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"The Truth is a Virus." Get infected.
By Rod Van Mechelen
The “sanction of the victim” is the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil, to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the “sin” of creating values. - Leonard Peikoff, The Philosophy of Objectivism lecture series, Lecture 8

I am called Man
2012 Olympia, Wash. - I have not raped, yet I am suspect. I have committed no crime, yet I am deviant. I have not assaulted, yet I am violent. If a woman attacks me, I deserve it. If a woman raises her voice to me and I raise mine back, I am the aggressor. And I am expected to do the dirty, dangerous work for the same pay as a woman doing clean, safe work.

I am expected to defend women with ferocity and disregard for my own safety, but act toward all women as a good servant, humble and meek.

A century ago I was called "nigger." Today, I am called "man."

When I walk down the street, women I do not know view me with suspicion. It is sexist to charge women more for shoes, but not sexist to charge me more for insurance. Women spend more on medical care and run up higher bills, which I should subsidize even though I spend less on medical care and die sooner. Women fare better in school and get most college degrees, yet I am expected to subsidize even more programs to enable more women to get even more college degrees.

Women were rarely prosecuted for statutory rape even though we knew it happened. Their victims were called "lucky." That is beginning to change. We are seeing more and more women arrested and prosecuted for "sexual assault" of underage victims. Few dare call it rape. But it rapes the mind, violates the soul, and warps the way their victims interact as adults. It may not be called rape, but rape it is.

Women were rarely prosecuted for domestic violence, even though we knew it happened. Their victims were called names. We laughed at them. But that, too, is beginning to change. More women, now, are being arrested for family violence. And for murder. The "battered wife syndrome" defense is getting harder to justify. Too many "battered" women have been exposed as perpetrators.

Despite this, domestic violence programs still focus on men as aggressors, women as victims. "Male-Centered" prevention programs scold men: "Warriors Protect!" and "Remember not to rape!" Most child abuse and elder abuse are committed by women. Where are the "female-centered" prevention programs for them? Half of spouse abuse is committed by women. Yet prevention focuses on men.

The mind must be free
Fifty years ago everybody "knew" that Whites were superior to Asians and Blacks. Today everybody "knows" that women are superior to men. Imagine what everybody will "know" fifty years from now.

Children raised by feminists are growing up to be anti-feminists. Children raised without fathers seek him in their relationships. Boys sent to schools that favor girls see the sexism, and know it for what it is. One day they turn into adults. The girls do, too. As children the girls may have enjoyed their special status. As adults, they have access to programs to help them live man-free. But few want to.

The growing number of young adults who respect and support Ron Paul is not limited to politics. It reflects their dissatisfaction with every aspect of the victim mentality, every violation of intellectual integrity, and every politically correct lie.

Atlas Shrugged is being made into a trilogy. Part 2 is on the way. The book continues to be a best seller. Not because it's perfect. There are many flaws. But it's still great. It reminds us not to grant the sanction of the victim. And in growing numbers, young Americans are saying that they will not grant the sanction of the victim.

The state will take. The state will impose. The state will confiscate, mandate, and if you refuse to cooperate, retaliate. But the children of the victim-class, the children whose fathers were forced out by feminists, have seen what hides in the dark. They know the lies. They want something better. They want more than a room of their own. They want what already should be their own: life, liberty and property.

The first piece of property that we own is ourselves. It's our life. We own it. And to make proper use of it requires liberty. The mind must be free.

The tool that binds men, limits women
Men today are bound by feminism. Feminism as a social movement was expropriated a long time ago. It turned into a political movement. Then into political programs. Then into a tool to control the populace. Like a Swiss Army Knife, it has many uses.

The tool that binds men, limits women. Thinking they are free women by the millions get worthless degrees. Saddled with tuition debt and degrees that prepare them for nothing, their options are few. While those who do not go to college but seek the traditional partnership with men find their men shackled by the feminist agenda.

The feminist agenda does not serve women. Unless they are members of the elite class. Them, it serves. Them and their lackeys. For the rest, crumbs and a life unfinished though spent. But the rest want more. They want a life of dreams and the opportunities to fulfill them. That is what feminism promises but does not deliver. Because feminism is a lie.

Feminism is a con. It is a tool. It is a means for which women are not the ends. Feminism has lied. More and more women are waking up to the lies. Not for the first time. But each time feminists reinvented the F-word to mean something else. Now, they have nowhere else to go. They have run out of options. Too many people know the truth.

Too many people see how men became the new niggers. An awful, vulgar word to describe slaves. Men have been and are being made into slaves. But women are, too. And it's time for all to claim their freedom.

Begin by asking questions. Question everything. What if something is not true? Why would somebody lie about it? Who would benefit? What is true?

"The truth is a virus." Get infected.


Rod Van Mechelen


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