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Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
January 1, 2018

Martin Robinson: Innocent student wrongly accused of rape calls for anonymity for sex assault defendants until they are found guilty as his mother says she feels SORRY for her son's accuser

Charlotte Green: Lawyer Nick Freeman calls for public register to name people who make false rape allegations

Victoria Craw: Rape trial falls apart after accuser’s 40,000 texts are revealed

Joanna Williams: There's nothing more damaging to feminism than this grotesque rape lynch mob culture

Men's Rights & Feminism: Courageous Women Denounce #MeToo Feminist Paranoia Campaign

Megan McArdle: The Current Sex Panic Harks Back to the Era of Coddling Women

Stian Alexander: One in ten women have been told to go home and change by their boss after choosing to wear mini skirts and crop tops to the office

AOS: Sperm Donors and Parental Rights: What’s the Deal?

AOS: Feminist Study Finds Women Want Men With “Muscles And Money”

Ashe Schow: Playing Party Politics, Democrats Reverse Course on Al Franken Resignation

HJ: The Modern Woman – A Modern Embarrassment (Part 4)

Rick Moran: Political correctness run amok as rape charges against suspect dismissed after two years

Christopher Chantrill: Make Marriage Great Again?

Martin Evans & Robert Mendick: Police should refer to complainants and not 'victims' when investigating rape cases, senior legal figures suggest

Anthony Joseph & Richard Spillett: Tory MP's aide becomes third man in a WEEK to be cleared of rape

Chris Greenwood: Stop believing all rape accusers

Alan Mozes: Is "man flu" real? Study suggests illness may hit men harder

Times: Victim culture fosters contempt for defendants

Maggie Fox: U.S. life expectancy falls for second straight year

Kayti Burt: Toxic Masculinity Is the True Villain of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Dino-Ray Ramos: Ian McKellen Talks Impact Of “Wrongful” Sexual Harassment Accusations, Claims Some Actresses Exchanged Sex For Roles

Rick Moran: Political correctness run amok as rape charges against suspect dismissed after two years

Lindsay Wise And Bryan Lowry: Kansas Dem Andrea Ramsey, accused of sexual harassment, will drop out of U.S. House race

BBC: Japan court rules father legally responsible for secret IVF child

Alison Crawford: RCMP to review 25,000 more sexual assault cases

Robert Tracinski: What We’ve Learned From The Great Sexual Harassment Awakening Of 2017

Greg Piper: Jury takes 28 minutes to acquit student accused of rape – long after college expelled him for it

Hillary White: Eliminating feminist teacher bias erases boys’ falling grades, study finds

Dino-Ray Ramos: Iliza Shlesinger Sued For Turning Away Men At Girls-Only Show

Jordan Holbrook: Women Who Should Be In Prison

Paul Craig Roberts: The Feminist Threat To Women And Men

Jackie Salo: Husband catches Christian school teacher in bed with teen

Daniel Nussbaum: Sylvester Stallone Denies Rape Claim after Accuser Files Police Report

Return of Kings: Psychologists State That Women Who Take Too Many Selfies Have “Selfitis” Mental Condition

Return of Kings: French Feminists Say Women Are Smaller Because Men Conspired Against Them

Return of Kings: Dating Doesn’t Work

Return of Kings: The #MeToo Sexual Harassment Hysteria Is A Pretext For Women To Take Power And Money From Men

Return of Kings: The Last Jedi Is One Of The Worst Films Of The Decade

Stefan Molyneux: We're Doomed! Shocking Facts About Women and Politics!
Stefan Molyneux: Shocking Facts About Women
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