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Progressive Racism in America
By Rod Van Mechelen

2020 Olympia, WA -- As an adult, I can pass as a White man. As a child, I could not. Our parents identified us to the school system as Cowlitz Indian, and all throughout grade school and junior high (middle school) I was beaten or stoned almost daily by my white peers, while my teachers told me to sit in back and ask no questions. So I know what real racism is like. I experienced it.

What is called racism today comes mostly from the progressive left.

Our "justice system" is incredibly harmful to minorities. Prison privatization has created a legal framework for slave labor, and many White men and many more Black men are turned into slaves in this way.

The "justice system" is incredibly racist, but it is even more sexist. Men of all races receive harsher punishment than women for the same crimes, and are prosecuted for the same crimes at a much higher rate than are women.

Laws that treat drug addiction as a crime rather than a health issue are largely to blame. This is crony capitalism, not White racism.

Who introduced slavery to America? It wasn't the colonizers.

My indigenous ancestors took and kept slaves. Slavery has been an institution for thousands of years all around the world. Black slavery began in Africa. Europeans bought black slaves from black slavers. Before America was a nation, European colonizers brought black slaves to the colonies. But not before they brought European slaves (indentured servants) to the colonies.

As an institution, it became entrenched. To create America, which is based largely on Classical Liberalism, most succinctly articulated by John Stuart Mill in On Liberty, the founders had to pragmatically work around this institution.

Classical Liberalism took much from Protestantism, and is what began the European and American push back against slavery. Slavery still exists today in all parts of the world, but most of it remains in Africa.

The USA, as a nation, has existed for only 233 years. (The Constitution was ratified in 1787.) Up through the 1960s, the lot of Black families (and American Indians outside the reservation system) in America improved generation after generation.

While working full time my father was able to go to college, sponsored by Boeing, to graduate, in 1970, with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. One of his Black coworkers earned an MBA on Boeing's dime. This would not have been possible a generation earlier.

From 1971 through 1981, I was able to attend college while working part time jobs and then a full time job to pay my way. During the 8 years I was actually in classes, I earned two degrees and amassed more than 200 credit hours. That would not have been possible in the 1950s.

While I was in high school, almost everybody I knew admired if not revered Martin Luther King Jr, and many of us mourned when he was murdered. There were still many racists in America in the sixties, but by then the nation was already making rapid strides toward becoming a color blind society.

But there are interests working to divide the nation and destroy the classical liberalism that made America possible. No nation is perfect. None began as perfect. America was born imperfect. But it aspired to be something greater, something better.

We were, as a nation, making progress toward that goal when powerful and wealthy interests, that had been aligned against America since its inception, began to promote the Cultural Marxist programs that, today, are tearing the nation apart.

Right now, it looks like Black Lives Matter and AntiFA will succeed. Talking Heads on TV are bobbing and handwringing how frightened the American people are of the protests and riots. They don't get it. They're projecting.

Conservatives (and I'm a classical liberal, which often gets confused with conservatism) are disgusted. Liberalism is marked by openness; Conservatism by conscientiousness. The conscientious mind is prone to disgust. (Classical Liberals are prone to amusement. Utilitarians, even more so.)

Across the nation, conservative and classical liberal and libertarian households are heavily armed. When I went to see my 91-year-old father, yesterday, as the local law enforcement reported that they expected a riot, I carried a pistol with me. (Yes, I have a concealed carry permit.)

Seattle King 5 News reported that local citizens armed with rifles were patrolling the streets of Olympia, capitol of the State of Washington. We are neither afraid nor fearful, and we are ready to defend ourselves, our families and our community.

The most probable outcome of these riots is that they will simmer down and we will go back to how it was a few weeks ago. The next most probable outcome is that it will continue to escalate until the sleeping giant has had enough. At that point, either we will go under martial law, or the giant will emerge heavily armed and ready to say enough.

America did not start out perfect, The founders aspired to "form a more perfect union" and laid the foundation, in the Constitution, for the nation to improve. Those who work to prevent that under the guise of Cultural Marxist Progressivism, do not care about Blacks, Indians, or anybody else, but about extending and expanding the modern form of Feudalism: Corporatism.

Those who fall prey to their propaganda, and align with their proxies, will, if they succeed, suffer the fate that always befalls those who participate in such actions: the Purge.


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Rod Van Mechelen

Rod Van Mechelen is a Ron Paul Republican who lives and works in Olympia for the Washington State Health Care Authority as an Insurance Specialist. He served on the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Council from 2002 to 2012, was a Washington State delegate to the Republican National Convention in New York City in 2004, and founded The Backlash! @ in 1995 to expose and oppose misandry and cultural Marxism. In between job, website and family activities, he continues to serve on tribal committees and publishes a bimonthly email newsletter for Cowlitz tribe members.


Copyright © 2020 by Rod Van Mechelen; reprints with attribution to the author and this site are welcome and invited.
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