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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
January 1, 2018

Dangerous: In 2017 Marvel Comics Finally Realized Social Justice Doesn’t Sell

Dangerous: Director Ridley Scott Expresses Support for Trump’s Tax Plan

Dangerous: What Simon & Schuster Was Telling Milo in Private

Dangerous: Controversial Antifa Professor George Ciccariello-Maher Resigns From Drexel University

Dangerous: UW-Madison Reintroduces ‘Problem of Whiteness’ Course for Spring 2018

Breitbart: Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter Steps Down As CEO, Weeks After Comments Critical of NFL Anthem Protests

Breitbart: Rand Paul Calls for Investigation of Obama Officials Colluding Against Trump: ‘Worse than Watergate!’

Breitbart: Washington Post: Democrats Preparing to Impeach Trump if They Win Majority in 2018

Breitbart: Terror Fears Prompt Major Cities to Boost Surveillance and Security for New Year’s Eve

Breitbart: Britain Rings In 2018 Amidst Heightened Security

Patrick J. Buchanan: Will War Cancel Trump’s Triumphs?

zeropointnow: Cassandra Fairbanks Believes In “The First Amendment, Boobs, and Wikileaks”; WikiLeaks Agrees

Moon Of Alabama: From Snowden To Russia-gate - The CIA And The Media

Rod Van Mechelen: Global Cooling: Are You Ready for the Real Climate Change?

ECW: UFOs Hit Mainstream News with Revelations about Secret Pentagon Research Program

Alastair Crooke: A Bad Moon Is Rising In America

David Stockman: The RussiaGate Witch-Hunt---The Deep State's "Insurance Policy"

Martin Armstrong: The Sun is Cooling Faster than Anyone Suspected

Martin Armstrong: The Coldest Winter 2017/2018

Michael Snyder: The Washington Post Ominously Warns That Bitcoin Is Being Used By ‘Extremist Groups’

Wendy McElroy: Do You Want a Government Fiat Crypto?

Shelley Kasli: How Facebook’s Secret Unit Created India’s Troll Armies For Digital Propaganda To Influence Elections

Nick Cunningham: Trump To Rollback Deepwater Horizon Regulations

Julia Horowitz: 34 things you need to know about the incoming tax law

Nomi Prins: The Mystery of "Dark Money"

Michael Snyder: Some Are Calling This ‘The Bitcoin Crash’, But Others Believe It Is Just A Bump In The Road On The Way To $40,000

John Mauldin: Why Twitter, Facebook and Google Are the Antisocial Networks

Tim Pearce: Unsealed Court Docs Show How Prosecutors Tried To Rig Bundy Trial

Andrew P. Napolitano: America at Christmas

Dom Armentano: Where Was Oswald During The Assassination?

Patrick J. Buchanan: Did the FBI Conspire to Stop Trump?

Zero Hedge: Trump To Withhold $255 Million In Pakistan Aid Over Counterterrorism Failures

Zero Hedge: The Opioid Crisis Invades The Workplace

Zero Hedge: New Trump Executive Order Targets Clinton-Linked Individuals, Lobbyists And Perhaps Uranium One

Zero Hedge: Despite Bluster Of The Left, Mexican Deportations Have Actually Plunged Under Trump

Zero Hedge: Mainstream Media Admits that False Flags Are Real

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Adapt 2030: Arctic Fronts Plunge to Florida, IPCC Says Warm Arctic Causes Record Cold
Adapt 2030: Arctic Fronts Plunge
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