What Every Man Should Know About Feminist Issues


by Rod Van Mechelen

Copyright 1991, 1992 by Rod Van Mechelen

Pop-feminists expect men to give women for free what, among men, must be earned: respect.

They make such demands because they just don't get it. When men treat them like equals, they take it as a sign of disrespect.

Many cases of hostile environment sexual harassment demonstrate this. Men at work joke, jostle, and tease one another. They tell dirty jokes, shoot rubber bands, talk about the size of their penises the way fishers talk about the one that got away, and innuendo is a fact of life among men at work. Then, women demanded admission to this place. They said they wanted equality. And so men treated them the way they would another man. After many years of being treated like equals, women finally had enough, and now charges and complaints of sexual harassment are an everyday occurrence.

Why? Because a significant number of women believe they are better than men, and deserve to be treated that way. When they are not, they complain because society doesn't give them for free what men must earn:

Married women obtain the status both they and their husbands earn, while single women obtain only what they earn on their own, the same way men do. That's equality.

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