The Backlash! - December 1997

Paula Jones

When Paula Jones lodged her complaint against President Bill Clinton, the response from organizations like the National Organization for Women (NOW) ranged from derogatory to silence.

When Anita Hill stepped forward, they were all over Justice Clarence Thomas like a pride of lions on a sacrificial lamb. When a female Navy pilot who partied with the worst of them complained of sexual harassment, they howled after Tail Hook like hounds on a hunt. When Senator Packwood was no longer politically useful to them, they crucified him.

President Clinton, however, is still useful to them. When Gennifer Flowers exposed his philandering, pop feminist attorney Gloria Allred, renowned for her intolerance of white male masculinity, said she was glad American people were mature enough to overlook such things. (Go ahead and sue me for slander, Gloria, you said it on KOMO Town Meeting and I've got the video.) Then, Paula Jones came out with her accusations of sexual harassment, and the best they could do was accuse her of being a Republican puppet.

Not until recently, when Clinton's attorney threatened to expose Jones' past, did any of the pop feminists say anything at all in support of Jones, and then it was only to ask Clinton to refrain. Keeping women's past off limits is a pop feminist sacred cow.

Most pop feminist organizations are run by hypocrites whose choices are governed by pragmatism, not principles. Once the American people catch onto this fact, NOW and all the rest will have more to fear from the feminine backlash against feminism than from any opposition men will mount.

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