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Wealth, Women, Economic Collapse and the End of the Misandrous Milieu
By Rod Van Mechelen

The feminist hate movement
2012 Olympia, Wash. - For the better part of a quarter century, Menís Rights Activists, or MRAs, have claimed that feminism was a hate movement. It was no longer about womenís liberation, but about female supremacy. It was no longer about truly improving the status of women, but about tearing down the status of men.

They accomplished this by portraying menís sexual interest in women as predatory and perverted, replacing fathers with government programs, and in every way possible portraying women as victims of oppression who are under-served by the world of men.

To remedy this, divorce, accusations of sexual harassment and false accusations of rape were made easy, and even popular. And innumerable government programs were implemented to raise up and protect all of the oppressed women.

Easy to get laid, hard to get loved
Threatened with accusations of sexual harassment and rape, men are refusing to initiate relationships. Women find it ever easier to get laid, but not to get loved.

Millions of fathers are saddled with child support payments to subsidize ex-wives who, bored with marriage, file for divorce and use family court to turn their evil-patriarchal-woman-oppressing ex-husband into a virtual slave. From kindergarten through postgraduate school, the education system caters to women to the detriment of men.

It is fine to protect and serve women, but we have gone far beyond all reason to shield women from the slightest social impediment. What feminists want they got: guarantees that women will get ahead at the expense of and on the backs of men.

The cultural, financial and political power base
Feminism has turned into a mass movement based on hatred of all things male, or misandry, and it is ubiquitous. The milieu is misandrous. Small wonder that men by the millions are saying Ďnoí to marriage, making career choices that minimize their successóand their tax burdenóand leaving it to women to pay their own way.

Is there nothing that can change this? The key is to eliminate government funded feminist programs and to eliminate biased constraints on men. That means we have to counter and destroy their power base, or develop our own. The key power bases are cultural, financial and political.

On the political side, the feminist power base depends on womenís programs paid for or subsidized by the taxpayers. Many of these programs are designed to substitute for and replace functions unique to the traditional male gender role: protector, provider, and so on. If the economy collapses, then the programs will, too. When that happens, women will look to men, again.

Economic collapse
There is strong evidence that the global economy is about to collapse into a global depression that will include America. If that happens, the programs will decline if not end and the pervasive hostility toward all things masculine will decline. But, there are also at least a few transformational technologies in development that could turn that around. Instead of a global depression there would be a global recovery. Except that this will guarantee continued funding for the replace-male programs, this would be a good thing. But if that happens, then what are we to do?

We could change things through Ron Paulís Liberty Movement. Millions support it, the movement is growing, and there is no room for policies that put one demographic group over another.

But there is more.

Billionaire rich
The best solution, it seems to me, is for MRAs to get rich.

Thatís my answer? Everybody get filthy, stinking rich? Well gee, thatís so simple, why didnít anybody think of that before?

Yes, I know how it sounds. But Iím serious. And besides, it would be remarkably fun.

Several months ago I began to post comments on my Backlash Yahoo group, and elsewhere, that MRAs need to get rich. Not as in millionaire rich, but as in billionaire rich. We need to get wealthy. Not so we can all kick back and enjoy life in the lap of luxury. You could do that, of course. But I suggest that as we make a concerted effort to get rich, and as we achieve our wealth, we work together on an unprecedented scale to change the culture.

There is a lot of money supporting the feminist hate movementís assault on men. This money is used to exert political pressure as well as to shape our culture.

One of the most obvious ways we see this is in the media: what news gets reported, what slant is given to that news, what books get published and promoted, which television shows get aired and which ones get cancelled.

One recent blatant example of how this is done in the mainstream media (MSM) is the biased treatment of Ron Paul's campaign. Even now, despite that he already qualified to have his name on the ballot at the national GOP convention in Florida, the MSM is trying to make it appear that he did not.

Liberty would upset the status quo. The MSM works for the moneyed elite, who enforce the status quo to maintain their position.

More than this, very entertaining shows that portray positive things get cancelled. One I favor was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Stereotypes were broken and people were portrayed as basically decent and well-intentioned. Despite the all-star cast, the powerful themes, engaging stories, the gentle humor and clever dialogue, the series was cancelled after only one season.

Maintaining the status quo requires division and discord fed by stereotypes that pit us against one another. Television series that counter that are simply not allowed.

Firefly portrayed liberty versus the state. It, too, was cancelled despite the humor, fun dialogue, and entertaining stories. Remarkably, Lie to Me endured three seasons despite that it taught us how to read the rich, famous and powerful and to know when they were lying to us.

Think of what we could accomplish if the MRM had 20 billionaires. Or 100. Or a thousand. We could become the moneyed elite, and change the status quo.

We could fund studies to counter the pervasive lies parroted by the MSM. We could publish and promote books reviled by the feminist-dominated press. We could produce more documentaries, like the great video series on Man Woman & Myth. We could make movies to expose the misandrists and their misandrous oppression of men. We could promote and support the video content of commentators in the manosphere. And we could promote liberty on a massive scale.

The road to riches
Yea, okay, itís easy to say, ďletís all get rich,Ē but how do we do it?

For most of us, the first step in getting rich is to decide to do it. "I wanna be rich" doesn't cut it. You have to want it, decide you're going to do it, and then commit to it.

No, I donít have a program to sell or some multi-level scheme to join. Nor have I done it. Yet. But Iím doing it. How do I know I will do it? Because I'm emulating those who have done it. You can brush me off as a gadfly, and many will, but do you really want to wait for me to show that it can be done before you get started on your own path to riches?

Here is the key. Or at least one of them. You get rich by emulating those who have already done it. Learn what they did and apply it.

There are lots of ways to get rich. The one that resonates with me is through investing. Iíve been following markets since I was in grade school. No, really. Dad got me started reading the penny stock reports when I was eleven. But thatís not for everybody. Each person has to decide what resonates for them, choose the person or people who have done it, and then emulate them.

If investing interests you, then I suggest you visit my home page on a regular basis to read all of the articles I link in the Money section. A lot of newsletter writers promote their services by giving away a good 90 percent of their knowledge for free. All you have to invest is your time and then apply what they teach.

There are a lot of books on how to get rich, too. I have several. But one of my favorites is a set of CDs from Kevin Trudeau called, Your Wish Is Your Command, Set of 14 CD's. I see it listed on Amazon for prices starting at less than ten bucks. In it, he talks a lot about the ďlaw of attractionĒ and how it really works. Whether you believe in that doesn't matter. Thereís a lot more, including the four basics: Who are you going to listen to; the teachability index; the training balance scale; and the four steps to processing information.

I recommend it.

Massive changes are coming
We live in a very interesting time. Old financial institutions are in a state of disarray and rapidly approaching catastrophic collapse. Western governments are centralizing power and violating our individual liberties on a scale scarcely imagined by totalitarian regimes of the past. At the same time, transformational technologies promise a new age of prosperity hitherto unimaginable.

There are many ways to grow rich. Pick the one thatís right for you. Find somebody in that field who succeeded and emulate them. Get rich. The more of us who amass wealth, the more we will be able to accomplish.

With wealth, we can create the venues, buy the time, and build the channels through which to broadcast documentaries, talk shows, lecture series, and even movies that tell the truth. We can fund the studies needed to expose the liesÖand the truth. With wealth, we can work together to counter the wealthy elites who benefit from the current destruction of the family and oppression of men, to show a better way.

Thus, can we can put an end to this misandrous milieu.


Rod Van Mechelen

Rod Van Mechelen is the author of What Everyone Should Know about Feminist Issues: The Male-Positive Perspective (the page now includes several articles by other authors), and the publisher of The Backlash! @ He is a member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and served for 9-1/2 years on the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Council.


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