The Backlash! - April 1996

Some of my favorite quotes

If rape were just an act of violence, then it should not be distinguished from any other violent crime.
- Warren Farrell

When men do it, it's rape; when women do it, it's...

Irreverence is both an antidote and an immunizer.

-Christina Hoff Sommers, Who Stole Feminism?

Don't women treat men like support objects?

- P.C. Seldom

We will march forward to a better tomorrow so long as separate groups like the lesbians, women, and the feminists can come together and work out their differences.

- P.C. Seldom

The truth is a virus.

- Happy Harry Hardon, Pump Up the Volume

Objective reality is irrelevant to the gossips, who suck their truth from the teat of tabloid TV, but of some significance to we who fart in the field of facts.

- Rod

In the wild, women live only about 30 years.

- P.C. Seldom

Women are furtive and elusive and, like any predator, constantly on the move.

- P.C. Seldom

It's not too late to call "1-900-HOT-LIPS"

- Berkeley Breathed, Outland

Although man has learned through evolution to walk in an upright position, his eyes still swing from limb to limb.

- Margaret Schooley

A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after.

- Gloria Steinem

Women, sex, marriage, children ... the violence against men just goes on and on and on.

- P.C. Seldom

Census studies show that women have 3,000 sexual partners per year, not including household pets and domestic livestock.

- P.C. Seldom

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