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Pandemic Depression
By Rod Van Mechelen

2020 Olympia, WA -- It now seems evident that the US, along with much of the rest of the world, is plunging into a global depression.

The 2007 recession began with the misbehavior of the big banks. We were going to have another one, and for similar reasons.

On his blog, Martin Armstrong had been warning readers to watch Europe and Asia. The economic dominos would begin to fall, there. Money would flee into America, which would be the last domino to fall.

On his Road to Roota blog, Bix Weir suggested that Alan Greenspan was either the Satoshi Nakamoto, or a member of a group who, under the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym, created the blockchain that provided the basis for Bitcoin. Nationalists, they were, Bix believes, working to collapse the dollar and replace it with something like Bitcoin. And Trump, he speculated, is a part of this nationalist faction, whom he describes as the "good guys."

Asia and Europe were already in trouble and money was already fleeing to the United States. But then the pandemic happened. And now a global depression appears all but certain.

But a global depression is not the end of the world. Even if Bix is wrong and Trump and Greenspan are unable to replace the dollar with an economy based on crypto currencies, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin, a multitude of new technologies are trembling on the cusp of coming to market.

Behind the paywall of his Smart Money Tracker blog, Gary Savage remains optimistic.

So we have a pandemic, we will probably have a depression, the economic bubbles caused by the big banksters will pop, some people will panic while others see opportunities.

Politicians see opportunities to placate the big banksters, who want war. Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama all catered to the banksters. Trump has tried to stand up to the banksters. They want war with Russia. Instead, Trump played the same game with China that China has, ever since I was a young man, played with us. He was winning that game when Covid-19 emerged.

Ironically, by playing that game Trump reduced our initial exposure to Covid-19. Let's look at the best and worst cases. Best case, a month from now the virus has run it's course. America is getting back to work. Because we're in recovery mode, we ignore Greta and the AlGoreans. We have bigger concerns.

With the China supply chain disrupted, we learned a hard lesson. Mining, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Production are moving back. The economy is in full on growth mode. Opportunities abound. Entry level jobs with career path potential leading to high wages are plentiful.

Worst case, millions die, the socialist thugs use the panic to sweep into power. While pandering to the banksters behind the scenes (like Hillary, Bernie and Biden and most of the others who ran against them are rich, and AOC comes from a family with money), they preach power to the people but increase the power of the state over the people to plunder our property, trample our rights and turn the US into China-lite. The economy grinds to a virtual halt. It's not quite Mad Max, but almost.

The middle case is that the financial house of cards collapses and, just as happened leading up to the Great Depression, the US tries to shore up the global economy but fails. People lose confidence. They stop buying and start hoarding. Goods, yes, but mostly cash. We fall into a deflationary spiral. Atlas Shrugs as the financial center of the world shifts to Hong Kong or Taiwan. Maybe even to China itself. Russia remains a major player, but the US is relegated to a position similar to that of England today. Life goes on.


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Rod Van Mechelen

Rod Van Mechelen is a Ron Paul Republican who lives and works in Olympia for the Washington State Health Care Authority as an Insurance Specialist. He served on the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Council from 2002 to 2012, was a Washington State delegate to the Republican National Convention in New York City in 2004, and founded The Backlash! @ in 1995 to expose and oppose misandry and cultural Marxism. In between job, website and family activities, he continues to serve on tribal committees and publishes a bimonthly email newsletter for Cowlitz tribe members.


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