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Man suffers heart attack after false charges of Domestic Violence
By John Sample
If, as some feminist extremists assert, marriage rapes women, then what does divorce do to men?
Wife Assaults Husband, Husband Goes to Jail
Seattle, WA 1995 - Tom and Mandy had been married for a number of years. They had two children and the early years of their marriage were quite normal. But sometime during their fourth year of marriage, Mandy began to change.

It started out with Mandy being unable to get along with the small everyday irregularities of life. Something as simple as a dropped glass of milk could elicit an out of control outburst. As time went by, Mandy's rage became more frequent. As the frequency increased, Mandy's outbursts began to include a degree of physical abuse toward Tom.

Tom is a large man. Mandy is a small woman. Because of his size advantage, Tom took Mandy's physical abuse. It wasn't much at first, a push or a shove. But the physical abuse, just like the verbal abuse, escalated. Soon Mandy was hitting Tom. Occasionally she was threatening him with pots and pans.

One day things got out of control. She started to hit Tom. He defended himself as he had done before, but this time Mandy did not stop. She continued the violence. Tom was retreating to avoid her physical attack. He went outside. Mandy followed. She continued the attack. At one point in her attack, she bit him. Finally she stopped the attack. Tom was relieved, this was the worst outburst ever. But as Mandy went back in to the house, she called the police. She claimed that Tom had been beating her.

When the police arrived they listened to Mandy's side of the incident. They did not ask Tom his side. On their report, the police did not note that Mandy had any signs of physical abuse. As is usual in these cases the police took Tom to jail. While in jail, Tom was looked at by a doctor who noted the bite mark on Tom's hand.

A domestic violence advocate was assigned to the case. She made sure that Tom was out of the house and away from his children for two weeks. After that period, the DV advocate and the prosecutor persuaded Tom that the best solution was for him to take part in a "Stipulated Order of Continuance" program.

This SOC program required Tom to take a number of DV classes. (These classes amount to nothing more than brain washing by radical feminists.) He was to remain on probation for 24 months and was required to pay some fines. Tom went along with this only because he thought it would be the fastest and least expensive way to get his family back together again.

But Mandy had a different agenda. Within a short period of time she started to become violent again, frequently attacking him. Tom was feeling significant stress. Here he was on probation for a crime that he did not commit. His family was falling apart because of an abusive woman. He had nowhere to turn for help. The stress finally took its toll. Tom had a massive heart attack requiring open heart surgery.

Tom made it through the surgery, but now needed calm a place to recuperate. Unfortunately the only place was the home he shared with Mandy.

At first this worked out, but soon Mandy became violent again. Now because he was recovering from heart surgery, Tom could do virtually nothing to defend himself. He tried to avoid Mandy and recuperate at the same time, while she continued to abuse Tom. At times his last resort was to lock himself in a room in the basement in the house trying to avoid her wrath.

When Tom finally recovered from surgery things got worse. One day when Tom returned from work, he discovered that Mandy had cleaned out the bank account, withdrawn money from their insurance policies and taken the children. In addition Mandy had retained an attorney and now wanted a divorce. As an added insult she charged Tom with abuse of the children and demanded the house.

As is typical in these type of cases Tom was in for a long uphill battle. He retained a lawyer and started to fight back. He fought the charges of child abuse and won. But of course nothing was done to Mandy for her false charges against Tom. He continued to fight her over the terms of the divorce.

As it turned out, Mandy got the house, and Tom got the debts. As an extra insult, Tom had to pay Mandy $20,000 over the next two years as "maintenance."

Despite this, the one issue that Tom wanted most to win was the children. He fought long and hard. As it sits today Tom won a small victory of sorts. He was awarded 50/50 custody of the children with Mandy. But even though Mandy had already been awarded the house and the $20,000 "maintenance," Tom is still required to pay her an additional $1,000 a month for child support. Of course Mandy is not required to pay anything to Tom.

As I talked with Tom a number of things became clear. He is a dedicated father, a hard worker and talented film maker. The abuse that the legal system put him through has changed the way he views our society. He considers the family law system nothing more than a "kangaroo court" system. It is run by and for women with little regard for the rights of men. His experience has changed him forever.


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