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Never generalize a grudge
By Rod Van Mechelen
With the power of the big lie, feminists have trained western women to negatively stereotype men. But if turnabout really is fair play, then how would men negatively stereotype women?
What if men begin treating women the way women are treating men?
1996 Bellevue, Wash. - All women are child abusers. All women are coquettes, gold diggers, wimps, liars, leeches, psychosexual terrorists, sluts, backstabbing whiners, they're manipulative, vulgar vamps, tramps, cheap dates, lazy mates, mechanically challenged, ill-tempered, ill-mannered, and anyone who isn't offended by these grossly sexist generalizations should be. Just as they should be offended when The Seattle Times, Boston Globe, Austin American-Statesmen, the National Public Radio affiliates, and TV celebrities like Donahue and Povich stereotype men in the same or similar ways.

It's not that some men don't deserve the ridicule. The problem is how the New Rage women work so hard and successfully to vilify the entire male gender for the behaviors of a contemptible few.

Apologists excuse this on the basis of increasingly broad definitions and decreasingly accurate statistics, like the "one in three women will be raped or sexually assaulted during their life time" myth promulgated by Mary Koss and her definition of rape that is so vague that, by her definition, most men can claim to have been raped.

Why do the creators of these generalizations conceive them if they're not true? Pop feminist apologists insist women would never say it were it not true; therefore, it much be so. (Dare we point out the parallel between those who are so blind to the facts that they will unhesitatingly believe any and all denunciations of members of a particular group, and the Nazis?)

Like all true believers, the feminatics have generalized a grudge against some particular person or group of identifiable individuals in their lives: As a teenager, Boogie D. Meister, the "big man on campus," enticed Teeny Bopper into the back seat of his raunchmobile. An "ugly duckling," Miss Bopper was thrilled that a big stud like Boogie would give her the time of day, let alone plunge his sacred member between her virginal legs. But when the callow youth was done and dumped her like a used sanitary wipe, she was crushed. Her heart break, however, turned into a distrust of all men, and over the years her animosity found fulfillment among feminism's antimale malcontents.

Meanwhile, Boogie Meister, who is now known as B. Densemore Meister ("BD" to his friends), despite his growing potbelly, continues to find women just like Miss Bopper who are willing to believe his assurances that he will marry them just as soon as he can find the right moment to tell his wife -- the mother of his 4 children -- that he wants a divorce. And, just like Miss Bopper, at their fortnightly forays into feminist extremism, they complain bitterly of the puerile nature of all men, and isn't BD just proof this is true.

But BD is no more representative of all or even most men than are the women who deserve to be called child abusers, coquettes, gold diggers, wimps, liars, leeches, psychosexual terrorists, sluts, backstabbing whiners, manipulative, vulgar vamps, tramps, cheap dates, lazy mates, mechanically challenged, ill-tempered, and ill-mannered.

It's easy to blame all members of a group for the misbehavior of one. What's not easy is to single out the particular men who in some way victimize women. First, and protests of "blaming the victim" notwithstanding, it requires that women take responsibility for the extent to which they contribute to their own victimization. Not all victims contribute to their own victimization, but women who date, mate and marry domineering jerks, "heroic rapists," "dashing rakes," and other varieties of male sluts and abusive men, do.

Next, only those women who have been wronged by a particular man must decide whether they are going to get over it, or get revenge. (No use putting it any other way, because that's all it amounts to: revenge.)

Finally, treat individuals who are criminals like criminals, and either pursue positive goals, like laws that enforce equal rights and responsibilities, or just leave the rest of us be.

Otherwise, who knows, we just might start treating you the way you're treating us.


Rod Van Mechelen

Rod Van Mechelen is the author of What Everyone Should Know about Feminist Issues: The Male-Positive Perspective (the page now includes several articles by other authors), and the publisher of The Backlash! @ He is a member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and served for 9-1/2 years on the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Council.


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