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Superbowl 1995: What's missing?
By Randy Lewis
Feminists use violence against women to justify violence against men, they use violence against a few women to jusitify lying about violence against many women, they use the laudible goal of ending violence against some to destroy the families of many, but the ends do not justify the means.
The Superbowl Sunday Lie
1995 - SuperBowl XXIX is over. As we all know, the SF 49ers severely BEAT the San Diego Chargers. What San Diego needed to do was to retaliate with an INCREASE OF OVER 40 percent scoring results. The punishment and VIOLENCE left the San Diego Chargers battered and bruised.

So what was missing from the football game?

The Feminizts spewing their false (made-up) domestic violence "statistics" on the radio and in televised "Specials" that there is a 40 percent increase in domestic violence (read: wife-beating) during SuperBowl Sunday.

They were caught in the act. The SuperBowl 40 percent increase in domestic violence was a proven (by Christina Hoff Sommers) to be a hoax. There was absolutely no basis for the statistics.

This "statistic" of 40 percent increase in domestic violence was quoted by such notable feminizt institutions as:

The California Women's Law Center, Lenore Walker, author of the book, The Battered Woman and now representing OJ Simpson, The Oakland Tribune and FAIR (Fairness and "Accuracy" in Reporting -- an oxymoron if there ever was one) to name only a few.

Lessons that can be learned
Many feminizts have been proven to have a habit of completely making up and manipulating statistics. Other examples of (proven) FALSE feminizt statistics:

  • 150,000 females die each year of anorexia. (the correct number is: 54 - National Center for Health Statistics, 1991.)
  • Domestic violence against pregnant women is the number one source of birth defects in this country, causing more birth defects than ALL other causes combined. (The correct answer is: "Battery of pregnant women does not cause birth defects - March of Dimes")
  • The expression "Rule of Thumb" originated from English common law, which allowed a husband to beat his wife with a whip or stick no bigger in diameter than his thumb. The husband's prerogative was incorporated into American Law. (It is not found in William Blackstone's "Commentaries on the Laws of England," and The Massachusetts Bay Colony prohibited wife-beating as early as 1655.)

Lessons that need to be learned
Feminizts have consistently been proven to be liars and manipulators of statistics. They continually espouse false statistics, most notably in the fields of domestic violence, family law and rape.

Any statistics quoted by feminizts runs a very high likelihood of being either a complete and outright lie or heavily manipulated, such as those of the AAUW (Failing At Fairness: How Our Schools Cheat Girls -- worth about $360 million of federal educational funding!).

How they are still manipulating legislators and public opinion? By using these statistics to influence legislatures to create new and harsher laws against (only) men as well as using them to influence Judicial Gender Bias Commissions.

They are now using the OJ Simpson trial to sensationally promote their "facts." They are writing books and the media is broadcasting their "Public service" announcements, stating that "every nine seconds" a woman is abused in the United States. This is a heavily manipulated "statistic." What is as important, though ignored, is that men are beaten and battered at equal rates.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of battered women's shelters that won't even take male children (isn't that sex discrimination, and aren't many of these institutions supported by tax dollars?), yet there is only one battered men's shelter in the U.S.

What to remember
Remember the tactics that feminizts use to manipulate: Cry, Lie and Deny. The feminizts (both male and female) use them daily to influence legislatures, media and the judiciary to destroy families, men's lives and the women who love them.

The answers to the problems that are now occurring in this country are not going to be solved by male-bashing and lying. They will be solved by a willingness to address the REAL issues.

The ends do NOT justify the means. Their stated goal of "ending the violence" does not justify violence against men. If we do not acknowledge and accept this, we will all pay the price in the end -- men, women and children.


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