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Welcome to the New World Order
By Rod Van Mechelen

2020 Olympia, WA -- Those who claim George H.W. Bush was the last of the "greatest generation" presidents are wrong. Jimmy Carter, who is still alive, is a member of the same generation.

Jerry Ford was the first president I voted for but, when Carter ran against him, I was very happy to vote for Carter, who was an old time left of center Liberal.

As has often been noted, Carter has been one of our best ex-presidents. But as has been the case since well before Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the Military-Industrial-(Congressional) Complex, Carter, as well as Nixon before him, was forced by the deep state to make many compromises.

The biggest thing he did right that cost him the reelection was his monetary policy. Inflation was threatening to rocket out of control. He told Fed Chairman Paul Volker to do whatever it takes to get inflation back under control. In response, Volker raised interest rates to crushing levels, sending the country into a deep recession.

The Iran Hostage Crisis
The recession wouldn't have lasted very long but he lost a lot of support due to the recession and then came the Iran hostage crisis.

In 1953 the US and UK orchestrated a coup against the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh to strengthen the monarchical rule of the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Long before the nonsense about Trump colluding with the Russians to secure the 2016 election, or the reality of the CCP involvement in our 2020 election to help elect Joe Biden, the US was meddling in the domestic affairs of other nations.

In 1979 the Iranian people revolted, overthrew the Shah, turned over control of the country to the current theocracy, and took the Americans working at the US Embassy hostage. Carter was reluctant to use muscle to get their release and appeared weak. Ronald Reagan, who was running against Carter, appeared strong. In a back door deal the deep state got the Iranian leaders to stall, thus securing the election of Reagan, who was able to declare that he had secured the release of the Americans being held hostage in Iran.

Neocons Take Control
Reagan was the third president I voted for. Reagan had been a Conservative Democrat and famously he noted that he did not leave the Democratic Party, the Party left him. That is, it moved further to the left. Although Reagan wasn't a Neocon, he shared many of their views, thereby opening the door for them to takeover his 2nd term as he slid into the dementia of Alzheimer's.

Following Reagan's 2nd term, George H.W. Bush became our first Neocon president. The Neocon agenda is basically one of global conquest and empire. HW, Bill, W and Barack were and are all Neocons. The populist Trump is neither a neocon nor a conservative but more pragmatic libertarian-lite.

From 1988 to 2000, I voted for Libertarian candidates, including Ron Paul. My preference in 2016 was Rand Paul, but after he dropped out I supported Trump. Except for his brusque New York City personality, Trump has more in common with Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon than any of his other predecessors.

The Empire Strikes Back
Unlike his predecessors, Trump set out to buck the system and "drain the swamp." The Neocon Military-Industrial-(Congressional) Complex lashed out to drive him out of office. They failed to drive him out, but so far it appears that they have succeeded to prevent his reelection and install Neocon Joe Biden.

With Joe Biden, we're returning to the Neocon agenda. But he won't last long. I expect he will be gone by no later than the end of 2022, to be replaced by Kamala Harris.

Unlike Biden, Harris is a domestic Progressive. Neocons are Progressives, too, but their focus is on international affairs. When Harris takes over her administration will still serve the globalist agenda, but with more of a domestic focus to silence the pro-First Amendment Americans and impose authoritarian control ushering in the era of Communism 3.0 that will allow today's oligarchs to become tomorrow's plutocrats.

As a vassal of the state you will own nothing, owe nothing, and must do as you're told.

Welcome to the New World Order.


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