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Health Is a Men's Rights Issue
By Rod Van Mechelen

Forever Dumb
2012 Olympia, Wash. - One of the dominant strains of feminist literature claims it is the right of women to be stupid without suffering any consequences. That makes no sense, but there is a reason why they make such idiotic claims: they do it to keep us dazed and confused.

On health, they claim women do not get enough attention. It's well known that women make greater use of medical services throughout their life while men wait until age and ailments force them to see the doctor. It's well known that men die younger than women. It's well known that the lion's share of medical care is dedicated to the lioness. But still, say the feminists, it is not enough.

While they wail about this, others cry about the oppression of women that would hinder them from doing stupid things. Men, they say, walk without fear in dark, dangerous places, so why shouldn't women? But men are stupid.

Not all of men. Just those who do dumb things. Like brawling in bars and staggering drunk and loud down dark streets. Stupid men get hurt, robbed, sick and sometimes killed. But they seldom suffer assault of the sexual kind. Those are generally reserved for women.

Sexual assault, we might think, includes things like rape, attempted rape, grabbing, groping, that sort of thing. And it does. But feminists have expanded it far beyond that, of course, to include objectification: we are not supposed to look...unless they want us to. We are not supposed to admire a woman, unless she wants us to. And if she is fat, obese, or otherwise wretchedly overweight, well that just means she's a BBW, because Fat Is a Feminist Issue.

You can't make this stuff up.

It's Sexist to be Concerned
We warn women about that. We warn women about the stupid men who do stupid things. We warn women to stay away. Don't drink until you barf, don't eat the savory slop marketed as "fastfood" that no self-respecting hog would indulge. For our concern we are called sexist.

Feminists fulminate that it's a woman's right to walk drunk and naked down the middle of the road in the middle of the night or sober and silly in broad daylight doing whatever she damn well pleases where ever and whenever she wants. It's a woman's right to load on the layers of lard and to be loved and worshipped as a goddess, or to be left alone. And it's a woman's right to be safe while doing it, too. So the feminists say.

We wouldn't care about the stupid things feminists say but for the fact that politicians pay attention to them. They pay attention because millions of single women vote how the feminist fulminators tell them to. Their message resonates like a siren's song: women are not to be held accountable for their actions, they are not to suffer the consequences of their behavior, and it's men's responsibility to deliver a universe full of fun without folly.

No rational person would ever go along with that. It makes no sense. If you fling yourself from the roof of a tower without any means of support, you should expect to die. Yet we would not be surprised were feminists to blame men for the law of gravity and to demand that men make it safe for them to do something that stupid.

The fantasy feminists sell is like the story of Peter Pan flitting about Neverland having great adventures never getting hurt or injured or suffering death. Feminists, the smart ones, anyway, know this. They know it can't be done. But they demand it anyway. Not that they really expect us to deliver, but to incite the political class to oppress us with stupid laws that defy nature. If we are oppressed, then we cannot stand in their way.

But there are a lot of stupid feminists. Not quite bright loud mouths who think all of this is for real. Women and men who rally around the banner of creating a world of zero consequences for women. Not all women. Just the ones who think as they do. If a woman is an independent thinker who sees through their lies, then she is reviled as a member of the oppressor class, too, and like all members of that hated class, she must be save women from oppression.

It doesn't have to make sense. It just has to keep us dazed and confused.

Being Done Too Soon
If we are dazed and confused, then we cannot rally long enough or strong enough to effectively interfere. I know. I've seen it. As bad as it is for the stupid feminists, the ones who are too dumb to know it's all a lie, it's even worse for men.

Generally, the leaders of the feminist movement live long lives. Rarely will a stupid one live long enough or be productive enough to ascend to the highest ranks. Some do. Like Andrea Dworkin. But they are the exceptions who prove the rule.

In the men's rights movement (MRM) however, there are plenty of very smart men who die far too young. In the Seattle area, where I grew up and lived for many years, I knew many men's rights advocates (MRA) whose IQs ranged as high as 190, but who died well before 60. It almost happened to me.

You spend every waking moment when not working menial jobs to pay the bills fighting against the Feminist Fog. The androphobes are everywhere spewing bile against men. What time is there for sleep, let alone self-care. And so we toil long days and nights wearing ourselves into exhaustion and poverty until one day cancer comes calling for some, heart disease for others.

Heart disease took Paul Shaner and David Ault. Cancer took John Page and Frank Cranbourne. And that's just in Seattle. As my health began to fail I spent two stints in the hospital, the second time spending two days in the ICU. Maladies of every kind laying low the most active until their institutional knowledge is lost, leaving a void to be filled by a new generation of activists who have to start all over again.

It's almost a perfect trap.

Forever Young
Most MRAs die too soon. Key activists fall, the coalitions they created fall apart. And some simply exhaust themselves and give up. But not all. Some of the great ones live and continue their work. Notably Warren Farrell and Christina Hoff Sommers. But as W.F. Price noted in his recent article, The Manosphere is Growing Up and becoming more sophisticated and persistent.

A few years shy of 20 years ago we began one of the very first, if not the first, of the men's rights blogs. Back then we were working from a magazine model. Blogging hadn't been invented, yet. But we had a vision of what it could become. The MRM blogs have far surpassed that vision. I am astonished by what you have accomplished.

But you need to pay attention to your health. You can do it easy and cheap. At age 59, I'm living proof of that. I have the skin of a 30-something. I weigh just 15 lbs more now than I did in high school, yet I'm more muscular and fit. And my health is still improving. Twelve years ago I set myself a goal that I would be healthier at age 50 than 45, healthier at age 55 than 50, and so on. Thus far I have done that and am on track to be healthier at age 60 than I was at age 40. But that's about as far as I can go without taking it to the next level: longevity medicine.

Longevity medicine is a growing business. And if you have the money, it's really the way to go. In the Seattle area, the leader is the Longevity Medical Clinic, located in Kirkland, Lynnwood and Tacoma. But if you don't have the money, there are some inexpensive basics you can do on your own.

Good Health Cheap and Easy
Before I got involved in the MRM (and, yes, we were calling it that even in the early 1990s), I was a member of the Life Extension Foundation. There's nothing easy about membership. They educate you. The Foundation's journal, which is available free on their website, is not written for lightweights. Read it, and you will learn more about health than most doctors.

But a lot of blogs and websites have grown up around health, too. And many of them do make it easy.

I'll tell you what I take in the way of nutritional supplements, what additional supplements I plan to add when my budget allows, the kind of diet I am on, what I eat, and conclude with a list of websites I recommend.

It's important that you do this. It seems as if the powers that be want us to be unhealthy. Maybe it's not a conspiracy or an evil plot to make us all sick and dependent. Maybe all of this is simply the result of our increasingly fascist governments working with drug companies and junk food manufacturers to maximize their profits at our expense. The "Invisible Hand" run amok. Whatever the cause, it's making us spend most of our lives feeling and being sick when we should be enjoying decades of great health.

Supplements I take
These are the supplements I take. All of them should be available at most health food stores, but if not, here are Amazon links for most of them. But you should know that some of the more esoteric ones I buy directly from the Life Extension Foundation, Life Enhancement, and, and so can you.

Mandatory disclaimer: The following is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor, just a healthy individual who has survived our medical care system. The FDA has not approved of anything I have to say, and would probably disapprove of everything I have to say because the agency is in the hip pocket of the American Prescription Drug Cartel that only makes money when you're sick. Consult a medical professional before embarking on your quest for better health.

5-Lox inhibitor with Apresflex - 60 - VegCap
NOW Foods Acidophilus/bifidus 8 Billion, 120 Capsules
Apple Cider Vinegar - organic, with hot water
Astaxanthin (for eyes, weight loss and more)
Bye-Lori II, 120 Capsules
Galantamind Plus (for memory)
Life Extension Gamma E Tocopherol with Sesame Lignans, Softgels, 60-Count
KAL - D-Mannose, 2.5 oz powder
Neuro-Mag™ Magnesium L-Threonate (for memory)
New Feeling, Skin Care Lotion for Men & Women, 4 fl oz
Vitamin C - 6 grams buffered with Potassium Basics by Durk Pearson & Sandy ShawTM
Life Extension Vitamin D with Sea Iodine and Vitamin K2, Vegetarian Capsules, 60-Count
Twinlab Tri-Boron Plus Caps, 240 ct
Dr Mercola Miracle Whey Protein Powder Chocolate 1lb

Supplements I've taken and will add when my budget allows
L-Arginine Caps 700 mg - 200 - VegCap
Anatabloc Unflavored- 200 Lozenges in 1 Bottle
Twinlab GABA-Plus, with Inositol and Niacinamide, 100 Capsules (Pack of 2)
Life Extension Mix - 14.81 oz
Life Enhancement, Jonathan Wright, M.D.'s Male, 150 Capsules
Life Extension Tryptopure L Tryptophan 500 Mg Veg Capsules, 90-Count

The Paleo Diet
I do recommend the Paleo diet. Several years ago I went on a gluten free diet and my health improved so much that I kept experimenting with it. Then I stumbled across the Paleo diet and discovered that I was already about 80 percent of the way there. Now I'm probably 95 percent paleo, and I feel great!

For breakfast and lunch I have a smoothie of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with two bananas and two scoops of Dr Mercola Miracle Whey Protein Powder Chocolate 1lb. Yum! For dinner, I have steamed broccoli, carrots, peas and cabbage with quinoa and meat.

Time to prepare breakfast and lunch: less than 5 minutes. Time to prepare dinner: About 15 minutes.

Great Health Websites
Life Extension Foundation
Life Enhancement
Longevity Medical Clinic
Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing
Mark's Daily Apple: Primal Living in the Modern World
Dr. Mark Hyman
Institute for Functional Medicine

Anger A Feminist: Get and Stay Healthy!
Even though I started in 1988, I don't really qualify as one of the "old timers" in the MRM. Richard Doyle probably qualifies as the grand daddy of us all. But a lot of MRAs who fought against the feminist hate-male campaign have died. We have lost many great women and men in the fight for justice. And more are dying all the time.

And it's such a pity because humanity is on the cusp of incredible breakthroughs in medical technology that will lead to increases in health and longevity that are hard to believe. It's very possible that the first humans to have a lifespan of over one thousand years have already been born. Maybe some of you. But not if you don't take care of yourself.

So I urge you to look into this. Learn how to take excellent care of your health. Once a week I post new links on my home page to articles about health. You might want to follow those. Make feminists mad, get and stay in excellent health and live to be a pain in their carbuncles for a very long time.


Rod Van Mechelen


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