The Backlash! - July 1997

Tammy Bruce

KFI Radio, Los Angeles 640 AM...most sexist talk radio?

by Tommy Oliver
Copyright © 1996 by Tommy Oliver

On Sunday, November 25, 1996, during a segment of Tammy Bruce's show (KFI Radio, Los Angeles 640 AM on your dial - "More stimulating talk radio"), she invited her listeners to state their conjectured views on the question: "Why are more parents killing their children these days?" This, of course, in the aftermath of that poor, disturbed young lady who threw her three children out of a 14th floor window and then followed with her own swan dive into eternity.

Many of us view her death with apathy; most of us view the death of one of her children as a great tragedy; the majority of us, I believe, view as a miracle the fact that (as of this writing) the other two precious lives may frustrate the intent of the perpetrator of this heinous act.

For those of you not familiar with Tammy Bruce, suffice it to say she is a clever, glib, erudite, persuasive, focused, calculating and devoted adversary of men, heterosexual women who love and respect men deserving of their respect, and common human decency.

It is my considered opinion that one of the reasons Ms. Bruce chose her topic ("Why are more parents killing their children these days?") was for the purpose of pointing the finger of culpability for the actions of this deranged murderess directly at anti-abortionists and/or away from any suggestion that women are anything other than victims in a society polluted by men and their distaff allies.

Briefly, here was Ms. Bruce's spin on the subject...I think you'll find it fascinating:

Were it not for anti-abortion pressures in our society, this woman "who just snapped", might never had those children in the first place.

She alluded to the hypothesis that the elimination of the "pro-life, activist, crazies" might remove the need for the more-to-be-pitied-than-censured women like this to murder their unwanted children...since they wouldn't have existed in the first place. Is this view convoluted, sick, corrupt and malevolent? Yes, all of those. But of far greater import is the incredible, undeniable reality that there are those who align themselves with that kind of thinking.

I didn't listen to the entire segment, but during the portion I did hear (about 20 minutes worth), Ms. Bruce carefully avoided the statistic that many more children's lives are violently and callously snuffed out by women than by men.

For the uneducated (in these matters) public, it is safe to say that their assumption, in listening to Ms. Bruce, would be that the commission of such crimes are equally shared between the sexes - maybe even more often by men. This was a critically important seed of misinformation for her to sow...and sow it she did!

If ever you have the opportunity to listen to Tammy Bruce's talk show on KFI it! She is an accurate barometer of the radical-feminist movement. That viable, fast-growing movement should not only not be taken lightly, but should encourage us to unite, organize and confront them.

Neither should Ms. Bruce be taken lightly. She is a dangerous and influential force. A former director of the Los Angeles chapter of N.O.W., she ran into problems with National N.O.W. over, I am told, racist statements she made about OJ Simpson. Subsequent to her removal from that position, she, along with Denise Brown-Simpson, started a new organization called "Women's Progress Alliance" for the purpose, one might logically assume, of furthering and disseminating her ill-willed agenda.

Because of her access to the public (via her KFI Radio talk show and personal appearances as a speaker), her extraordinary communication skills, "bubbly" personality, undeniably attractive physical attributes and ability to manipulate people and twist the truth, she is able to influence the unwary. Yet with every word uttered by this woman, keep in mind the warning issued in "Come into my parlor", said the spider to the fly..."

When I returned to my car, having completed the shopping which caused the brief hiatus from Tammy's Tantalizing Topics, I listened as she devoted the rest of her program championing Hillary's stated desire to head the Committee on Welfare Reform. When one caller suggested the appointment of such a person (who had openly lied and attempted to conceal evidence) to any political post might not be appropriate, Tammy summarily dismissed that point by saying (and I quote): "Oh, come on! That's such old news..."

One wonders what her reaction would be to:

Caller: "Hey, Tammy. Why not appoint OJ Simpson to the President's Committee on Physical Education."

Tammy: "WHAAAATTTTTT! That dirty bastard!! That scum-bag, low-life, liar. He's a wife beater! A murderer!"

Caller: "Awwww, come on, Tammy! That's such old news..."

Do I hear the clarion call for unification within our movement? I hope so!

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