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By Rod Van Mechelen
Men, your time has come. The backlash begins.

Men are people, too
1992 Bellevue, Wash. - For decades, pop feminists denied there ever would be a backlash against them. Then, in response to some of the early warning signs that a backlash was imminent, Susan Faludi's book, Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women, became a bestseller as women everywhere cringed at the thought of oppressed men demanding justice.

But there was no backlash. Not really. Not until today. Now, here we are declaring a backlash against all who would oppress men, because the time has come for us to make a stand for justice for all. Not with violence, nor with "benevolent" oppression, but like Martin Luther King, Jr., with love in our hearts and fire in our souls.

When women come crying for us to crucify a man whose only crime is expressing his masculinity, we must stand together and say, "Men are people too."

Men are people, but too many women today seem to have the attitude that men are like disposable razors, something you use, then throw away. But we are not disposable, and we deserve better. We deserve and must demand, not revenge, but justice.

Feminists fear justice
Pop feminists fear our justice because they believe we will try to do to them what they have been doing to us. So they pit us against one another, invoking our male chivalry to oppress our brothers in the name of protecting them with the words, "I'm afraid." But what they say doesn't matter if it's not true. Only facts matter: "Just the facts, Ma'am."

If some women whine, "Those men make us afraid," we must not react with automatic chivalry. First, we must consider: "What did those men actually do?"

I have read cases, articles and transcripts from court hearings where women alleged that men committed the "crime" of looking at them, or of thinking about them, or of smiling at them, or of saying nice things to them. These are not crimes, and all their aberrated assertions of fear will not change that.

What does matter, however, is what men do in response to their allegations. Actions count, and too many men over-react when a few women whine.

When they whine, we jump. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but what has gone wrong is that pop feminists have persuaded men that women are more moral than we are, and that we should, therefore, ignore our own feelings and judgments about what is good and right, and crucify decent men upon the alter of their misandristic witch-hunt. (Misandry is equivalent to misogyny. That is, misandry is hatred of the male gender.) We have, in other words, abandoned the moral high-ground. To obtain their fleeting approval, we gave it away!

Shameless men sharing the moral high ground
The moral high ground is not something to give away, but to share. The time has come, therefore, for us to reclaim our sacred duty to promote, protect and share the moral high ground. That is our timeless honor, and we must be shameless about it. We are, therefore, shameless men.

Most women fear shameless men because a shameless man cannot be bamboozled. Like a "Jedi Knight," he is both master and servant of justice. His dedication to decency makes it impossible for tyrant-wannabes to control him.

To overcome the noble masculine spirit, pop feminists have promoted the ideas to women, politicians and judges that all men are rapists, all men are violent and abuse women, and "men are pigs and deserve to die."

It is hard to measure what suffering they have caused. But the mythopoetic men's movement, and journals like Wingspan, document men's journey from isolated anguish to the rediscovery of their noble male spirit and the company of men.

Now, it is time for all men to don their crowns of righteousness, pick up their swords of justice and reclaim their ancient heritage.

The mission of The Backlash is to facilitate this by promoting the backlash against pop feminism, by giving voice to the thoughts of men, and by articulating the compelling arguments against pop feminism and in favor of masculinity.

Most men believe in equal rights. They are willing to defend the rights of others, but will neither sacrifice their rights to anyone else, nor ask any others to sacrifice their rights to them.

To promote equal rights for everybody (including men), men need to cooperate among themselves. This requires communication. So we need to share our issues and talk about strategies and activities that will help resolve those issues.

The Backlash will facilitate this process by featuring articles focusing on Men's Rights issues, and what should be done to resolve these issues.

We hope you will join us.


Rod Van Mechelen


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