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PC Thought Police find all males guilty
By John Sample
Political correctness discriminates against men today for the perceived injustices of generations past and calls it justice.
No Ma'am's land?
1995 Seattle, WA - Discrimination against men comes in many subtle forms. During the past twenty plus years under the grand idea of helping "previously oppressed" individuals, the government has enacted numerous programs. Many of these programs have sought to ferret out "hidden oppression." Once identified, this "hidden oppression" has to be addressed. And of course this means some more government programs that are supposed to do good for all. But as has been the case for all of these years, most of these remedial programs have had the effect of degrading men, discriminating against men, or putting men into the position of never being able to be correct.

The Political Correctness movement is a good example of this phenomena. "PC," the brainchild of the liberal left, has been part of the American scene for some time. The PC movement is based on a philosophy that the society we live in was shaped by those in power, and they did it to retain control. The philosophy further believes that, in the process of shaping society to retain control, portions of society have been oppressed.

Somehow the PC movement and the gender feminist movement have overlapped. In fact at times it is difficult to separate the two -- they both hold men responsible for the oppression of large portions of society.

American Culture and Men: The Oppressor Class
This supposed oppression runs deep and wide, and "proof" of this oppression is visible everywhere. Everything from the word fireman to manhole cover is proof of a male dominated oppressive system. Even the word woman (spelled "womyn" by the PC elite) is proof that women have been oppressed by men for hundreds of years. Men in general are the oppressor class, and the PC Thought Police take special interest in castigating men.

This month I came into possession of a handbook that demonstrates how extreme this has gotten. This handbook is used in a class to train (brainwash?) employees of the city of Federal Way in Washington state, on the PC topic, diversity. Titled Cultural Connections: Valuing Diversity in the Workplace and the World, this handbook was handed out to the Federal Way employees as they took the class. The city has, as have hundreds of others across the US, jumped on the PC bandwagon. Federal Way essentially requires all of its employees to take one of these brainwashing classes.

In this handbook, I found a number of items that show the absurdity of the entire PC premise, and further demonstrate how impossible it has become to be a man. When it comes to being PC, if you are a man, you are part of the oppressor class, and you had better be careful of what you say and do.

On one page in this booklet, for example, there is a list of Trigger Words. They are to be used with care because supposedly someone could be offended by them.

Trigger Words
So what are some of the potential trigger words that we must be careful with? Well, when it comes to speaking about a person of the female gender, it is almost impossible to say anything without fear of offending the listener. Because, the following words are in the list, "girl, woman, lady, and ma'am."

Can you believe this? Men, you are not allowed to use the words, "girl, woman, lady or ma'am", without taking into account the feelings of the listener. Can you believe that the government would waste tax dollars in something so absurd? Can you believe that your entire career could be in jeopardy by using any of these four words in an "incorrect setting?" Can you believe that you might have to pay financial penalties because you used one of these words, and that we have trained an entire generation of females to be so hypersensitive?

It is hard to believe that these words could be thought of as insulting (whatever happened to, "I am woman, hear me roar"?). What word can a man use when making reference to a female? Is it possible to make reference to a female without worrying about being charged with creating a hostile work environment? Is there any word that can be used without fear of offense?

Non-Verbal Triggers
Another page lists Non-Verbal Triggers. This is a list of different types of body language that one must be careful when using. Because again, we don't want to offend the other person. And here is a partial list; "hands on hips, eye contact, folded arms, ignore - turning away, leaning forward, sitting above, smile, eye rolling."

Can you believe that you might find yourself in legal trouble because you made eye contact with a hypersensitive female? And you might further find yourself in deeper legal limbo by ignoring the same female. And heaven forbid, don't you ever lean forward and smile at her at the same time! (Meanwhile, feminists praise women's ... I mean, females' emotional expressiveness, and poke fun at the stereotypical stone faced male.)

Milton Freidman says, government programs usually produce the exact opposite results from their original stated goals. This PC thought control program is a good example: when originally put forward, this program's purpose was to make the work place a less hostile environment. But this program has had the effect of making a man's job security contingent on the subjective evaluation of his female coworkers. And that lack of objectivity makes the male work environment quite hostile indeed.


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