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Postcards for Papa
by Sean H. Gralton
Organization News - Massachusetts Men's Political Caucus

The Role of Fathers Is Important
1995 Boston, MA - Dear friend, I am writing to you as president of the Massachusetts Men's Political Caucus (MMPC) to gain your support in our fight. The MMPC believes that society should allow and encourage men to take their roles as fathers seriously. Unfortunately, many men who try to be loving, active fathers are alienated from their own children through outdated divorce and custody laws. Through our educational and legislative campaigns, the MMPC is working to stop the courts from throwing away men who want to be real fathers.

The centerpiece of our effort is nationwide "Postcards for Papa" campaign, set to culminate on this Fathers Day. These postcards will be collected and presented to President Clinton on June 18, to show him that the American people greatly value our dads. Send the message to Washington that we will no longer take our dads for granted.

In order for our campaign to work, we need your help. To get involved, follow the enclosed instructions and send us your "Postcard for Papa." Your postcard will be an important voice among the thousands we hope to collect. It's simple, easy, exciting, effective, and everyone wins. With your help, we can change the way we view fatherhood in America. If we are successful, our grandchildren will be thanking us for what we have done. If we are not, many of you may never know your grandchildren. And that would be tragic for all of us.


  • Address the front of a standard sized postcard to: Postcards for Papa (Note: The organization appears to be defunct and the address reassigned)

  • On the back, tell why your dad (or granddad) is important to you. Feel free to write a short anecdote. If your father is no longer around, say why you miss him. Remember, quantity is not as important as quality. A single heartfelt line is worth as much as filling the whole card.

  • Sign your name. If you want, add your group affiliation (the more cards a particular group sends, the more clout it shows). If you want your words considered for publication, jot down your phone number (home or work). Finally, drop the finished product in the nearest mailbox.
That's all it takes. Twenty cents and ten minutes of your time buys the best present a dad ever got (aside from that plaid tie in his drawer, of course). Feel free to send more than one.

Group leaders can use this project to raise funds for their groups by buying pre- stamped cards and selling them for 50 cents to a dollar. They can publicize their group by telling the local media about their involvement in the Postcards project. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

But most important, tell your friends about the project. The more cards we get, the more we can present to First Father, President Clinton. The sooner we start, the more publicity we'll get for our groups, our families, and most importantly, our fathers. So "vote" early (and often) for your Number One Dad. Do it today!

Note: In 1995 Robert Sides was the main contact person for the Massachusetts Men's Political Caucus. You can read more of Mr. Sides articles here.


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