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Doing the right thing
By Wade Balder
When will women stop being so damn selfish?
Women: The Taking Sex?
1996 Seattle, Wash. - As many others have said, there seems to be a tendency for women to take, and a tendency for men to give. These tendencies may be biological in nature. Women have always looked for men who were willing and able to protect and provide for the women and their children. And men usually have found women to be much friendlier when the men are generous and protective. In the past, this was called "chivalry." Now it is called "radical feminism" and "political correctness."

As a result, we have women who demand, and men who bend over backwards to give women what they want.

This may have been valuable in an evolutionary sense, but it is turning damn ugly in the political arena. Women are making political demands, and male and female politicians are doing whatever they can to meet the demands, no matter how selfish or outrageous. And men are going along with this, even though it is usually at their expense. So even though men die 7 years earlier than women, the government (mostly men) is pouring money into women's health through the Women's Health Initiative.

Even though boys do worse in school in almost every subject, the government (mostly men) is pouring money into helping girls get a better education through the Equity in Education Act. And even though men are victims of violence far more often than women, the government (mostly men) has given us the Violence Against Women Act, giving women special protections.

Other examples of bias toward women abound: the draft, different combat rules, divorce, foreign aid, women's studies programs, homelessness, reproductive rights, battered woman syndrome defense, penalizing johns while helping prostitutes, shorter prison sentences, welfare, social security, Medicare, WIC, asylum, affirmative action, domestic violence, stalking laws, and special protections of women's sexual power (e.g., sexual harassment, prostitution, and pornography restrictions). And women are demanding more all the time.

There even is a popular movie telling women to "don't get mad, get everything."

The Feminist Battle Cry
The feminist battle cry of "the personal is the political" is a manifestation of this selfishness. What it really means is: the government (the political) must solve all of women's personal problems. So under this system, women can get their needs met without meeting them themselves or putting up with a husband's dirty socks. And because of the attitudes mentioned above, and the fact that most voters are female, SURPRISE, the government is doing whatever it can to solve all of women's personal problems.

Women have compared themselves to oppressed minorities to help get what they want. They have also used children in this selfish effort, as anyone who saw the recent Democratic and Republican conventions knows. Not only did both parties fall all over themselves to blatantly cater to women, but women also used children as a smoke screen to get what they want. For example, Hillary Clinton, in her speech to the convention, listed 8 ways for the government and citizens to help children (longer maternity hospital stays, home nurses and hot lines for new mothers, expansion of the new family leave law, flex-time, health-insurance for all, tax breaks for people who adopt, an end to racial preferences in adoption, and reading proficiency by the third grade.) All but one were really benefits for women, just dressed up in children's clothing.

So, what can we do to stop this selfishness on women's part? The Backlash is running a campaign to get people to "vote male." This is doomed to fail. As I said, men tend to give women what they demand. And women tend to expect it. Plus, women voters outnumber male voters. So in a political gender war, men will lose. Most men won't even fight. Today, women have the political power.

Vote Male: Doomed?
So, how can we stop women's self-indulgent excesses? I believe the answer lies in Tipper Gore's speech at the Democratic convention. She related the story of Harry Burn, who voted for the ratification of the 19th Amendment (women's suffrage) after his mother supposedly told him to "be a good boy, Harry, and do the right thing." But it wasn't just Harry Burn. Most everyone who ratified the 19th Amendment was male. Men had the political power and they gave it up. It was the right thing to do. But men (and some women) have gone overboard since then, giving women unfair advantages.

Well, now it's time for women to "do the right thing." Women now have the political power. They are abusing it. It's time for them to voluntarily give it up. It's time for women to stop behaving like selfish children and act like independent adults -- something they say they want. It's time for women to stop being so self- indulgent by demanding special treatment from the government. It's time for women to grow up and stop themselves from being unfair. It's time for women to "do the right thing." It's time for women to demand fairness from our politicians. It's time for women (and men) to vote out any politicians who insist on playing to women's selfishness.


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