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Why Vote Male: Men's Anger List
By James Novak
Men are angry. With good reason. And it's only going to get worse.
It's about far more than the economy
1995 Madison, WI - White men passed all the civil rights laws in this country. White men passed all the laws prohibiting discrimination in employment. White men passed all the public accommodation laws and all the affirmative action laws. White men passed the clean water act and the clean air act. White men have passed every piece of progressive legislation this year, last year, this decade, last decade, this century, last century and the century before. White male dominated Supreme Courts have upheld these laws and often expanded them.

It was millions of white men’s bodies that broke the yoke of slavery in this country during the civil war, and it was many more millions of men’s bodies that dismantled Hitler’s hold on much of the world. And between, it has been white men who have made most of the world’s greatest inventions and products that have liberated all people from merely survival from one generation to another to having high levels of leisure for the development of culture and spirituality. White men have every reason to be proud of their accomplishments in the uplifting of the human race.

I have developed a list of why white men voted Republican in the 1994 election and will probably vote again that way for some elections to come, but only in greater numbers. White men will be joined by many minority men because the issues that have made white men angry are the same issues that affect minority men in a similar if not the same way.

Men’s Anger List

  1. Feminist women want equality in the military, but will not lobby for women as a matter of civic duty to be obligated to sign uo for the draft or be required to fulfill their obligation of combat duty.

  2. After Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis while he was sleeping and then threw it out the window of her car, many women laughed and made jokes about this mutilating act. They wouldn’t have laughed if John Wayne Bobbitt had cut off her breast and thrown it out the window.

  3. Lorena Bobbitt was out of treatment in 45 days after being found guilty. How would John Bobbitt have been treated if he had been found guilty of cutting off Lorena’s breast?

  4. Hallmark has a series of greeting cards that say, "Men are Scum." Women would be outraged by, "Women are Bitches" cards.

  5. Capital punishment is a punishment for men. Only one woman has been executed in the past 25 years even though women commit (this does not mean their kill rate, only their conviction rate) 14 percent of the murders in America, but are 1/50th less likely to be executed.

  6. The Dane County Advocate for Battered Women take public money, but will not respond or help battered men. Dane County’s District Attorney will not bring charges against them for practicing discrimination.

  7. In 1994, five men called me because they were battered by their wives. Three explained that they did not hit back or even defend themselves. They called the police and on arrival the men were arrested.

  8. One battered man who called Family Services for help was advised to join a group of men who were batterers.

  9. The Wisconsin State Journal mocked James Luscher and Hames Novak as "near candidates for the loony crowd" for filing a discrimination suit holding that giving free drinks to women on ladies night was illegal. The newspaper refused to apologize upon request. After the Court of Appeals upheld Novak and Luscher, the newspaper was silent, but did not editorialize that the Court of Appeals’ judges were candidates for the loony crowd.

  10. The U.S. Forest Service rather than hiring qualified white males for numerous positions, decided to drop their advertisements and hire no one.

  11. Playboy murderer Benbemick, with the help of a boyfriend, broke out of a Wisconsin prison and fled to Canada. The boyfriend was promptly extradited, convicted and imprisoned. Benbemick fought extradition, finally came back to Wisconsin, and was released. The boyfriend remains in jail.

  12. Salesman X who works for a Fortune 100 company was assigned to teach a young woman sales. Salesman X never stopped for lunch and followed the same routine that day. Salesman X also spoke about the group of sales people who meet at a bar after their weekly sales meeting. Salesman X was inviting the young recruit into the old boys network. The young woman filed a sexual discrimination suit claiming that she was one month pregnant and that Salesman X’s invitation to have drinks with the old boys network was sexual harassment. Salesman X was suspended for 3 days and told he would be fired if any other sexual harassment claim was made against him.

  13. Engineer X asked a secretary (not his) out for lunch. She gratefully accepted and the lunch was congenial. Engineer X asked her out for dinner and she told him she was not interested in developing the relationship. All was fine, except she filed a sexual harassment claim against Engineer X claiming she was "uncomfortable" working with him. Engineer X’s boss found the whole topic of sexual harassment too hot to deal with; his boss banned Engineer X to using the back stairs of the building so that Engineer X would not pass the secretary’s desk.

  14. Manager J asked Employee C, who was a student, what she was studying at the University. She explained that her major was Women’s Studies. Manager J followed up by asking what jobs were available for women with a degree in Women’s Studies. That afternoon Employee C filed a sexual harassment complaint with the employer stating that Manager J was denigrating her area of studies. Employee C continued for 2 years to harass the employer into a money settlement.

  15. Men are 50 percent of parents, do about 40 percent of domestic work, but upon divorce receive physical placement only about 10 percent of the time.

  16. The United States has set up a huge bureaucratic apparatus to collect child support for custodial parents; nothing is spent to enforce fathers' rights to parent their children.

  17. Judges do not even enforce their own court orders regarding fathers' parenting time with their children.

  18. Fathers despise being considered an outsider or visitor to their children by the courts.

  19. Fathers recognize the term "dead beat dads" as bigotry. The percentage of men who pay child support is six times higher than the percentage of women who are ordered to pay child support. Moreover, most men pay child support and those who do not are mostly unemployed, poor, or denied access to their children.

  20. Women vigorously claim that there is little attention paid to their health care. Yet cancer of the breast research receives 6 times more dollar subsidy than cancer of the prostate even though the rates of cancer are similar.

  21. A man accused of sexual harassment or assault is "guilty until he proves he is innocent" instead of "innocent until proven guilty."

  22. About 3/4 of all charges of sexual abuse to children are known to be and are found to be false. Judges follow a safe path in all accusations by denying a father access to his children. After innocence as been established those same judges use the fathers absence and the children's accommodation to a life without a father as reason for awarding a mother primary physical placement.

  23. Even though statistics and studies show that more than 50 percent of accusations of sexual assault are false, district attorneys will not bring charges against the lying party even though it is a felony.

  24. Men receive 58 percent longer prison sentences for conviction of the same crime.

  25. Paternity fathers are denied the right to physical placement by statute in the state of Wisconsin.

  26. In Bosnia the young women are allowed to leave towns for fear they will be raped. The young men left behind are killed afterwards. The American media are outraged by young who are threatened by rape.

  27. "Women and children first!" Do men's lives not have the same intrinsic value?

  28. Men are first and normally only when it comes to being killed by terrorists or beaten by police.

  29. If women make only 75 cents on the male dollar (which is debatable), then men pay 125 percent of the funding of social security. How is it justice in taxation that men only receive 33 percent of Social Security benefits?

  30. How can it be said that women's health care is neglected when they are the primary users of the health care system and men live on average 7.5 years less than women?

  31. Why is it that even though the city of Madison in Wisconsin has one of the strongest affirmative action programs in America, women will not take good paying jobs with a huge benefit packages as garbage collectors?

  32. Why is it that only about 14 percent of grade school teachers are men and yet this is not an affirmative action issue even though young people are desperately in need for male role models?

  33. Why is it when 10 men die and one woman is injured at a construction site, the newspaper headline will likely read, "Ten Workers Die, Woman Injured"?

  34. Men are disgusted when presented as buffoons on almost every television advertisement related to the home or children?

  35. Men are even more disgusted with all the television comedies in which the audience laughs when men are hit in the balls deliberately by women or other men? What reaction would take place if this same programmed laughing were associated with women being slapped in the breasts?

  36. Much is made of the Korean comfort women during the Japanese occupation; what about the hundreds of thousands of men who survived or died in labor camps or who were simply executed?

  37. If Rodney King had been Roberta King, and beaten as he was, the police officers would have received life in prison. Men are the routine targets of police violence.

  38. Why is rape known about, acceptable, and used as a means of prison control in male prisons, but toleration of it would be abhorrent in female prisons?

  39. Why is it that it is discrimination to charge men lower rates for health insurance in HMO's, but acceptable to charge men higher rates for car and life insurance?

  40. Using a victim-defense for premeditated murder outrages any person with a sense of fairness or civility?

  41. Excusing a woman from crime on the basis of a post partum or PMS defense is defended by pop feminists. Men are told by these same pop feminists that women are just as solid in their judgments to hold high office of a sensitive nature.

  42. Men get tired of listening to women rant and rave about how few women are in political office when so few take the initiative to fun for office and of those who run for office, they have little agenda to offer demonstrating that they care to represent all the people of their district, including men and women.

  43. Women to man: "Your income is family income; my income is mine."

  44. Most men are enraged at being called oppressors and patriarchs. In a society with economic classes where 5 percent of men and women have 50 percent of the wealth, 95 percent of men struggle each day to make a living and are hardly powerful, rich or patriarchs. In fact, the vast majority of white men are not empowered.

  45. Men do not have procreative rights in the United States. They have no choice.

  46. If a man wants a woman to have an abortion and she chooses to have a child, he is enslaved to pay child support for 18 years.

  47. If a man wants a child and the woman aborts the child, he grieves and no one even recognizes his grief as legitimate.

  48. If two young people, both of whom are unskilled and unprepared to be a parent, have a child and the mother applies for welfare, she will be given a welfare check, healthcare, child care, a free education, and food stamps. The young man will be declared a deadbeat dad and imprisoned.

  49. Young men's suicide rate is astronomical and society does not care.

  50. Men at retirement are seven times more likely to commit suicide than women, and nobody cares.

  51. Seventy-five percent of the homeless are men. Ninety-nine percent of the press coverage reads, "Homeless women and children."

  52. Rep. Patricia Schoreder speaks about the brave men and women who fought America's wars. The number of women killed in all of America's wars from an accounting point of view is statistically insignificant.

  53. Every blue collar "most dangerous" job ranks as a category numerically dominated by men. All but one of the white collar "most dangerous jobs" are also numerically dominated by men. Why are dangerous jobs men's jobs and why are men denied extra compensation for doing America's dangerous work where they are disabled and killed at a 19 to 1 ratio to women?

  54. How can marriage be an economic contract when divorce is no fault? Who created the nonsense that a woman can own a man's career in a marriage of moderate duration (10 years in Wisconsin)?

  55. Judges routinely deny parenting time to fathers, and then want to increase child support so that a mother can afford more child care.

  56. The Violence Against Women Act was written and passed with full knowledge that men are the victims of 80 percent of all violence in America.

  57. White men often pay for three families of children: 1. Child support for their first marriage; 2. AFDC children via taxation; 3. Children from their current family.

  58. No baby changing support apparatuses in public men's washrooms.

  59. Men resent being told that the Christian religion is Patriarchal when women represent two thirds of its customers.

  60. Men recognize the inconsistency in being told that God is Patriarchal when women are two thirds of its customers.

  61. Men recognize the inconsistency in being told that God is a she, but with no mention that the devil is also a she.

  62. In Wisconsin a woman who is drunk cannot give sexual consent even if she is not passed out. The next morning, she can charge her lover with rape. However, the same consideration is not given to her lover who also was intoxicated.

  63. Women want to be equal, still they expect men to continue to take the sexual initiative. If they are pleased by the overtures of a man, they are delighted. If they are not pleased because he may be the wrong man or because of his style of responding to general flirtation, they accuse him of sexual harassment.

  64. Men resent that the district attorney in Dane County seems to prosecute almost every case of sexual accusation and domestic violence without intellectually discriminating.

  65. Men resent that women and minorities are "affirmative actioned" into jobs, promotions, and graduate and professional school openings even when they are less competent than white men who are applying for the same positions.

  66. Men resent that those same classes are often excused for their failure to perform adequately in their new "affirmative actioned" positions.

  67. Men further resent the same classes above calling white males "racists," "sexists," or some other kind of "ists" for pointing out that white men are smart enough to recognize that a person without adequate skills or experience has failed.

  68. Men know that every man is not a rapist. Even women know that only a very few men are rapists, yet only a few decent women are standing up to the absurd antimale generalizations of radical feminists.

  69. Men are angry when women continue to deny that women are sexually powerful and that they have power through the control of men's access to sex.

  70. American feminists are reprehensible for their outrage at the use of clitorectomies in Africa while circumcising their sons. Only America is near universal in the sexual mutilation of male infants.

  71. Bar Owner Z has a swinging place where young men and women meet. Bar Owner Z has two ID checkers at all times. Sixteen year old Lolita obtains an almost perfect, near impossible to detect fake ID and gains entrance. Sixteen year old Lolita seduces Bar Owner Z and by evening's end, he takes her home for the night. Lolita's parents come to know the truth of her deceits. They call the district attorney and Bar Owner Z is charged and convicted. Bar Owner Z pays a fine, has his business closed for one week, and spends a month in jail. Nothing happens to Lolita.

White males learn sports at a young age. Sports have highly defined, specific rules. From this experience males learn at a young age to be Just and Fair. It is not unusual to listen to young boys quoting the rules to one another when there is a dispute, and invoking a concept of fairness flowing from those rules.

Sports have prepared males for the responsibility of power decisions in politics and business. When men come into the double standard world of those women who are not Just and Fair in their positions of power, they react. Their reactions are not anxiety but anger with those who do not play by Fair and Just rules.

White males are angry by indiscriminate and subjective judgments not based on identifiable rules but the whim of the female players. White males are expressing their anger, and expressing it in a socially acceptable way. They overwhelmingly voted for traditional and mostly white male Republicans in 1994. I expect that they will vote in even higher percentages for traditional white male Republicans in 1996.

If my predictions are even close to correct, Ellen Goodman and lots of strident feminists should be feeling "anxiety." But they need not get too anxious. White males wrote and passed every significant piece of civil rights and progressive legislation in America.

James Novak is a founding member of Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families and the now-defunct Madison Men's Organization.


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