The Backlash! - October 1996

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Lizard Bill Passes!

There is one unmistakable lesson in American history: A community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any set of rational expectations about the future -- that community asks for and gets chaos... And it is richly deserved. -- Daniel P. Moynihan, "Family and Nation" [1965]

by Stuart Miller, Federal Lobbyist #19368000
Senior Legislative Analyst - American Fathers Coalition

The Lizard (Elizabeth Morgan) Bill has passed both Houses and is on its way to President Clinton for signature. He will undoubtedly sign it, as it is attached to the Transportation Appropriation Bill (HR 3675).

Only one Congressman spoke out against the bill, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-9-WI) and only 19 Congressmen voted against it in the house. In the Senate, only about 20 Senators voted against it.

There was too much money for each individual district for anybody to vote against it and sending it back to conference to have the Lizard Bill stripped from it would probably have caused the transportation issue to be added to the Continuing Resolution that they are going to have to hammer out in order to keep the government from being shut down again. This is not politically expedient for either side of the aisle.

Although the Rules Committee in the House could have denied the attachment of the amendment to the Transportations Appropriations Bill for being beyond the scope of the original bill, they didn't say a peep. This might be in part to the rumor that Frank Wolf added another last minute amendment to the bill which gives TEN MILLION ADDITIONAL DOLLARS to Representative Gerald Solomon's district. Representative Solomon (R-NY) is the Chairman of the Rules Committee.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the impetus behind this legislation which may or not be true but the most prevalent are as follows:

Elizabeth Morgan's now deceased father was a liaison between our CIA and MI5 (Great Britain's equivalent to our CIA). Among his professional friends is a guy named Chuck Colson, head of Prison Ministries. Chuck is believed to be the one who took this issue before Frank Wolf (now in his 8th term in Congress with 88% of the vote in the last election) when they passed the last Bill of Attainder for Elizabeth Morgan (when they freed her from jail where she was for refusing to obey the orders of the courts).

Many of the companies in Frank Wolf's District are CIA fronts and it is speculated that they heavily contribute to Frank Wolf's campaign fund...especially in light of Frank Wolf's position on the Appropriations Committee. It is easy to understand how Chuck Colson would believe Elizabeth Morgan's father in light of their previous relationship. Anyone would want to right an egregious wrong... which is what it would be if Elizabeth Morgan were telling the truth. But she isn't. But righting that wrong doesn't mean Congress should exempt one person from being subject to the laws of this country and the jurisdiction of our courts.

Additionally, Elizabeth Morgan's new husband is a federal judge (Judge Paul Michel of the U.S. Court of Appeals) who was recently reprimanded for using official letterhead to lobby Congress on behalf of this unconstitutional bill. (Raises serious concerns about his fitness to sit on the bench and ability to decide constitutional issues).

Further, Elizabeth Morgan's brother, is a federal prosecutor who is believed by some to have been taking an active role in intervening in and obstructing justice in this state-level case.

The biggest lie in this whole debacle is that the child (now 14 years old), an American, cannot return to this country. This is a lie.

She can return any time she wants to. She would just have to be subject to the laws of our country and the jurisdiction of our courts... just like any other American. But you don't have to be, when you have powerful friends and family, do you?

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