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Venus Attacks!
By Rod Van Mechelen
Warren Farrell, one of the leading champions for equitable treatment of all, was accused of misogyny and perpetuating the mythical rape culture, as men who hoped to get laid, and the women they hoped to have sex with, marched to protest a talk about solving the problems of male addictions and suicide.
Protesting the truth
2012 Olympia, Wash. - Warren Farrell is a great man with a big heart. He started his career as a proponent of feminism at a time when he could have made an enormous amount of money riding the tide of anti-male sentiment. His first book, The Liberated Man, was a hit and endeared him to the feminist literati. But unlike most feminists, he wasn't a dogmatic ideologue. So when reality diverged from dogma, he followed it and discovered a more complex truth.

Every woman has a story, and every story is colored by brilliant and subtle hues. No life is lived in black and white. The same is true of men. Nobody is colored all bad or all good. What is true for one is even more true for all: every vice and virtue is as abundant among women as it is among men. Sharing the discovery that men are people, too, drew protests and scorn from those who once adored him. As it still does, today:

Around 100 protestors disrupted a lecture given by controversial author and activist Warren Farrell at the MacLeod auditorium at University of Toronto on Friday night.

Farrell, whose works include Why Men Are the Way They Are and The Myth of Male Power, was on campus to give a speech outlining his theory about how males are disadvantaged in Western society. He was hosted by the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE).

The lecture was interrupted by a crowd of protestors, who had organized on Facebook through a coalition group calling themselves U of T Students United Against Sexism. About fifteen protestors stood in front of the doors before the event, forming a barricade and blocking event attendees from entering through the main doors of the auditorium. - Arrest, assaults overshadow “men’s issues” lecture, Dan Smeenk, The Varsity, November 17, 2012

All of us oppose sexism, so shouldn't we be on the same side?
"Students United Against Sexism"? What a coincidence! Warren opposes sexism, too. One would think said students would be excited, therefore, to hear him speak. Such, however, was not the case:
Protestors said they viewed Farrell and the men’s issues movement as misogynistic. They accused Farrell of blaming female victims for date rape, and arguing for male privilege. - Arrest, assaults overshadow “men’s issues” lecture, Dan Smeenk, The Varsity, November 17, 2012
What's this? Was Dr. Farrell there to extol the virtues of male privilege and blame female victims of date rape? Hardly:
"Boys to Men: Beyond the Boys' Crisis

Throughout the industrialized world, boys are about a quarter century behind girls --dropping out of school, preoccupied with video games, committing suicide, and demonstrating a "failure to launch." Why and what can we do about it?

Dr. Warren Farrell is among the Financial Times Top 100 thought leaders and is the award-winning author of several books, including The Myth of Male Power

Friday, November 16, 7:00 PM

J.J.R. MacLeod Auditorium, University of Toronto
Medical Sciences Building, 1 King's College Circle"

Source: Protest against Warren Farrell Talk at University of Toronto - Friday November 16 2012, HiMY SYeD, November 16 2012

Protesting the truth
What's sexist or promoting rape culture about discussing the problems and issues confronting men? Nothing. They're behaving like members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) a century ago, hooded thugs chasing down "uppity darkies" and lynching them for daring to claim that they have equal rights, and deserve to be treated with equal respect.

They said they were protesting sexism, but that's not true. Eliminating sexism requires communication. Talking and listening by all concerned. But the feminist finger pointers aren't interested in communication. All they want to do is yell, shout down, talk over and shut up those who they hate. It is the tired old tactic of blame and shame to control, silence and oppress by projecting their own hatred onto others:

A talk by Dr. Warren Farrell on what he deems a "boys' crisis," hosted by the Canadian Association for Equality, is being protested by a student group accusing the group of hate speech. - Protesters disrupt men's issues awareness event at U of T, Sarah del Giallo and Jeff Lagerquist, Ryersonian, November 16, 2012
Certainly they have as much right to protest as Dr. Farrell does to speak, but either they are lying about their motives, or they are blinded by their misandry to the true causes and real nature of sexism, as demonstrated by this photo:

University of Toronto, November 16, 2012
Source: Why “men’s rights” groups are wrong, Jesse McLaren, SocialistWorker, November 7, 2012

This photo exposes several truths about feminism. First, that they conflate the interests of the feminist groups with the interests of women. This is demonstrated by the statement, barely visible in the photo, "Stop The Backlash Against Women." There is no backlash against women. But there is a backlash against feminism and feminist hate groups. To say that this is the same as a backlash against women would be like claiming that a backlash against the KKK is a backlash against White people despite that most White people find them repugnant. Today, most women find the feminist groups repugnant, and for much the same reason that most White people find the KKK repugnant: they're a bunch of bigots spouting hate.

Scrawled on the poster advertising Dr. Farrell's talk is the word, "Misogyny!?" This is the typical feminist reponse to anyone who does not agree with them: they attack with hate labels. That makes them haters, that makes their words hate speech, that makes them hate groups, and because the mainstream supports them, that makes their hatred institutionalized, and makes misandry the dominant form of sexism today.

At the top, next to the red arrow, the sign claims, "This Guy Perpetuates Rape Culture." That's one of the standard lines the feminist hate groups use to silence anybody who talks about anything other than how women are downtrodden and need feminist-administered programs overseeing vast sums of taxpayers' money, most of which goes to benefit the feminists doing the overseeing.

It's about money and control
That is the bottom line for feminists: money. Specifically, taxpayers' money. They want it. For programs that create more ways in which women are victims and men are predators, more ways to "help" women and and dominate men, more ways to get more money, more power, more control until all freedoms are eliminated and we are left with a totalitarian state. Which, the happy feminists believe, they will control.

But the feminists are merely finger puppets. The hullabaloo over "rape culture" is a facade. The marches, protests, slut walks, lame brained feminist blogs are all so much glitter, gawdy bits of sparkly plastic intended to do one thing: keep us all distracted.

The single most effective defense we have against the new rage women and their male lackeys is to ignore them. If only everyone would, most of them would go away. Alas, the powers that be want us distracted while they go about the business of making wars, turning sovereign nations like Iran into monsters. It's okay for Pakistan and North Korea to have nuclear weapons, but God forbid Iran gets one! So we must have a war with one of the oldest civilizations on Mother Earth!

We must also destroy all national currencies, move forward with Agenda 21, and other efforts to create a one world government. So the feminists must stay, the distractions must continue, men must be demoralized, women must be dependent, and the grand plan must continue.

Good job, feminist finger puppets, keep up the good work!

Rod Van Mechelen is the author of What Everyone Should Know about Feminist Issues: The Male-Positive Perspective, and the publisher of The Backlash! @ and Cowlitz Country News.


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