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By Rod Van Mechelen

Bad, bad, bad, bad boys, they make me feel so good. -- Gloria Estefan
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - "Male chauvinists" are men who understand women's sexual power. They understand the female agenda, and cater to it. Too many women reward them with their love and sex most of the time, and jail some of the time. In this respect, women create male chauvinists.

From their first teen romance novels to Cosmopolitan magazine, most women buy into the mandate to maintain the illusion female sex is a scarce commodity, and the most desirable men are aggressive or rich.

Consequently, many women are attracted to the most violent men:

"Ironically, while untold numbers of single men and women can't seem to meet the right person or can't sustain meaningful relationships, men convicted of murder appear to attract women easily." -- Women Who Love Men Who Kill, Sheila Isenberg, p 60
Invariably, pop-feminists blame men for this.

Placing effect before cause, they assert men are violent because men value violence. This is equivalent to saying men eat because men value food. A case of the proverbial cart leading the harness by the horse's tail.

Men value food because they hunger, and eat to satisfy that hunger. Similarly, a primary reason men value violence is because they hunger for female approbation, and millions of women value the most virile, aggressive, and violent men.

Men know this. They see groupies pawing at football stars, the scantily clad women screaming their lust on Wrestle Mania, and the women who won't settle for anything less than a cold-blooded killer. (Women Who Love Men Who Kill, Sheila Isenberg, p 185) Hence, because men value women's approval, and because women value the "heroic" violence of men, men value violence, and are sometimes violent.


Rod Van Mechelen


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