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By Rod Van Mechelen
Are most misogynists women?
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - Who are the real misogynists today? The real haters of women? Men? No: "(B)y and large, men get great satisfaction from pleasing and caring for women." (Women Vs. Women, Tara Roth Madden, p 110) Today, most misogynists are women:
A misogynist is a hater of women. Many women in today's troubled workplace blame themselves -- to the point of self-hatred -- for the troubles in their personal and professional lives. Women vs. Women is fueled by self-hatred extended to all other women. From blaming oneself to blaming other women, self-hatred becomes misogyny. -- Women Vs. Women, Tara Roth Madden, p 108
In response to the pop-feminist propaganda, millions of men are doing this too. Men are blaming themselves to the point of self-hatred, to the point of hating all men: Misandry.

The misandristic nature of pop-feminism is reflected in the many anti-male products from the National Organization for Women’s Seattle N.O.W. Feminist products. Among them, T-shirts and buttons promoting sexual violence against men with the slogan, "Stop Sucking and Start Biting."

This is particularly interesting to me as, in 1975, I studied to be an Emergency Medical Technician at Tacoma Community College, near Seattle. Our class was supervised by a physician who had worked, for about ten years before going to medical school, as a Seattle police officer. With such a background, he was gruff, good-natured, and had an earthy sense of humor that caused him to comment, upon one occasion, that he could not understand why people engaged in cunnilingus. It wasn't a very clean practice, in his opinion, but of greater concern to him was that the man (or woman, depending on the female recipient's pleasure) could, with a single puff, kill his or her partner.

Blowing hard enough into the vagina can cause internal hemorrhaging. Unless they're "doing it" in a hospital, the woman will almost certainly die before help can arrive. With this in mind, we might suggest pop-feminists exercise a little restraint before urging women to "stop sucking and start biting," since men, in response, might decide to "Stop Licking and Start Blowing."

Note: I absolutely do not encourage or condone this, I am merely bringing it up to, as the title of this chapter suggests, point out that the hatred the feminist sow today could very easily come back to haunt them. So, let nobody bite any penises off, and let nobody blow into any vaginas.


Rod Van Mechelen

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Copyright © 1991, 1992 by Rod Van Mechelen; all rights reserved.

Rod Van Mechelen, Publisher & Editor,

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