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FLAME (TM) a Feminist
By Rod Van Mechelen
In late 1992 the Seattle chapter of the National Organization for Women ran an advertisement in their newletter for red pepper spray. Throughout, the ad focused on women defending themselves against men. For a laugh, I retained much of the original verbiage, but changed all their references from males to feminists.

The following summer, in 1993, the female co-anchor on CTVís Canada AM (the Canadian equivalent of Good Morning America) attacked me for this piece. When I explained that it was a simple rewording of a pop-feminist advertisement, she flew into such a fury that, according to their producer, after the broadcast a record number of viewers called to complain about her.

FLAME (TM) a Feminist
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - No man should be without this protection! Active ingredient is environmentally safe, MALE approved red pepper sauce used by cooks everywhere.

FLAME (TM) shoots a stream 8 - 10 feet that stops feminists by temporarily paralyzing their vocal cords. Legal to carry in most areas because it causes no permanent damage. Effects disappear eventually, except for the ultra vile smell that won't wash off for hours.

FLAME (TM) is made with an inexpensive squirt gun, water and hot red pepper sauce (add your own MAN (TM) powered symbol for that special macho touch that let's every man-bashing feminist know you know how to deal with bigots) to protect you while working, talking or other activities.

Don't be fooled by feminist diatribes, FLAME (TM) is the most effective culinary weapon available to the non-feminist. Price depends on local availability -- consult your local grocer.

FLAME (TM) feminist-repellent -- available wherever hot red pepper sauce is sold.


Rod Van Mechelen


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Rod Van Mechelen, Publisher & Editor,

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