and to double this capacity is not a big problem; besides, much work can be outsourced, and we have already organized a network of manufacturers we can outsource our production. - Andrea Rossi, Speed of E-Cat Proliferation, E-Cat World, April 24, 2013
Assuming it is real (we should know soon), once they are running the E-Cat will produce zero pollution, consume very little but otherwise abundanet resources (primarily nickel and hydrogen), be available for decentralized distribution (no need for a continent spanning power grid when you can put one in your backyard, basement, garage, kitchen, trains, planes and automobiles), and it will be cheap. All other forms of energy production will be rendered obsolete, or nearly so.

This would have a huge impact on the global economy. Costs of everything would drop. Not just our electric and heating bills. Energy costs play a role in everything, from mail and parcel delivery to knitting socks to manufacturing nails, lamps and rocket ships, and as the energy cost to make these things drop, their prices will drop, freeing up more of our time, energy and productive capacity. It could be the dawn of a new economic renaissance.

The blogger who posted the Rossi comment above questioned how long it would take to replace all major energy sources with the E-Cat. One commenter suggests that 25 percent of global energy demand could easily be met within 10 years. It would be the dawn of a new age. But what kind of age would it be? Would it be marked by liberty, freedom and prosperity for all? Or will the rush of prosperity breath new life into the government programs that cater to the feminist agenda by oppressing men?

Embrace the Power and the Politics
The easy solution would be to stop the E-Cat. I'm sure the CEOs of the big oil companies will think of that, if they have not, already. No cheap, abundant, clean energy, no prosperity, no more feminist hate programs. The HATEriarchs of the feminist elite will have to get real jobs, and in the collapse the connection between men and economic support for families will be renewed, women will again appreciate the importance of men in their lives, and the once spurned beta males will find fecund young women beating a path to their doors.

What's not to like?

But of course we should embrace the E-Cat. It would be a huge blessing, and Rossi and his team of scientists should, if they succeed, go down in history as heroes. We should embrace the power of the E-Cat and "cold fusion," or "low energy nuclear reactions" (LENR) or whatever it is.

But that will mean that we will have to get political, too. Feminism rose to prominence through politics. The treatment of all men as rapists and abusers and all women as victims was, from the very beginning, a political process. We will make no progress against it until we stop pretending that politics has nothing to do with it. We must embrace the politics, too.


Rod Van Mechelen

Rod Van Mechelen is the author of What Everyone Should Know about Feminist Issues: The Male-Positive Perspective (the page now includes several articles by other authors), and the publisher of The Backlash! @ and Cowlitz Country News. He is a member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and served for 9-1/2 years on the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Council.


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