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Falling in love
By Rod Van Mechelen

1992 Bellevue, Wash. - Our eyes met and I felt my world grow small and still as differences of gender and culture dropped from us like clothing to the floor, and we became naked to one another's eyes. The essence of being touching being -- not just sex, but that and more: sex, raw and unbridled, knowing and being known; two universes distinct and whole, one universe unique and united. As the world again grew large and we once more clothed ourselves in differences, my desire for her became a compulsion of lust and the twin being of recognition and repose.

I speak as a man, and from this place I say this is what love is to me: passion like a fire-storm, wind whispering in the night; a center place shared, quiet, dynamic and enduring; being with greater reason, effect now with ascending cause: "Love infuses reason and experience with the power to change a man caught in the morbid present into a man passionately engaged with the future." - George Gilder, Men and Marriage, p 189

In the "traditional" pact, men do, women be. As doers, men make things happen -- they cause effects. The single man may cause many effects and build little, but a married man has a greater cause for his effects, a cause that elevates him, and so elevates all. This may be why men "revere" women, and while pop-feminists might attack them for this, we might ask why women do not revere men.

Pop-feminists don't like the idea of reverence in love, and often ridicule men for it. Perhaps this is because they define love primarily in terms of sex. - Shere Hite, The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, p 610 - 611. Where love is defined principally as sexual passion, love relationships become much like tall ships drifting upon a tumultuous sea of hormones waiting for fickle winds to find other sheets to fill. Romantic love includes sex, but it's more than that. Much more.


Rod Van Mechelen


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