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By Rod Van Mechelen

Men's Ways of Nurturing
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - Nurturing, according to pop-feminists, falls almost entirely within the female domain because men are not socialized to nurture. But, everywhere around us we see examples of men nurturing women. When a woman says to a man, "I can't do this, will you help me," typically he will fall all over himself to help her. Another way men nurture women is by "mentoring":

"More women (some 67 percent) reported having been helped in their ascent by a male mentor than by a female one (only 14 percent)." -- Savvy Magazine, January 1988, p 95
Men nurture with money and problem-solving (Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are, Warren Farrell, Ph.D., p 292), and as Men's Rights Advocate James Nibblett noted, men nurture the world.

When women nurture, they nurture "us." That is, they extend care to friends, family, and self. Conversely, most of the nurturing men do is directed toward "them." That is, men nurture society by creating civilization and safe spaces for women and children, family and the future.

Pop-feminists undermine this by ignoring or attacking the ways men nurture.

When men nurture, civilization thrives. When society does not allow men to nurture, civilization disintegrates into what George Gilder calls a "sexual suicide society." By attacking men, pop-feminists are forcing our culture to commit sexual suicide.

The Hypocrisy
2012 Olympia, Wash. - In the way that men nuture, through mentoring, I tried. I'm involved in an organization that controls budgets. The feminazis in this organization, whom I call "the sisterhood and their male familiars," are attacking anybody who stands between them and control of this money.

Before they revealed their agenda, however, I sponsored five of them into their positions, and mentored one of them. One turned on me only a few months later. We were preparing for a large meeting, and I suggested that the first woman I had sponsored in this organization might provide an opportunity for this particular woman to get up and speak so our members might become acquainted with her. She said sure, and that I would have the opportunity, too. When I pointed out that a news list I ran (and still do) gave me a lot of name familiarity already, the woman I was trying to help looked at me with horror and immediately rushed to tell our leader that he should force me to shut down my news list.

Such ingratitude from a man would be viewed as evidence of a deep-seated character flaw.

Of the five women I sponsored, two remain true. The one I mentored turned out to be the most vicious, and now has a reputation for repeatedly accusing those whom she has targeted. Nor does she limit herself to men: a few years ago she got a public official removed for "cultural insensitivity."

But now, withijn our organization, she and the others have formed a coalition to take out the men who don't support them. Their goal is to set up programs they control that will benefit fewer than 10 percent of our constituents, mostly the people running the programs. And I'm one of the people standing in their way, so, among other things, they're taking chapters from this on-line book out of the context of everything I've written, to claim that I hate women.

Oh, the irony! Were I the kind of person they accuse me of being, I'd take that as reason to refuse to help any women in the future. But that would be irrational. Just as the sisterhood and their male familiars are irrational. Irrational, and motivated by money, power, attention and prestige to abuse their positions at the expense of our constituents.


Rod Van Mechelen


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