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By Rod Van Mechelen

Feminist justice is a zero-sum game
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - The Pop-feminist concept of justice is, "Justice as Sympathy." Be a victim, get sympathy. (In a Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women's Development, Carol Gilligan, p 65) Get sympathy, oppress men.

Oppress men with laws or legal decisions that discriminate on the basis of gender. Rulings, for example, that require employers to make up for 1950's discrimination against women by now discriminating against men.

This is predicated upon the assumption two wrongs make a right. That is infantile, and it has no place in adult Law. But victim power is potent in our society. Predominantly, men respond chivalrously to protect "victimized" women.

Increasingly, however, men are recognizing pop-feminism and victim power for what they are. Consequently, more and more men are organizing grassroots efforts to fight this lop-sided concept of justice.

These efforts, however, are no real threat to pop-feminist power. Not yet. But they do herald a strategy against which pop-feminists have no effective defense. In a game where victim power prevails, men are learning to out-do them at their own game. Men are victims, too. What's more, they are victimized by women. Much data supports this, and word is getting out.

What will pop-feminists do? Their only defense against the victim power of men is to be bigger victims. But this is a ruse they cannot long maintain. In the zero-sum game they have perpetuated, they will lose. We will all lose because, as Warren Farrell stresses, in the nuclear age humanity can no longer afford win-lose confrontations.

There is another option.

In the "man's world," men hold themselves and one another accountable for their own actions. Responsibility is the rule, accountability the cornerstone of masculine alliance. If women want to avoid the day when men en masse shrug off the mantle of responsibility and don the robe of victimization, then they must demand equal responsibility and accountability for women, now.

In the long run, this is our only choice.


Rod Van Mechelen


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