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By Rod Van Mechelen
Do we have more male leaders because of sexism? If you want to call it that, yes: female sexism.
Most women prefer male leaders
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - Despite pop-feminists' assertions to the contrary, most women prefer male leaders. In politics, they voted by the millions against Geraldine Ferraro. In business, far more women oppose female leadership than men. (Women Vs. Women: The Uncivil Business War, Tara Roth Madden, pp 176 - 177) Even in female organizations, most women prefer male leaders. (Women Vs. Women: The Uncivil Business War, Tara Roth Madden, p 190)

One reason most women shun the idea of women in authority is that, then they might have to accept responsibility for their actions:

Taking the high road on moral issues and maintaining a hands-off reserve at the polls is in the interest of many women. The stakes are high. If through some extraordinary transformation of the body politic, women were elected to top government positions in great numbers, they could pose a danger. Suppose these elected officials were to take women at their word and give them the equality that many of them have been demanding? -- Women Vs. Women: The Uncivil Business War, Tara Roth Madden, p 192
Pop-feminists might argue most women have no free choice in the matter, that they have been brainwashed by an oppressive culture to put men ahead of themselves. This would be an easy argument to accept but for one detail -- most men, who are subject to the same "brainwashing" in this case, do not oppose women in leadership positions.

By 1985, only 5 percent of men surveyed in a Baylor University study were prejudiced against female leaders. (Women Vs. Women: The Uncivil Business War, Tara Roth Madden, p 177) Thus, while our socialization must have something to do with it, pop-feminists can't pin the blame for lack of female leaders on men.


Rod Van Mechelen


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