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Men's Group in Germany

There is a home page of a german men's group fighting against radical feminism. It is called "MAO/aM - Maenner Aktion Oldenburg und andere Menschen" (Men's Action Oldenburg and other People), it is a men's rights' group candidating for the elections to the student's parlament. We are planning to build an english home page, as well.

Please spread our internet adress in american or worldwide men's masculist cirlces on the internet.

The adress is:

Thanks and best wishes for the masculist men's movement, MAO/aM

Succint and to the point

A total load of rubbish
Editor: No, really, tell us how you really feel. :-)

Camille Paglia

I found you by looking up "Camille Paglia" in Alta Vista. I was amazed at the invective aimed at her. Your page on Paglia was a welcome respite from the anger and mockery.

Good for you! I'm on your side. I think the woman talks a lot of sense. She demythologizes the sacredness (wimpiness) of a lot of women.

I had hoped to find a homepage for her. i want to link her from my pages. Do you know of one?


Editor: Can anyone help us out, here?

Description of Backlash

The following description appeared on the Men's Issues BBS on MicroSoft Network:
Backlash! - Online version of one of the most widely read news magazines on men's and father's rights issues.
This doesn't sound like Backlash! to me. Would you please email your description so that I can post it.

Jim Bracewell, The Orlando Men's Council

Editor: Next to The Liberator, it was one of the most widely read news magazines on men's and fathers' rights issues. However, now that we are on the web, it might be more accurate to say it is the most widely read. However, I have urged Rich to begin publishing The Liberator on the web, and once he does, who knows, we may slip back to the number 2 slot, again. :-)

Two cents worth

I just happened upon your page and am relieved to find others who are concerned about ending this hatred that clearly exists.

I am in college and there is a hot-bed of anti-male activity on many campuses. Some courses at the schools I have attended (both in NYS) forcefully disallow men from participating. I believe Christina Hoff Sommers spoke about this phenomenon in a conference after writing "Who Stole Fem...?" I know two who fit the angry feminist mold perfectly ("with an ounce of pain, they wield a ton of rage" C.Cornell:-)) However, (as CHS said) they truly believe there is a war. I believe they are conscientious people who, like religious zealots, are quick to react to even flawed information.

It was pointed out wonderfully in your Jan'95 article that the issue is reconcilliation either through equality or recognizing and celebrating differences in men and women and in people in general not discrimination and intolerant behavior.

I will be checking in on your page often, I just had to write to give my two-cent support.


Exchange of data

I am collecting information concerning fathers about custody, support and visitation (time-sharing).

Seek data and ideas in obtaining custody of my son.

Seek data to refute the court's determination of support. Paying $149 + $10 back support weekly. Mother was making $240 gross until she quit after being laid off. She also has a daughter that she is not receiving support. Never married to the b****. She married a guy and had my son. Didn't tell me about my son until her husband wanted to divorce and son was 5 1/2 years old.

Seek data and ideas on obtaining all the visitation (time-sharing) that I can get. The mother began the week before Christmas denying me Tuesdays and Thursdays with my son. Had my son on those days for two years.

I live in Indiana.


Excellent website

Richard Huttenbrauck has set-up and established what I would consider to be an excellent home page on men's and conservative issues.

The "news and view" section is particularly good. The URL is:


Equal Human Rights For Men

The piece by Rick Zubaty, "Equal Human Rights For Men", was one of the best articles I've seen here. Though you have a lot of good ones. I think everyone would benefit from reading it.


Link to

If possible, we'd appreciate if you'd also include the blurb on Rich's activities and the request for donations/book offer.


I miss the Backlash-- thought I forgot to renew!

I have missed the Backlash and thought I had forgotten to renew, and then sent in a payment (I think) and never heard anything back. Are you going to start up again? Why not start a non-profit organization to print it and take donations? Let me know what you think. I have never done this, but know that if you can get a tax exempt status, you can get donations and I would be one of the first.

Let me know what you think and if you are going to get back in operation or not.


Editor: I'm glad you emailed. Until recently, I've been without long distance and couldn't return anyone's calls. Now, I do have long distance but really can't afford to return calls.

A year ago, The Seattle Times ran a full page article about The Backlash. In it, the reporter took a lot of stuff out of context, and quoted feminists saying I'm promoting violence against women, to portray us as anything but who we really are. Subsequently, the (feminist) director of my dept at work "eliminated" my job (since she couldn't find any reason to fire me), and of the hundreds of resumes I sent out, few responded, and those few simply said they weren't interested.

After getting the April 1995 issue out, I did complete the May 1995 issue, but had no money to print it. I kept hoping to get work and resume publication, but nothing came.

August, after polishing off the puppy chow (it actually doesn't taste bad, but it's so hard I chipped a tooth), I was able to sign on with a temporary agency and have been working steadily ever since.

Presently, I'm "publishing" The Backlash on the web at for a fraction of what it cost to print and mail the hardcopy version, and as soon as I am able I will resume printing the hardcopy version. Meanwhile, I do want to take Shameless Men Press nonprofit, and have the name of a lawyer who may be willing to do it pro bono. Soon, I hope.

thanks, rod

Finding reassurance

Thank you for all the time and effort in the production of the Backlash . It is an island to me in this world of blame and mistrust.

I'm 47yo and a single father with a 16yo daughter :-) It is very upsetting the way our culture is going now :-( But in the pages of Backlash I can find reasurance that the views I have are shared by other people (men and women) everywhere :-) We may not be a majority, but we do have a voice !

One problem that troubles me is the rejection and denial of the reality of male bashing and gender bias . I see it all the time and it's just swept under the rug by men and women. I can understand how some women and men see these truths as a challenge to their gender roles. How it's acceptance would upset their apple cart and cause them to have to re-think and extend an effort to understand their own idenity. But I don't understand how these people can accept the pain caused to themselves because of their position :-(

When are men going to reject being held to a higher standard ? When are our cries of pain and desire for acceptance going to be heard ? Why can't people see that if something applies to one gender it also applies to the other ?

In my life as a single parent I assume both roles to a big degree. I have the gift of my child to bring a lot of happiness :-) Unlike a lot of parents my daughter is not a burden to me. She is my greatest gift :-) my greatest accomplishment ! I provide for her a safe harbor to grow and learn, to explore and expand into any area she seeks out. I do a lot of cooking, cleaning, and housework as well as the car, yard, and dirty work, and I enjoy it all :-) Take cooking for example. Why does anyone not enjoy being creative with this easy and fulfilling task ? I hear women complain about cooking and it makes me wonder why do they feel this way ? I guess I just don't understand why people view their lives and responsibilites as burdens insted of gifts :-(

Thanks for listening and keep up the good work :-) If there is anything I can do to help let me know :-)


"La...Say What?"

Hi from The South Of France - Read your page on the net and it is so true a lot of really good points there - many of my mates are clearly suffering from the problems you have highlited - we are seriously f.d up about it in europe. I am from the uk and it is the same in both france and england. how ever there ara many things that are happening to redress the power ballance like the denial of sex partners and children (the use of prostitution is on a big in crease). women can be denide the security that they need, and desire untill they treat men right again. however they need to be show how to do this as most dont know any more

best regards, Richard at La douch

The Thinking Man's Minefield

I now have a new web site for anyone interested in developing the more noble aspects of their masculinity (so it's not just for men). You will find a lot of humorous, though very serious material about the psychology of the sexes.

You are welcome to put a link in your pages: The Thinking Man's Minefield

Kevin Solway , PO Box 207, QLD 4067, AUSTRALIA

Where's David Throop's website

Hey, what gives, is the men's network falling apart? Or am I doing something wrong? Can to tell me why I couldn't get through to Throop? Can you help me with my question about Sommers? And do you have documentation of your statement that the Seattle chapter of NOW has (or had) a slogan, "Stop Sucking and Start Biting"?

Thanks, Matt

Editor: One of these days, I'll scan and upload an image of the order form from Seattle NOW Feminist Products featuring buttons and T-shirts with the "Stop Sucking and Start Biting" slogan. However, as recently as late 1994 Louise Chernin, then-president of the Seattle chapter of NOW, went on KING News Talk 1090 AM to defend this slogan. Maybe we'll get lucky, and some idiot will deny this, because I have it on tape.

Throop responds

Everythings OK with me. Don't know why anybody would have had trouble reaching me at David Throop's library and webzine

The guy that put all the Hoff-Summers stuff on the net seems to have disappeared. I wrote the webmaster at his site, trying to find out. But I didn't hear anything back.

David Throop

Playboy and Penthouse, February issues

Playboy - Asa strikes again!

The February issue of Playboy is a must read, providing an excellent analysis of the effect fatherlessness has on children and society and a clear description of financial child support statistics.

Asa Baber's Men column (page 28, "Just the Facts") accurately chronicles the destruction of the American family and provides a crystal clear picture of life without father. It is a disturbing picture of children and young adults who are emotionally disturbed, at risk for suicide, educationally challenged, and more likely to engage in criminal behavior.

Among Mr. Baber's observations, "Children from low-income, two-parent families outperform those from high-income, single-parent homes. Almost twice as many high achievers come from two-parent homes."

A guest column by Stuart Miller and Armin Brott (page 40, "Dead-Broke Dads") focuses on government studies, finding: * most delinquent obligors make less than $6,155 per year,* custodial mothers report 66% of delinquent obligors do not pay because they do not have the ability to pay, and data from a GAO report showing that 14% of men listed by government records as delinquent on support payments are dead (real "dead-beats").

Most of the studies referenced in the Miller-Brott piece can be found in this office.

Mr. Miller is senior legislative analyst for the American Fathers Coalition and represents Texas Fathers in White House and Congressional meetings.

Please send a note of "thanks" to Playboy for allowing Asa Baber to write about men and for featuring guest writers like Mr. Miller and Mr. Brott. Please keep your letters short and be courteous. Playboy's letters to the editor section is called "Dear Playboy" with the following e-mail address (you must include your daytime phone number along with your message): DEARPB@PLAYBOY.COM

You may write to "Dear Playboy" at: 680 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611. Fax 312-649-9534

You may also wish to write a short note of "thanks" to Ms. Christie Hefner, Chair and Chief Operating Officer of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Write to Ms. Hefner at the North Lake Shore address. Please "cc" this address with your letters to "Dear Playboy" and to Ms. Hefner.

The February Penthouse (page 104, "Prostate Cancer: Some deadly facts about a male plague") features an excellent one-page article on prostate cancer, noting that "... a boy born today ... stands a 13% chance of developing a clinically significant (prostate cancer) tumor ..." They further note, "Microscopic traces of cancer actually exist in 27% of 30- to 39-year-olds, and 42% of males over 50."

As a strange side-note, some men on the Internet are trying to organize a boycott of Playboy, feeling that the Playboy Foundation does not provide enough funding for men's activities. Asking male members of the Internet community to boycott Playboy is asking them to ignore the most widely read men's spokesman, Asa Baber. Mr. Baber's "Men" column is read by millions of men monthly and is a constant advocate for men and fathers. Playboy is to be commended for providing a platform for Mr. Baber and writers like Mr. Miller and Mr. Brott.

Most men we have spoken to feel that the boycott, if it materializes, is misdirected and counterproductive. , Men/Fathers HOTLINE : 512-472-DADS : 512-472-3237, 807 Brazos, Suite 315 Austin, Texas 78701

Researching judicial decisions

Would you happen to know whether it's possible to get the record of a particular judge's decisions on custody and support rulings?


Editor: Can anyone help out?

Cycles of Bigotry

Just read your essay, "Cycles of Bigotry." Very astute. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and in your association with Ms. Brewer.

Sincerely, Geoff


In several recent threads, feminists dispute the notion that women commonly "trick" or "entrap" men into unwitting fatherhood. My claim is that this is a common thing.

In addition, many feminists state repeatedly that men who don’t want to be fathers should get vasectromies. Yet my own experience, and the experience of other men, seems to indicate that women lose interest in men once they discover he cannot become a father.

One man writes:

Ironically, two days after my vasectomy was confirmed to be effective, I got a call from an old girlfriend. She wanted to see me. She came to my place and got very amorous. When I told her I had a vasectomy she suddenly lost interest. Four weeks later, I heard she was pregnant - I could have been paying another $600 a month in child-support.

With five different women, I have had very hot, amorous dates, only to throw ice-water on it when they discovered I’d had a vasectomy. Two got pregnant within 5-6 weeks, one had a miscarriage, and one got engaged within 2 months of our date. The last one just "left town". Just think of all the "Fun" I missed by getting that vasectomy.

Maybe I shouldn't tell them until AFTER they try to convince me that "I'm gonna be a papa."

It ’s my contention that this sort of thing is very very common. I'd like to hear from other men who might have had similar experiences. I'd also like to hear from any men who had opposite experiences and from anyone else who might like to shead some light on the subject.

Thanks, Gary Clark


I'm a ninteen year-old university student in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and I think this site is the greatest. I myself have encountered problems with feminists when I did a presentation on gender issues that challenged the feminists propaganda. Don't let them drag you down.

Starving in Seattle

The story by Mr. Lambert titled "Starving for Love" brought tears to my eyes. I can relate to him because I also have two daughters that I was separated from for a year after my wife took them to England on vacation and decided to stay there permanently.

I lived with the pain of being away from my children and the fear of not knowing when or if I would ever see them again. I was fortunate enough to have been awarded sole custody by a twelve member jury in Texas and then had to go through an abduction case in England just to get them back.

I have now had my girls since June 23rd, 1995, but I still fear that she will abduct them again or that she will have the decision overturned in an appeal. I have experienced judges that were insensitive to me and I worry about running into one during an appeal that will be coming up soon. The latest judge allowed my wife to take them back to England for a visit even though she had previously disregarded the Texas court order and abducted them in England. They are there now and are due back on the 15th of January.

Our story has been a national news story in England since June 1995. My wife has received much money from support groups and news media that she has used to hire the best lawyer money can buy for the appeal.

I am very interested in Mr. Lambert's status now and would like to hear how he is doing. Best of luck to him and may God give him strength to cope with it all.

Sincerely, Frank

Editor: We ran Roy Lambert’s story in the August 1994 issue, which I don’t have up on the web, yet. Frank saw the story in the hardcopy version. Soon as I get all of the January 1996 issue up, I’ll bring you the story of Roy’s 60-day hunger strike on the steps of the King County Courthouse in Seattle, and of how the Seatlte newsmedia ignored him.

Super Battering Sunday?

Isn't there something about this Super Bowl crap in The Myth of Male Power? Wasn't this proven to be an out and out lie by the study that was used as a ref.? One of the local TV stations ran almost the same kind of bull yesterday also :-( This goes back to what you said about the media fanning the flames :-(

Check it out at

I'm goimg to try to respond if I can find the ref. I don't think it's right for them to print bull like this and show no refs.


Editor: Christina Hoff Sommers exposed the lies in, Who Stole Feminism? Good luck!

Repressed memories revisited

I am Scott Barak Abraham's brother. I started to write a long rebuttal to his story in Backlash ("Repressed Memory Syndrome," The Backlash, March 1995), but then I stopped. No matter what I say, some will accept, some will not. But there is a thing that must be said. Scott Barak Abraham was not, I repeat not, abused within our household. Since this alleged abuse is one of the pivotal points of the article, I feel it calls the validity of the whole article into question.

Mr. Abraham was a multiple substance abuser for over twenty years, I have never used any drugs and haven't had a drink since I was 15 years old, 27 years ago, and was never drunk even once. I bring this up not for moral judgment, just for one point. Mr. Abraham poisoned his mind and body for over twenty years with mind altering drugs and substances, all of which have been scientifically proven to affect intelligence, perception and memory.

Finally, as children, up to my 17th birthday Mr. Abraham molested me, violently abused me almost daily, and to this day uses words of derision and insult to attack and intimidate me. He denies this. If nothing else, I remember him doing this, he denies it. He says both of us were victims of multiple abusers, and I deny that with absolutely no hesitation or reservation. Since the article says False Memory Syndrome doesn't exist, he is quite wrong, as apparently one of us is the victim of said syndrome.

A last thought. Mr. Abraham's behavior is nothing new, it hasn't changed ever. He threatened and intimidated when he was six, he threatened and intimidated when he was 15, he threatened and intimidated when he was 25, he threatens and intimidates when he is 43.

I do not use my name at the request of the publisher.

Editor: Scott changed his name, so he and his brother no longer share the same last name.

P. Standinup’s last stand?

P. Standinup, Seattle (The Backlash, January 1995), griped that you “...whine like a bunch of femi-nitwits.” His rant seemed bizarre to me. I think gender justice means to obtain civil liberties men earn as due compensation, not to whine. Taking responsibilty for our actions means supporting children with emotional, psychological and spiritual help, not paying for sex or stupid accidents.

Men’s biological advantage means that men rather than women had the grit to invent the tools, design the machines, and establish the systems with which Mr. P’s rants get printed and distributed (the idea of “male chauvinism” was invented by Simone de Beauvoir and published in English by Alfred A. Knopf, ca. 1952).

The support group men benefit from the most goes by the name of empirical science, not football. Women avoid alimony far more often than men do. Living as a man means neither owning someone else nor condoning “the power of the millionaire women over their retinue of male servants.” (Jan, in Nova Scotia, The Backlash, March 1995) Barry, (The Backlash, March 1995) wrote, “Women are, and have always been, chattel.” I guess my mother must have come from the future. My father (in particular), “in virtual slavery” as Barry writes, took after P. Standinup—I never met the virtual slave.

Excuse me, while I “escape the bonds of servitude” for just a second to consider the extent of self-contradiction and self-entrapment Barry’s position demonstrates. He expresses hostility toward men’s advocacy. Then in the same letter he refers to “the tutelage of a pro-government female or a pseudo-man.” Consequently, Barry narrows down a real man’s lifestyle options to just one: rebellious anarchy.

Barry continues, “In the United States today a male agreeing to marriage has committed the act of a fool...” Really? What if he agrees to marriage with a very rich woman? (Whoops, I mean a rich chattel.) “...and in fathering a child he has committed the act of a criminal.” Thank you for not committing an act that you consider criminal, Barry, no matter how rebelliously anarchistic you become.

Ted, in NY, wrote after Barry’s letter, [P. Standinup’s letter] “...was probably a phony letter from some feminist who is, as usual, trying to keep men divided between male chuvinism and equal rights.” I don’t think so. More likely a lack of impartial observation keeps these men divided between Seattle, Pennsylvania, and New York. As a fervent objectivist, I staunchly support equal rights (and responsibilities) as the best means to prove male superiority. Given a level playing field where females enjoy no artificial advantages or special privileges, in the words of Christina Hoff Sommers, “There simply isn’t a woman on a par with Descartes or Socrates or Einstein.” (Penthouse, December, 1994) The only thing preventing more of today’s men from reaching the heights of Descartes, Socrates, and Einstein has to do with the way the female establishment hobbles male children with twelve or more years of feminist propaganda and indoctrination “under the tutelage of pro-government females” or the kind of hyper-Neanderthal denial that clouds the minds of Barry and his buddy P. Standinup.

The way I see it, feminists covertly oppose equal civil liberties for men because feminists secretly apprehend the innate superiority of the best male brains. Feminists overtly decry equal protection under the law for men because feminists openly fear aggressive men’s superior fortitude. What other reasons could they have? Only inferior people want the world to treat them as equals without having to prove it. Every man of merit supports meritocracy.

Cheers, JR

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