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Initiating Relationships
By Rod Van Mechelen
(W)e go along with the system because it can be fun -- i.e., in a "dating" situation, going out to dinner, letting the man invite us, take us, etc. -- Shere Hite, Women and Love: A Cultural Revolution in Progress

Men Create and Provide Relationships
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - According to pop-feminists, women provide "emotional housekeeping" to men while, in the modern world, men have little to offer women. Whether this is true or not, few women are willing to acknowledge one of the many things men do provide: relationships.

Most "liberated" women hide behind the worn-out excuse that they don't want to scare men off by being "too aggressive." So they depend on men to initiate relationships.

Despite being "liberated," they still expect men to express first interest, begin dialog, provide fun things to do, places to go, and witty conversation, because it's much easier to take delivery of a relationship than start one. But initiating relationships has become very risky business for men.

Risking Rejection and Criminal Accusations
Every time a man asks for a date, he not only risks rejection, but accusations of sexual harassment. And every time he initiates sex -- even with a wife or lover -- he risks charges of acquaintance rape.

Believing that making men responsible is, among other things, "fun," many women help perpetuate this. Gennifer Flowers, for example, claimed she posed nude for Penthouse magazine because Bill Clinton victimized her:

Let me make something very clear to you right now. I was dealt this hand. From the very beginning, there was a lawsuit and a press release issued; my name was on there, I did not ask for my name to be there. I feel for the most part that I was set up to be victimized. -- Gennifer Flowers on Town Meeting, Seattle ABC affiliate KOMO, November 22, 1992
Rather than honestly owning responsibility for her decision, she blamed it on President Clinton. He did it to her, it was all his fault.

The Right to be Responsible
Foisting responsibility for their own actions off onto men like this demeans all women. It does not promote women's rights, but diminishes them by encouraging the perception women are less than competent. Unable to shoulder adult- responsibilities.

Women's liberation began with feminists demanding the right to responsibility. To take responsibility for their own lives, and to be responsible for their government's actions through voting. Every step of the way, their demands began with the demand for the right to be responsible, because all other rights begin and end there.

The right to responsibility is a serious matter. Owning it takes ethics, guts, and integrity. Things women who depend on men to create relationships evidently lack.


Rod Van Mechelen


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