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By Rod Van Mechelen

Behold the Prophet, Hef!
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - In the beginning was the kid, and the kid was uninterested in the nudity of women.

Then there came unto the kid hormones, and he did take an interest in girls. But girls told him he was a boy, and they meant by this that he was bad, and they did tease him with a brief show of leg or a tantalizing hint of breast. Suddenly, he was very interested in their cloaked nudity.

Then came unto the kid Hef. And Hef did say, "Behold the naked women!" And the kid did behold this, and found it pleasing and wondered why women were so eager to hide their bodies from him, only to flash him when it would produce in him maximum erotic stimulation.

Seeing how Hef did take their shroud of mystery and reveal their nakedness to the kid, women were filled with much wrath and did vent their anger in the name of victimization: "Pornography, in the feminist view, is a form of forced sex, a practice of sexual politics, an institution of gender inequality." (Feminism Unmodified: Discourses on Life and Law, Catharine A. MacKinnon, p 148)

Which sex sells sex?
Daily, many women use their sensuality to influence men to spend money on keeping them entertained and their friends and relatives impressed. Because of this, passing laws to enforce a premium on the price of naked female flesh is essential to maintaining their power over men.

For generations, women have been using, and teaching their daughters to use, sexual allure and mystery to get the attention of men. (Dear Abby Column, Abigail Van Buren, The Seattle Times , 29 October 1989) The purpose of most female fashion is to titillate, provoke, flirt, challenge and advertise. This, millions of women indulge with abandon, pursuing their "passion for fashion" to attract men and show off to one another.

Meanwhile, men have been using their ability to create and produce for the equivalent purpose -- to get the attention of women and show off to one another.

Which, we can legitimately ask, is the most clearly sexually oriented?

Pop-feminists say what men do is most sexually oriented because men select dates and mates on the basis of sexual allure. (All of us don't do this, I know. Please keep in mind what I said about generalizations in the introduction. Thank you.) But don't women make it that way by competing with one another, faking reality by using props to present an illusion of youthful health, which is the ultimate sex-appeal?

In post-sexual revolution America, pop-feminists are trying to make sex dirty again, and blame it all on men.


Rod Van Mechelen

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Copyright © 1991, 1992 by Rod Van Mechelen; all rights reserved.

Rod Van Mechelen, Publisher & Editor,

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